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June 30, 2003

Since we have broad road...

This was taken several years back in China...

I just love the "I don't care if the English isn't right" and "duh..." attitude of the message...rather than a simple "KEEP OFF THE GRASS"...because that would have been too boring...


June 27, 2003

Take care of your rims

It's 93 degrees, sunny, muggy and these conditions for taking photos...taken outside of Cafe Habana, the most overrated and trendy restaurant...its one redeeming quality: the weekday $2.95 breakfast specials...



I'm a bit envious of this type of dedication to something so tangible...that's all I have to say about's just too hot.

June 26, 2003

A Very Special Sneak Preview...

While riding the subway home with Artist, Professor of Dirt Style Design and 100% Hip Hop LifeStyler Cory Arcangel, he spotted what is certain to be the hottest new fashion trend...

So those of you who care at all what you look like, go out and get your Looney Tunes Jump Suit!!


If you sift through Cory's pretty site, you'll see that his latest work is in a show opening on June 28th at Team Gallery...if you are ready to NEVER BE THE SAME, I'd suggest checking it out...100% guaranteed to chnage your life.

*Cory's arm frames the left side of the image.

June 25, 2003

Paws on Screen

Curious little kitty & not as interested mama kitty...Cambridge, MA 2000.


June 24, 2003

Birds over Bosphorous

My favorite picture I've taken...spring 1998 in Istanbul...on my way to board a boat ride on the Bosphorous.


Looks a bit creepy and ominous doesn't it!!

June 23, 2003

I Have Your Thong

Uuumm...calling out to people who get their laundry done at the place on the corner of Mott & Prince...


Might this be your Victoria's Secret size large thong that crept into my panty drawer?


If so, please feel free to contact me and talk me off this ledge.

June 20, 2003

Rainbow Pup

Oh dear, it's raining again and supposed to all weekend long.

I need some cute puppy lovin'...oh here he is!...

Doggy in Chelsea, properly adorning the neighborhood's colors :-)


June 19, 2003

Nine Year Old Girl Marries Dog In India

Thank you to my friend Hannah Sharpless for this awesome link:

Gnarly Tooth Lands 9 Year Old Girl In Marriage To Stray Dog

Hannah, Yahoo News isn't your ONLY news source, is it?? :-)

NoLita Man with Bambi

Here is my favorite person in NoLita who has yet to be spotted without one of his overweight chihahuas...
This one is named Bambi.
The everyday readers may experience flashbacks of a previous post starring the same man but rather than Bambi, it starred.....the fantastic Porkchop!.

Come winter or summer, Bambi or Porkchop, this guy invariably and proudly, tells anyone who lends an ear, about his three chihahuas...all in desperate need of a diet...and about whom he says, "Well as you can see, they never miss a meal!!"


June 18, 2003

Fancy White SoHo Kitty

I've had a special spot in my heart for white kitties ever since I "rescued" one from my grandmother's ranch and brought him to live with me in San Diego...on the day I moved out of San Diego for good!, I called and searched for Willy...but to no avail...I frantically knocked on neighbors' doors to ask them to call me if a frisky white kitty showed up...they were half interested until they noticed the contact number I gave them was long distance...I actually had people close their doors in my face...NOT nice, people!

So I'm still yearning for Willy, my little white the meantime, I've resorted to stalking a white kitty wearing a leather necklace in SoHo.


June 17, 2003

Jonah Air Guitars to The Gypsy Kings

It's a crying shame the World Air Guitar championships just came and went without the attendance of our very own Air Guitar Extraordinaire...Jonah!

He's jammin':


He's feelin' it:


He YOU feel it?


June 16, 2003

Clever Lady!

This weekend while seeking Shelter From The Storm (love that Dylan song), I spotted an old lady whose wise ways I had to photograph.

Her delight at being photographed released the ham in her and she did a little can can dance before posing for this shot!


June 13, 2003

Sunshine to Bask in, Please?

Ok, so the weather has improved greatly in that it's hot and not cold anymore...
although we've still got to work on the sunshine factor....
oh and not to be nit picky but the thunderstorms could stop too....

Simply hoping for the sunshine that Greta, my boss' kitty, enjoys below:


P.S. If you feel like watching a documentary that is inspiring, sad and touching, check out Marlene Dietrich: Her Own Song directed by her grandson, J. David Riva.
Left wondering why there's no mention of Witness for the Prosecution though...

June 12, 2003

Italian Souvenirs For Sale

Those Naughty Italians!! Oh, how I love 'em!! :-)


June 11, 2003

Teething Bambi

Bet you didn't know that Bambi teethes huh?


* Taken in Nara, Japan where the deer roam among people.

Thought I had found paradise until a deer came up from behind me because I had food in my hand and BIT MY ASS REALLY HARD.

June 10, 2003

Greek Backscratchers

It's finally a beautiful summer day in NYC!!


and all I unapologetically feel like doing is
1) sitting outside in direct sunlight,
2) drinking beers, and
3) having my back stroked by one of these gorgeous backscratchers I spotted in Athens, Greece, several years back...

June 9, 2003

SHOWDOWN on Chelsea Street Corner

The documentation of this showdown got off to a slow start as I scrambled for my trusty but often sleepy camera while these two love birds (ha!) ate from the same crap on the ground and hung out less than an inch away from each other...


people stopped in their tracks to watch this bizarro scene...the kitty then pawed at the birdy and the birdy hopped away...


my camera woke up with a yawn and...


well, the rest is .... history, people!

The little birdy, R.I.P, had a full and prosperous life.

June 6, 2003

What happens when a Blogger & an Academic get together & drink??!!



Invariably, the academic adamantly insists he's correct, resulting in the blogger having to turn away and grimace...but she finds solace in her heart, knowing that she's absolutely correct.

June 5, 2003

SoHo Slummin'

Do I live in Seattle?

Because I feel like I live in Seattle.

The constant rain has been such a bummer...that's my excuse for this depressing dose of reality, folks...


My beau says that this picture is more about how far people are willing to go to live in SoHo!!
J/K!! J/K!!

June 4, 2003

Good ole Lucky Chengs Restaurant

Wonder how long it took to create the evening's look:


And wonder what the guys in the background are shaking on:


June 3, 2003

Southwestern Chinese Woman with Child

Taken a few years back in the mountains of Southwestern China, home of the Naxi minority group, where I traveled with my family...they've always had the travel bug...lucky me!! :-)


June 2, 2003

Bon Voyage, Doggy on a Mission!!

Say good-bye to this little doggy...he's all dressed up and goin' to the Moon!!



Note his little pocket, unstoppable charm and the TONGUE - he'll be makin' friends in no time!!

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