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November 18, 2003

NoLita's getting dangerous!

So I was walking around in NoLita this weekend when I noticed this trashcan at Prince & Mott on fire so naturally, I stopped and took a picture of it.

Then I heard a guy exclaim, "she just took a picture and walked away!


I turned around and saw him and his friend run to the trashcan, pull out the flaming box and stomp out the fire.

So he was a good samaritan and I was a good documentarian, no?

Or, he was a bad documentarian and I was a bad samaritan...perhaps, perhaps...anything's possible...and bloggable!! ha ha


I lived in an industrial space for and my room mates and I had to keep a dumpster on the sidewalk for our trash.

Kids like to set dumpsters on fire. The firemen's job is to put out the fire but not clean-up the mess.

It's weird to come home and find your dumpster on it's side in the middle of the sidewalk, blackened.

Posted by: twhid at November 18, 2003 12:12 PM
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