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April 9, 2004

Oh Sofia...

If this is true, I must say my peace: Sofia should get her fair allowance for the chores she does around the house...nothing more, nothing less.


On a more compassionate note, it really must be hard for her to be under the tyrannical thumb of Francis...

*via Gawker.com



tsk tsk,.... allowances after winning so many awards

then again my brother does the same thing,..

makes 6 figures at lockheed,(makeing things that encentuate the boom sticks)

then gets another 6 in allowances ...

chores? makeing every one feel guilty they dont give him more?

maybe its bribe money so he stays in the family buisness (there are a few)


Posted by: me of me inc. at April 10, 2004 4:00 AM
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