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December 22, 2003

~Holiday Partying like it's 1999~

~Going, going, back, back to Cali, Cali~ tomorrow and will be blogging only every so often...
In the meantime, here's a little taste of the the good parts of the parties!...
Photos from John Johnson's holiday party last week.

Here are the floating heads of me and EYEBEAM founder & fearless leader John Johnson.


Somtimes I just feel like John doesn't lend me his whole ear...only his chin and beard:


Here's Jonah, me and Mike Frumin, EYEBEAM's newest addition, R & D fellow & programmer extraordinaire of FundRace and GoogleRace PRE-ALCOHOL.



Mike's ~Livin' It Up~ like the Bad Boy that he is:


He can also do a real quick turn of the neck if needed-versatile in his talents, I tell you...

But don't get too excited, you cute boys out'll surely be disappointed by this ladies man:


My three homies.

Their dorkiness makes me laugh till I puke.


Alex Galloway and his pointing.

He's a smarty pants professor so we indulge this hideous abuse of power:


Three of the three thousand men in my life:

John, boss & friend,

Jonah who makes my heart flutter time and time again...even when he looks like he just snorted Colombia...and

Benjamin Weil, curator of, I mean, EYEBEAM curator-oops!


There's Benjie, engaging my boyfriend in some artsy fartsy conversation...

And look! there's me, 3rd wheel!


And coming in from the opposite corner, is the truly talented and inspiring artist Jem Cohen looking like an artist posing...but looking good nonetheless!

Note the "Library" wallpaper in the "Library" of The SoHo House:


Self-indulgent photo of the fabulous, if I may blog so myself, shoes I managed to still have on loan from Lily!

Way to go, shoe-stealing!


WOW! There's a humngous lightbulb above Jonah's head!

Even amidst debauchery and celebration, the mind works!


But believe it or not, Jonah gets annoyed when I take over 150 photos of him at one party:


Here's our Delightful Development Director Steve Tremble and his lovely girlfriend Tamar who has a little "camera flash problem."


I don't have the aforementioned problem but I do have a different problem...

After my second alcoholic drink, I can't open my eyes for the rest of the evening:


So it was time to go...

Happy Holidays everyone-love your guts!!

December 19, 2003

Fight back with a poll!

Take the Marriage Poll and tell the AFA ("American Family Association-Promoting Traditional Family Values") to shove it where the sun don't shine.

This AFA poll was designed to prove to Congress that people oppose gay marriage goddammit! (note the obvious: the poll takers would be AFA site visitors-traditional family values promotors) but now, thanks to contagious media (email forwards, blog links) the word has gotten out to the saner bunch and the results are proving it!

Thank the Good Lord above!!

...and of course the Leave It To Beaver families that provide such shining models that we should all aspire to!! ha!

December 17, 2003

best kitty photo found

My dear dear friend Celeste just sent me this photo saying

"thought you'd appreciate this lovely kitty"

and boy, was she right!!


December 16, 2003

Doggy-Kitty Love

This catalog arrived in the mail and I nearly molested the thing.

Could there be a cuter picture ever taken?

Could there be a more rhetorical question?

No, no, no, NO!!


If you're feeling willing and able to help a little doggy or kitty in need this season, here you go.

December 15, 2003

Pipe...anyone? anyone?

In anticipation of our move into a dope new apt at the end of this month (yay!!), Jonah and I were cleaning out his studio apt yesterday when I noticed a little object on the top shelf of the medicine cabinet that looked a little funny and out of place:


I leaned in closer and rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things and sure enough it was a crack pipe:


Just your run of the mill, average crack pipe-no frills, just functional and utilitarian.

I'm imagining that from time to time the previous tenant smoked the rock.

What I can't imagine, is that for a whole year, he/she has gone sans pipe!

So let me ask, "did you leave your crack pipe in our home?"

In case a different scenery is needed to jog your memory, here is the same pipe in a classier setting...

Pipe on a laquered wood the memories come rushing back?


Or perhaps, a more down to earth setting?...Pipe on a picnic table cloth...

And in its opened form with residual junk, does it help to identify this pipe as yours?


If you're still not able to ascertain whether it's the one you lost and perhaps need to grip it in your palms to be sure, feel free to give us a shout but be warned we won't have it for long as we don't want to get thrown in jail for someone else's kicks...not that we're judging!!

No judgements here! It's just that we prefer tequila:


December 12, 2003

Wizard of Claws??

Update: I had not done any research into this site when I first posted this. Having looked into this business, I'm not sure it's as kosher as it may seem...the verdict is apparently still out but I just want it to be known that neither condones nor condemns this site. The site and the picture I excerpted from it were merely funny to me and in line with my puppy inclinations.

Bizarre website, courtesy of Jodi, containing really really cute little puppies (with an emPHAsis on little) for sale in ridiculous outfits and sets (see below).

See for fun times!


December 11, 2003

Gay Boyfriend Anthem

This Gay Boyfriend Anthem Video was graciously sent to me by a reader in response to my previous Gay Boyfriend post.

It is a treasure.

Click on Gay Boyfriend for a fabulous time.


Breaking News: Poor People Pretty Much Fucked

Thanks to the Onion's fine reportage, we now know:

Poor People Pretty Much Fucked

December 10, 2003

Murry the Superhero

This little guy was so cute and commanding in this puffy silver suit I audibly uttered to myself oh my god and ran after him for a photo...


Clearly I couldn't be fact, I kept thinking, Murry is so special he must be a superhero!


I'm fairly certain he was...
Isn't it obvious that with his hat down on his shoulders, he was getting ready to fight injustice?


The icing on the cake was Murry's owner facilitating the photo shoot by saying, "Show your tongue, Murry."

Long time readers may recall another dog in a space suit...Note the tongue teasing by the little daschund too!

December 9, 2003

Spike & Sofia go Solo

Obviously I don't know Spike Jonze & Sofia Coppola personally so why should I care that they just got divorced...I guess it's sad because they were both so good looking! J/K! J/K! It's just that they've both done such great now, I hope that it wasn't their combination that enabled it...

It's futile for me to try to describe how much and for how many reasons I loved Sofia Coppola's recent movie Lost In Translation so I won't but...

I will say that even for those of you already familiar with Spike Jonze's work, it's still worth checking out the B-side of the recently released Director's Series, Vol. 1 - The Work of Director Spike Jonze for previously unreleased short documentaries on the making of the music videos and their subjects.

Highlight: Fat Lip from the Pharcyde tells his story.

Yay for the Dean Machine!

Al Gore endorses Howard Dean for President

On a petty politics note, clearly the Gore-Clinton riff continues, with Clinton informally endorsing Clark (voter of Nixon & Reagan) and Gore of course now endorsing Dean...

December 7, 2003

Baby Jack spotted in the Blizzard!!

Some of you may recall the adorable and sleepy Jack spotted in SoHo a few weeks back...well, in the midst of the blizzard, out popped Jack again!

Look at how sporty and stylish he is standing tall in his argyle sweater...this little guy can't be bothered by a little ole blizzard!


December 4, 2003

1 LARGE bedroom apt please!!

Hello there, fascinating and wonderful people full of love and surprises,

Jonah and I (the tart eaters below) are looking to move into a LARGE 1 bedroom apt, preferably in the following neighborhoods (listed in o
rder of preference):

1) NoLita
2) Chinatown
3) East Village
4) The part of the Lower East Side that's closest to Chinatown

We originally wanted a 2 bedroom but after a day of looking, it's clear that we'd get more space and a nicer layout with a LARGE 1 bedroom apt.

~Hoping that using the blog post method will find us a great Anil's did!~

Jonah and I can't wait to buy big, expensive presents for good leads :-)


December 2, 2003

~These are a few of Perry's favorite things~

1) Hello Kitty...look at how tenderly he tends to her:


see his need for tactile love and his willingness to burn his cheek:


2) Sexy swimming!


and finalmente!...the pose that put the SEX into SEXy!!!


December 1, 2003

Patience & Kittens

While you wait patiently for me to finish editing a short film, perhaps you would be so kind as to open up this little treasure of a webpage and also be patient because it takes a little while to load the gazillion kitten photos...promise you won't be sorry!!


Beware of the "oh my god, oh my god" sounds that may come out of your mouth as you check out these irresistably cute kitties-the neighbors will surely get the wrong idea.

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