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June 30, 2004

Jennifer Aniston, Muslim convert

Every time I check my Citibank credit card statement online this image pops up before me and I'm convinced I'm looking at Jennifer Aniston in a colorful hijab.


Way to safeguard your sexuality, J Ani!

June 29, 2004

$5 / 5 min Online Personality Test

Just took the test and it confirmed what I guessed.

I'm an ENFP. What are you?

If you're a fellow ENFP, described as The Inspirer type (wishing that were The Inspired type) you may find these interesting:

Portrait of an ENFP

Careers for ENFP

ENFP Relationships

ENFP Personal Growth

A little interest in Hello Kitties

Walking around in Nolita, I noticed this car and dashboard:


And I thought, here's someone who surely has many varied of them is Hello Kitties:


June 28, 2004

Will Smith and the Ladies

The digicams, the phonecams and the teeny boppers were out and poised:


For a glimpse of Will Smith (Oh my god!!! He's soooo cute!!!) filming a movie yesterday on Spring & Wooster:


June 25, 2004

My Favorite Picture Of All Time

Thanks to the conspiratorial team of Chelsea and Della (victim's sister & mother) we can all enjoy boy pics of Jonah, scanned in Oakland, uploaded in NYC and brandished upon the world.

I've not been charming since this sudden onslaught of cuteness + hilarity. I've tried smothering Jonah with a pillow because it's his fault and I'm clawing people that come near me.


via Chelsea's blog

Newbloggie (new word just trademarked by me right this instant!) excitement is cute.

Chelsea Peretti is not an easily satisfied lady.

Most people are ecstatic that they know how to type and work a mouse!

A more select few are shitting themselves that they have a website!

But no, Chelsea wants a mile from the Internet (dangerously metaphorical,!).

Thus, she didn't stop with her personal, more static but nonetheless strong website, she has stormed onto the blogoscene (new word just trademarked by me right this instant!) with a maniacally updated and funny blog.

Be sure not to miss her stomach turning photo, Palefoot (my fave because I'm disgusting!). The smaller, teaser photo below !pales! in comparison to the original, bigger, grosser photo.


Amazon Appreciates Art

The Top 25 Wierdest Items You Can Purchase Through Amazon

As an appreciatOR of art, I've added the following to my wish list AND my wedding registry:



Finally, the Internet is Useful

For surfblogging, of course!

I'm pictured below, surfblogging while waiting for the next set of thrashable waves:


BBC News: Surf the net while surfing waves

June 23, 2004

Life is like a watermelon

I appreciate misadvertisement as much as the next person.

There's a reason misadvertisement is successful and the answer lies in its ability to create for us frail creatures, a safe, false sense of security.

If you tell me a watermelon is seedless, I'll gleefully buy it, give a friendly peck on the cheek to the salesperson, lose myself in a curtsy, skip home, and sing song about just how seedless it's going to be. I'll glide around my kitchen twirling my empire waist dress to the enchanting tunes of Ella & Louis, erratically waving my shiny butcher's knife, in sweet, sweet anticipation of cutting into my watermelon without personal pledge to perfection...

Until, I catch sight of a little fine print below the promise...

May contain an occassional seed

But I thought it was seed less??!!!

I hurl my knife across the room and as it spirals and spins and finally lands on my inspirational poster, I cry into my delusional self because now I have to accept that the watermelon probably isn't seedless at all and most likely contains an imperfection or two...just like life and people, never perfect, always flawed and consistently disappointing. I know I'm going to agonize over this "metaphor for life" watermelon, searching for its blemishes, as I do with people's personalities, expertly.


Sure enough, here was the bad seed. Butcher knife ripped out of the wall and back in hand, I raise it high into the heavens and bring it crashing down onto the little black disappointment. It smashes into 500 pieces and I weep for its short, unfortunate lot in life.


Anyone want to date me? My offerings are emotional stability and a clean bill of mental health.

June 21, 2004

Perry says, "C2 is N-O!"

Perry often takes one for the team...such as when we were nearly stranded on a blistering hot beach in Costa Rica two years ago without water and seemingly miles away from our air conditioned rooms, Perry graciously offered to make out with any hot guys driving by, in exchange for them driving us back to the safety of our cabana boys...thanks Perry!

Here's Brave Perry taking another one for the team by testing out Coke's new C2 drink...promising half the carbs, half the calories and well, without giving away too much, promises are only as good as they are empty, right?




After (Aftertaste Expression):


Metallica, the artists formerly known as Alcoholica

What do you get when you mix therapy, movie making, rock & roll and a gift from god?

A feature length peak into Metallica's therapy sessions:

Band on the Couch, June 20, 2004 New York Times Magazine

A shower please!

Manhattanites know exactly which block this article refers to. Aberrantly nestled between Carmine & W. 4th Streets on 6th Avenue, this little stretch of inspiration differs momentously from its surroundings - you walk through it and you want to take a shower.

Some interesting insights into what makes a block this way:

The Forces That Fuel A Squall Of A Block, June 20, 2004 New York Times City section

June 18, 2004

Bento Box Lunches

I can't wait to return to Japan this summer!!


I'll bring some back for the few lucky readers...

via reBlog

June 17, 2004 vain?

Cabby is waiting...waiting for his paint to dry...

I am also waiting...waiting for the projects and ideas that live in my mind to surface in reality as brilliant, realized projects!

Waiting to be productive is a real pain in the ass.


*24th btw 10th & 11th Aves.

June 16, 2004

Chinatown Morsels

This little mannequin isn't really so cute is she? Arms to the sides - more cute.


Sometimes too many choices confuses the quest for Spam:


June 15, 2004

Collegiate Community Service

Mandatory community service should replace foosball in college:

Serve or Fail a NYTimes Op-Ed by Dave Eggers

I completely agree that it's time for students to be more aware of and involved in their community and the world at large.

The real new glasses

Sure enough, you all voted for the most expensive pair of glasses, #6!

Judging from this highly scientific experiment, Jim Suroweicki's new book, The Wisdom of Crowds, which argues that crowds are smarter than individuals, may be onto something!

Great choice-thank you for your votes!

Perhaps next time, we'll ask for your help in finding glasses that eliminate red eye!


June 14, 2004

The Master Chef & The Real Naked Chef

My dear momma, a property management shark who in the past taught popular Chinese cooking classes, was in town this weekend from Shanghai, via business in Washington DC. She made an emergency visit to me upon hearing that her daughter, a bona-fide half Chinese - half Caucasian girl was living without a ricecooker.

With rice cooker safely nestled in between the toaster and the blender, we successfully transferred age old cooking secrets from one generation to another:


*Photo taken by Jonah & apron provided as gift from Perry's 2003 trip to Italy.

June 11, 2004

Pooch Power

When Rico is able to respond to,

"Hey Rico! Go make money and bring it back to me,"

I'm getting a dog...even though JP's allergic...


Finally an Old Dog That Can Learn New Tricks

Doggy Bag

I want a bag with a cute face!

But since JP is allergic to furry animals, I'll just have to stick a salamander in a satchel or wait until my firstborn is old enough to stand up and smile out of a purse...


*Rex was spotted in the men's suit section of the new Bloomie's in SoHo

June 10, 2004

Like totally...


via reBlog

June 9, 2004

The President we forgot about

Apparantly collective amnesia and a tendancy for us fallible humans to glamorize the past is on the side of not great presidents. You drop dead 20 years later and all of a sudden you're great.

Paul Krugman helps put this in perspective and of course criticizes Bush in the process...god bless the Krugster.

The Great Taxer

Jane's Blog

Jane's Blog is a blog written by Jane, a lead character on Oxygen's show Good Girls Don't. But wait! She's fictional, you cry! It's the dawn of a new day.

Although I haven't seen the show I think the blog is hilarious and well-written (photo gallery and captions are funny too). It's also interesting that the blog extends the narrative of the show. Imagine for a momentous second if SJP & her crew had thought of this. Oops, missed the blog boat!

I especially like her raunchiness. It speaks to my heart.

June 8, 2004

Sparky the Bravest

There is nothing badder than a dog that dares to look head on into traffic:


June 7, 2004

Jonah's new glasses

And the winner of the Help Jonah See! competition was...


We couldn't be any happier with the choice!! Thanks again for your votes!!

June 4, 2004


Meet Freddy, Greta's new friend & ...and air guitarist!


His whiskers:


His paws:


I feel bad that my feet are cuter than his:


so I gave him my laptop and they're inseparable:


His favorite thing to do is lay on his back, cock his eye and read books online:


June 3, 2004

Updated update on Jonah's Search for Sight: Voting booth is closed. Thanks again for the votes! Stay tuned for photos of Jonah's new glasses...that's right, spectacles it'll be!! But which ones?!?!

June 2, 2004

Update on Jonah's Search for Sight: Voting is open for a little longer so please speak up on this important matter now! Looks like #6 is the frontrunner!
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