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November 28, 2003

BusBlogging right now!!

So we took the $10 Fung Wah Bus from NYC Chinatown up to Boston Chinatown and apparently $10 doesn't afford you ventilation so even though it's such a hard deal to pass up, we thought we'd try the newly running LimoLiner, boasting Internet and all around travel in (high-tech) style.

There's fuzzy Jonah illustrating the fuzzy massiveness of the LimoLiner:


The first great thing we discovered when uncharacteristically arriving 30 minutes early, is that there is a LimoLiner Lounge in the lobby of the Hilton Back Bay!
There's the poster boy for LimoLiner:


We boarded the bus and embraced.
You see, we're quite loving towards each other when there's promise of email access!!


There's the Captain in his Captain's chair!!


And there's eeeeeveryone else.
Have no idea how we lucked out with the entire "back office" to ourselves.
Must be karma...ha!


Unfortunately, the trip began with these Entourage & Safari error messages and since I was in an impetuously impatient mood, some would call it spoiled but not me, I was about to write off this bus...



But thank the good internet lord, we connected shortly after when our customer service representative, as she aptly called herself, fixed it.
Jonah says she radio-ed an astronaut to fix the satellite coverage.
Quel customer service!

Whew! Close call! Was ready for a stiff drink but alas the stiffest drink offered was coffee...which was for the better...more efficient blogging!


There's Jonah, happy as a duck with email!


For a few seconds, while waiting for a page to load, we looked up to discover that movies are can see The Matrix on the right and Catch Me If You Can on the left...A View from the Top and Friends followed right up until arrival:


Then there were the amenities...a Boston Globe and a meal consisting of a delghtful white chocolate chip cookie, a banana, a ham and cheese sandwich and chips:


And for the part no one really wants to think about...the bathroom.
I am happy to report that is was the nicest bathroom in a moving vehicle i've ever stepped foot in.
Also, that is a real flower, I kid you not-I touched it:


The bottom line is that the famously cheap $10 Fung Wah Bus is too good of a deal to be beat.
If however you are willing to pay $69 for internet access (albeit not always reliable but decent), refreshments, a light meal, comfortable seats and movies that are optional as opposed to just blasted to everyone in the bus ($2 headsets that are yours to keep)...the LimoLiner is your friend.

Oh! And if you *need* to BusBlog, step into the LimoLiner.

November 25, 2003

Catalina Island's Pet Cemetery

I just watched Errol Morris' exceptional and hilariously hilarious documentary Gates of Heaven (1978) so I've been inspired to post photos from the pet cemetery we discovered on Catalina Island this summer.















November 24, 2003

This girl needs a Hello Kitty Bicycle

Update: In response to the many inquiries for where to purchase this bike, check out: Target! and to Dick & Jill Miller for the links!

I think I've found the number 1 item for my christmas wishlist...a Hello Kitty bicycle!!!


Look at this fine lass...her curves, her damn!


The seat that begs to be sat on...


The tire that leaves her mark everywhere you go...


And for the final ring a ling...the Hello Kitty bell:


November 21, 2003

4 Cool Things

1) My friend Katy rockin' out...


2) Hot chocolate from Cafe Gitane...


3) Lawrence Lessig speaking from 4-6 and Beta Launch Part II Opening from 6-8 today @ EYEBEAM!!

4) It's supposed to be a sunny weekend in NYC!! Yay!!

November 20, 2003


This is Frida, my friend Jeremy's newly rescued pooch.


Isn't she sweet...and cool with the David Bowie eye thing...


Oh! Doggies just can't help themselves can they?


Can you imagine if us people were more doggy like in public?! Yikes!


November 19, 2003

2003 Lower East Side Girls Club Benefit

Big shout out to Lily for inviting us to the Lower East Side Girls Club of New York Benefit two nights ago where we happily partook in the great cause and had a fabulously fun time as well...good combo!

After some successful stalking, here's me and the super hot Chloe Sevigny.
Ummm, it's like so majorly obvious that she wants me badly, right?
A little discretion please, Chloe...


Ok, rewinding...we began the night with a throwback to our teenage years, by having a girls pre-party party...putting make up on each other, pillow fighting in our panties, smearing bubbles on each other in the bubble bath -you know, the usual.
The best part was that I got to borrow Lily's clothes and shoes.
Get ready for the hottest shoes you've ever seen and I bet you didn't know they're VEGAN!!!


Thank you Stella McCartney for being good to animals and for making shoes so sexy and shockingly comfortable.


The dashing duo outdid themselves with the little red number inspired by "Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina" and the black leather pants...


When we made it to the benefit which was held in Capitale, the old ornate former bank, I immediately noticed this guy with easily the best hairdo out of the 500 people present.
He said it takes 15 minutes to do.
I'd say it's time well spent!


Here is a picture I've inserted of us looking cute...if I may blog so myself!


After the awards and 20 glasses of champagne, we hopped over to the after party at which Lily's friend Rae showed us her party tricks:


We were all proud of her when she managed this maneuver but unfortunately it cost Lily her consciousness (see how her head was kicked out of the picture?) and she was out for the rest of the party.
She doesn't remember what happened so sssshhhhh!


Soon after, Adam went cross-eyed.


The wierd thing was, I looked around the room and we had all gone cross-eyed at that point.


November 18, 2003

Yay for Massachusetts!!

Finally, people are coming around to their senses...hopefully Massachusetts is just the beginning of a trend among states.

High Court in Massachusetts Rules Gays Have Right to Marry

NoLita's getting dangerous!

So I was walking around in NoLita this weekend when I noticed this trashcan at Prince & Mott on fire so naturally, I stopped and took a picture of it.

Then I heard a guy exclaim, "she just took a picture and walked away!


I turned around and saw him and his friend run to the trashcan, pull out the flaming box and stomp out the fire.

So he was a good samaritan and I was a good documentarian, no?

Or, he was a bad documentarian and I was a bad samaritan...perhaps, perhaps...anything's possible...and bloggable!! ha ha

November 17, 2003

GoogleRace & EYEBEAM

Check out this fun site and guaranteed procrastination tool created by Eyebeam's R & D Group:

Check out who wins the EYEBEAM award. Hint-I fully endorse him:

The EYEBEAM award goes to...

I greatly dislike him but apparently he's the most "Sexy Dancer" of them all:

If he's the sexiest dancer, then we're in trouble...oh wait, we ARE in grave trouble.

The one you've all been waiting for...

The Stuart Little Award

And for those of you who missed the nice New York Times article on EYEBEAM, here it is:

Digital Art's Year-Round Summer Camp

Lucy & Lola in NoLita

This weekend in NoLita, I fell madly in love with these 2 bulldogs, Lucy & Lola.


There there are...playing hard to get in unison.


Lucy & Lola, easily the cutest ladies in NoLita! I'm sure all the boys would agree...

November 14, 2003

Short legged vs. Long legged Dogs

Here is the magnificent lady Adina Cherkin discussing the *much debated* topic, "Short legged vs. Long legged dogs." (2.2 MB)


She is also the author of this fabulously fun book aptly titled "Terse Verse & Oodles of Doodles

November 12, 2003

I've very own Blog Studio!!

As many Manhattanites can confirm, we live in rooms that shoes don't even consider sufficient to house it's obvious that there's no room for bed AND's strictly one or the other...

This is a true sadness for us obsessive bloggers who, I suppose, want to take part in this world wide activity of sleeping but mostly just want to work (blog), work (blog), work (blog)!

Thanks to Jonah's "thinking outside the box" brain, he suggested I shun the mainstream choice of the bed and go for the full office!!

I was only slightly worried about not having a bed but then walked by Sleepy's which obviously agrees with the conclusion I was slowly coming to-summed up nicely by Chelsea Peretti: "Sleeping is Bullshit"


Apparently, thus far in my life, I've been wasting tons of space with a full sized bed!


So I sold my Simmons Beauty Rest double bed (who needs beauty rest when you can work, work, work!) and purchased a desk (thanks KMart), a photo printer, etc.

...I now have a BLOG STUDIO!!!!



Follow the FundRace!

A great site ranking 2004 Election Candidates by Grassroots, Devotion and Fat Cats Indices as well as financial contributions by state, county and zipcodes.

November 11, 2003

Maharaja Kitty & Cat Town

Cats haven't been represented enough recently so here's my friend Lily's kitty...with dangerously seductive green out.

Don't even think about overlooking the super cute curled paw on the right:


Also, take a tour through Cat Town.

I promise you won't be sorry...I only wish I had been the creator of this purrrfect project.

November 10, 2003

CoCo & Chloe in SoHo

It was a usual Saturday in SoHo with tourists shopping their guts out and blocking the sidewalks...when I spotted two dogs, so cute I nearly fell over.

Here was the reason for my first near heart attack:


Not surprising that her name was CoCo huh?


And then followed Chloe, a Mini Maltese weighing 3 pounds...


If you roll over the picture below you'll see the little game she played with me:

Oh CoCo and Chloe, so fist clenchingly cute...I'll always save a spot on SoHo sidewalks for you two!

November 7, 2003

The MEATRIX, a great little flash movie

Make sure you have your volume turned up.


Grammar & Spelling Police

This sign is wrong!!

Does it really matter?! NO!!

But am I wasting your time looking at this because this sort of thing drives me crazy?! YES!!


The sooner I realize I'm one of those annoying people that always points out when something is grammatically wrong or spelled wrong, probably the better huh?

...So that I can work on perfecting this skill and talent with more and more practice!!

November 6, 2003

Brussels Griffons are cool

Marusya was so simultaneously regal and adorably cute.


The yellow rain coat nearly pushed me over the edge.


If the streets of Brussels are filled with these dogs, I'm moving there like yesterday.

November 5, 2003

CVS stands for Puritanical, Misogynistic Fascists

Could condoms, pregnancy tests, etc locked behind glass cabinets be any more wrong? The answer is no.

Well yes, if a few hurdles are added...such as:

1) A customer must obtain a permit from the government or note from mom or dad (depending on age) to purchase the desired sinful item (s).

2) The customer must turn in the permit/note to a CVS associate for review.

3) If accepted, the associate would place an announcement in the local paper, then declare, in the store, over the PA system that Ms. Slutty Pants will be purchasing a Lifestyles Extra Ribbed 12 pack, 2 tubes of KY Jelly and an EPT Pregnancy test just in case.

4) Finally, the associate would follow Ms. Slutty Pants to the register to make sure she's not a thief in addition to a slut.


I stood there, in the CVS store at Bleecker & Thompson, staring at this atrocity, forcing myself to take deep breaths, and to think rationally about this issue.

I know that these items are often shoplifted so I suppose, in my mind's most open state, I can understand the desire to lock them up but then one's moral compass should kick in at that moment and make you realize that's just a bad idea.


Think about the other more expensive, often stolen items such as Crest Whitestrips...where are they? Are they locked up? NO! They are behind the register.


Can you imagine being a young girl, afraid you might be pregnant, just wanting to purchase, as incognito as possible, a preganancy test...and you have to "SEE ASSOCIATE FOR ASSISTANCE"!!!


I called CVS headquarters @ 1.800.SHOP.CVS and of course I was silly to think I could talk straight with the customer service representative since she was a woman but in the end she was a CVS corporate pod who ended our conversation with, "Thank you for your comments, I will be happy to pass them. Have a nice day."

November 4, 2003

A Chinese Crested Catastrophe in Chelsea

I was standing at the northeastern corner of 21st & 9th waiting to cross the street when I noticed one of those Chinese Crested dogs. You know, with the nearly hairless bodies except for long strands of hair coming out of their anxious faces.

...I stood there thinking about how unfortunate it is that these dogs get such a bad rap because they really are cute once you get past the shock factor and seem very sweet...

For those of you unfamiliar with this dog breed, here is a photo snagged from google:


The dog bounced around nervously seemingly desperate to cross the street when an aquaintance or friend of the dog's owner approached the duo and said, "Hey, haven't seen you in a a new dog there?" to which the owner said, "Well, not so new but he is wanting to go home." The aquaintance responded, "I don't blame him! I mean, what did you do to him? Look at him!" The dog's owner grew silent, lowered his head and explained meekly, "No, you see, that's how he comes, I mean, what he's normally like...I didn't do anything to him." Thankfully for him and the dog, just at that moment, God orchestrated from above and turned the traffic light green and the dog and owner escaped across the street into their home where supposed friends and aquaintances can't make you feel ugly.

November 3, 2003

2003 Halloween Winners has announced this Halloween's two most coveted prizes: The Raddest Pet Costume & The Raddest Human Costume!!

The Raddest Pet Costume winner was easy to pinpoint as he rapped ~Lodi Dodi, we likes to party, we don't cause trouble, we don't bother nobody~

The prize obviously went to...



The Raddest Human Costume Award was more difficult....not because it wasn't immediately obvious, I mean, it's just that...the contestant temporarily swept me off of my feet, rendering my judgement completely subjective...however, it all worked out in the end and the winner definitely was...

P, The Mexican Wrestler!!

Look at how grandiose and impressive his entrance into the room was...imagine being there, in person!! I was all shook up and a little frightened.


Then he looked into my eyes like knees went weak and I knew I was hooked on P, The Mexican Wrestler...


He then took my hand, we danced the tango, rose in mouth and all, while he told me tales of his superhuman strength, faraway lands where his magic cape had taken him, his incredible modesty and humility, his struggles with peer envy as a result of his unfair good looks, his to die for cheek bones...

I didn't think P could tongue tie me anymore until I saw up close and personal, his sheer white stockings.

When I was finally mustered up the courage to speak, I said to P,

"One leg has straight, matted leg hairs and the other leg has messy, all bent out of shape leg hairs."

Astonished, he exclaimed, "You noticed my signature detail! Lady, we're meant to be together!


Then P, The Mexican Wrestler ripped off his mask...


and there he was in all his scary handsomeness!

But wait! What is that I see?


A paper clip holds your magic cape together??!! I don't think so, Mr. P!!

And just like that, the magic died for me but my objectivity was restored and I knew that P, The Mexican Wrestler still deserved The Raddest Human Costume Award.

As soon as I handed him the trophy, the magic must have also dissipated for him because he hopped on his magic towel and flew off...

*p.s.-I'm trying to bring bring back the use of the word Rad.

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