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June 25, 2004

Newbloggie (new word just trademarked by me right this instant!) excitement is cute.

Chelsea Peretti is not an easily satisfied lady.

Most people are ecstatic that they know how to type and work a mouse!

A more select few are shitting themselves that they have a website!

But no, Chelsea wants a mile from the Internet (dangerously metaphorical, ah.com!).

Thus, she didn't stop with her personal, more static but nonetheless strong website, she has stormed onto the blogoscene (new word just trademarked by me right this instant!) with a maniacally updated and funny blog.

Be sure not to miss her stomach turning photo, Palefoot (my fave because I'm disgusting!). The smaller, teaser photo below !pales! in comparison to the original, bigger, grosser photo.



That blue-white freakish foot traumatizes me on so many levels. Yet I keep coming back here to gaze at it (while, of course, trying, usually successfully, to keep down the bile and vomit ... and tears!).

Posted by: Jodi at June 26, 2004 8:41 AM

Whoops. I double-posted. So now you get to read the word "vomit" twice. Neat!

Posted by: Jodi at June 26, 2004 8:42 AM
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