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May 15, 2003

Yippee!! Assault Rifles Will Finally Be Mine To Be Had Again!!!

So I consider myself to be an average Joe, or Jane, if you will...and I have been waiting and waiting for the assault rifle ban to be lifted...

Finally it looks like the GOP will make sure that it is lifted!...and Nietzche proclaimed God Is Dead...puuullease...

clearly God is alive and kickin' in the good ole GOP!!

Washington Post article dated May 14, 2003

Whew!! I can finally protect myself in a more thorough way than I could have, just strapping on hunting rifles and hand guns!

Take a sneak peak at the goodies that may be entering your homes soon...if we're lucky...keep your fingers crossed!

Assault Rifle Goodies


I know that Dean sounds real good on the surface, but you are a bright person and should find out about how the NRA Dean endorsed 8 years in a row and Dean pushed for no restrictions on any assault weapons in VT!! Assault weapons that were clearly purchased in VT ended up in NYC! Dean has been scorned for that by the Brady gun control campaign led by Mrs. Brady...

DEAN sucked up to the NRA!!

Posted by: alert at November 12, 2003 10:57 PM
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