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today i was in the depths of nyc's underground and who do i see but the famous Mrs. Harner.

my draw was not as fast as hers and no pictures to be had.(i would be lousy paparazi)

of course the end all be all would be a picture of her taking a picture of me, taking a picture of her (such a cliche , i know, but like modern day gun deuls(minus the honor bit))

on the plus side.. no real plus , it rained all day(and in to the bluster night....(pooh))

Posted by: me of me inc. at April 27, 2004 12:55 AM

This is hideously cute.

Posted by: Jodi at April 28, 2004 12:30 PM

I just wish I had room on my desktop for more of your super-cute pictures! Smiling feels good, now I know whenever I need one I can just visit your site...thank you!

Posted by: Kristi at May 21, 2004 1:14 AM
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