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November 28, 2003

BusBlogging right now!!

So we took the $10 Fung Wah Bus from NYC Chinatown up to Boston Chinatown and apparently $10 doesn't afford you ventilation so even though it's such a hard deal to pass up, we thought we'd try the newly running LimoLiner, boasting Internet and all around travel in (high-tech) style.

There's fuzzy Jonah illustrating the fuzzy massiveness of the LimoLiner:


The first great thing we discovered when uncharacteristically arriving 30 minutes early, is that there is a LimoLiner Lounge in the lobby of the Hilton Back Bay!
There's the poster boy for LimoLiner:


We boarded the bus and embraced.
You see, we're quite loving towards each other when there's promise of email access!!


There's the Captain in his Captain's chair!!


And there's eeeeeveryone else.
Have no idea how we lucked out with the entire "back office" to ourselves.
Must be karma...ha!


Unfortunately, the trip began with these Entourage & Safari error messages and since I was in an impetuously impatient mood, some would call it spoiled but not me, I was about to write off this bus...



But thank the good internet lord, we connected shortly after when our customer service representative, as she aptly called herself, fixed it.
Jonah says she radio-ed an astronaut to fix the satellite coverage.
Quel customer service!

Whew! Close call! Was ready for a stiff drink but alas the stiffest drink offered was coffee...which was for the better...more efficient blogging!


There's Jonah, happy as a duck with email!


For a few seconds, while waiting for a page to load, we looked up to discover that movies are shown...you can see The Matrix on the right and Catch Me If You Can on the left...A View from the Top and Friends followed right up until arrival:


Then there were the amenities...a Boston Globe and a meal consisting of a delghtful white chocolate chip cookie, a banana, a ham and cheese sandwich and chips:


And for the part no one really wants to think about...the bathroom.
I am happy to report that is was the nicest bathroom in a moving vehicle i've ever stepped foot in.
Also, that is a real flower, I kid you not-I touched it:


The bottom line is that the famously cheap $10 Fung Wah Bus is too good of a deal to be beat.
If however you are willing to pay $69 for internet access (albeit not always reliable but decent), refreshments, a light meal, comfortable seats and movies that are optional as opposed to just blasted to everyone in the bus ($2 headsets that are yours to keep)...the LimoLiner is your friend.

Oh! And if you *need* to BusBlog, step into the LimoLiner.


Love the busblog info.
Also loved the quaint English on the $10 bus site - "toilet fecilities" for example.

Posted by: Homeland Security at November 28, 2003 7:18 PM

beautiful computer that boy has ;)

Posted by: cheryl at November 29, 2003 8:14 AM

oh my god. how cute are you in yellow stripes? and, oddly, looking more asian everyday--something about the eyebrows perhaps?

Posted by: yay dogs! at November 29, 2003 10:58 PM

beautiful boy that computer has!

Posted by: Jodi at November 30, 2003 6:12 PM
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