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March 9, 2003

MAKING PEOPLE SMILE...that's what counts, people!...according to an annoyingly preachy andreaharner.com today

I woke up this morning, technically this afternoon, but hey! who's really paying attention!?...and decided that I will blog very little on the weekends. The reason-and BELIEVE ME, it was a difficult decision to make-is that my traffic, aka my friends and family, don't check me out so much on the weekends so it just makes sense to save up my OH SO BRILLIANT posts for the week.
Just as I made this decision, I checked my site statistics-yes, I am an OBSESSED BLOGGER-and was OVERJOYED, to say the least, to find this comment on a fellow bloggers site, yezbick.com


"MAKES ME SMILE??!!" MY SITE makes people, or at least one person, SMILE?? OMG. I actually TEARED UP and started ranting about how wonderful it felt to be SPREADING CHEER in this crazy, messed up world...ok fine...so granted, 1) I used to be a hippie...ssshhhhh...let's keep that on the DL, folks and 2) if on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being apathetic and aloof and 10 being super uber sensitive, I was easily a 10 this morning, it still felt SOOOO good, friends and family! Could my insanity have anything to do with the gazillion cocktails that fueled my TRIVIA playing last night until 4 in the morning?? DIDN'T THINK SO!!


You make me smile too, but...where is todays picture?? :-)

Posted by: Lasse at March 10, 2003 2:57 PM

Well, thank you very much, Lasse! I know, I know, I posted cop out posts this weekend-please find it in your heart to forgive :-)
Checked out your site-I wish I were able to read Danish!

Posted by: Andrea at March 10, 2003 8:20 PM

hee hee...trivia has a way of making an apathetic aloof person feel super uber sensitive...It's the pseudo-knowledge taking hold...I know...I've been there.

Posted by: kevin at March 12, 2003 2:06 AM

smile today like every other day is special...
as u hav 1 thing that everyone wants...
a smile!:-) ben xxx

Posted by: benny boy at July 8, 2003 11:28 PM


Posted by: keno at January 25, 2004 6:29 PM
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