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June 30, 2004

Jennifer Aniston, Muslim convert

Every time I check my Citibank credit card statement online this image pops up before me and I'm convinced I'm looking at Jennifer Aniston in a colorful hijab.


Way to safeguard your sexuality, J Ani!


I have seen this and thought the same thing!!

Posted by: Drue at June 30, 2004 11:50 AM

you both have entirely way too much free time on your hands...

Posted by: pardo at June 30, 2004 5:56 PM

You're probably right, pardo.

Posted by: Drue at July 1, 2004 9:03 AM

My dear Pardo who's played himself...Don't you know that people who accuse others of having too much time on their hands only expose themselves as the ones with too much time and too little creativity, hence the time wasting commenting and the hating?

Hey, about those large balls you kindly mention having in your email address. They miss you...it's been 5 minutes. Get back to 'em, will ya?

Posted by: Andrea at July 1, 2004 11:37 AM

She looks a little like Alanis during her Thank You era...

Posted by: Cleo at July 1, 2004 1:08 PM

Your sites a good laugh love the pics, I have pics of scotland on mine, take a look.

Posted by: Vinny at July 28, 2004 5:41 AM
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