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April 15, 2004

Evil Twin

Since back in the day when Andrea Spratt and I were mature and stylish 14 year olds, ubiquitously known as Andrea Squared, I've known that I was the kind, timid and perfect Andrea and that Andrea Spratt was the evil twin.

It became clear like crystal during my recent trip to LA.

Here she coerced the monkey into holding her hand and when monkey looked away for a second...


$1 bill? What? Where?

And she tries to play it off like, "I just love a firm grip on a monkey finger!"

Notice the monkey twisting its shoulder trying to get away while Andrea's bony fingers crushed the monkey finger. It was amputated soon after and she threw it to the brown dog in the background...R.I.P.


Quickly rebounding from that mess, Andrea couldn't turn down an opportunity to degrade a hungry person turned prostitute.


And still, Andrea could only think of one thing...modeling.


But alas, even this evil twin needs to drink to smooth over life's rough edges.

Let's just say, when her head hits the pillow each and every night, things are reeeaaal smooth.


I am delighted to announce that this fabulous evil twin without whom I could never be the sweet and shy Andrea that I am...has started her own blog!!!

Check it out but watch out! She'll cut you!

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