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July 31, 2004

Willa 'Bloggin' Rubin, Guest Blogger

It gives me great pleasure to introduce's first guest blogger, Willa Rubin. She is a writer, performer, social commentator and dreamer. Her writing has appeared everywhere-if you haven't seen any it's high time you climb out from under that rock...and she's only 10 years old! Please welcome the dashing debut of Miss Rubin onto the blogging scene. Whooooeeeee!

(Curtains go up and a splendiforous Willa Rubin takes center stage.)

Bloggin Rubin, take it away, cute pea.

* will be honing her underwater photography craft in the DR for 1 week.

July 30, 2004

Ads on

I've been hounded by emails asking why oh why, have I put ads on So many emails in fact that I've had to load balance my email server-that's a geek joke-but it's all wrong, I think.

You know why I have put ads on my otherwise sophisticatedly designed site? The answer is that times are tough so the extra dollar makes it well worth selling out.

This has been an cry for help.

It's really just a brilliant, hilarious and over everyone's head experiment.

July 29, 2004

The Daily Onion Show

Laughing really hard is soooo much fun!

I do it often while watching The Daily Show and reading The Onion.

Missing an episode of The Daily Show is like getting tucked into bed by a monster. Not reading The Onion is like getting shot in the shoulder.

Daily Show clip-click on the first video please:


Onion excerpts:



July 28, 2004

Pug Pain

Cameras really do love pugs.

Paul, my friend and bandmate in Air Kiss on Mars has a friend with a photogenic Pug.

But on another note...What happened here was, this little Pugger was a bad girl so she was sent away to fend for herself for a while...but not without the cutest accoutrement!


Here's her expression when upon returning from 5 days of street living she was told, "it was just a joke, grrrrrl!"


Closer up on betrayed subject:


July 27, 2004

be beep...make way for student bloggers please...

Aaaah, the pride I feel in my big, thumping pass the torch of blog love onto newbie bloggers...

I taught a blog workshop at EYEBEAM on the 21st (big shout out to Kenyatta Cheese for co-teaching and co-having fun) and here is a small but sweet sampling of the emergent blogs:



Digital Spagetti-phoblog

I'm sure all Blog Professors out there will agree that there is nothing more satisfying than teaching the "a href equals" thing...

July 25, 2004

Don't bother cleaning it up, really, it's fine.

Someone's dog diarrhead on Elizabeth St. and they didn't clean it up...oh, most likely because there are so many cute shops in Nolita!! And so little time!! Thanks a lot, A-hole!

Oh poopy:


Enter Cameron, visiting from Cambridge, just for the evening...after much debate over whether to change out of his shoes and into flip flops, he made the wrong decision.

Oh poor Cameron and his poopy toes:


Here's the brave, sad guy, holding in vomit and tears...drowning in regret and self-loathing:


As a conscientious blogger, I offer you this palette cleanser for your eyes:


Update: For achievements Cameron is more proud of, check out this article in today's Boston Globe!

July 23, 2004

British Binge Drinking Ladies

This picture is hilarious.

It accompanied a NYTimes article yesterday about the troubling state of drinking in England.

Notice her feet:


July 22, 2004 loves you.

Update: We are now at 196 sign ups, so confidently in 1st place! Yay! The real Janelle is getting a real ass kicking - J/K Janelle and her readers! My words are merely friendly fire.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thanks to all you good people, is in 1st place on Tom's Petition with 168 sign ups!!

This means that we rule.

We are making a humungous impact on this important cause and kicking blogger asses in the meantime...all in good spirit of course...check out the impact we've made here!

If you've already signed up, you have your own personal page from which you can invite more friends to join and if you haven't signed up it's not too late - sign up here because look closely...

The real Janelle is posing a real threat...



July 21, 2004

What really happened on Flight 327?

You have to read this account of a passenger on Flight 327 and tell me:

What would you do? How would you feel?

Because I'd be calm as a screaming maniac.

The girl's found her drink!

I was always one of those people who lingered at the bar long after friends ordered their drinks in a quick Q & A format:

Q: What can I get for you?

A: A Gin & Tonic (solid example I think).

My answer was always:

A: I don't know, what beers do you have on tap? Hhmm. Maybe red wine sounds good...or a Mojito? Naaah. I think I liked a vodka gimlet once but I don't know if I feel so up for that. You can't really go wrong with a margarita can you? Yeah, you can. Maybe I'll get a beer then...I know I like light beers like Stella, Heineken, so which one? This is so interactive and fun, isn't it, bartender?

The only thing I knew for certain was that I don't take shots. Philosophically and physically I reject shots. Too much poision, too fast.

Well friends, thank you all for bearing with me while I was a girl...very lost...without her drink. I've finally been the arms of Alize* & Cranberry!

So my problems are solved...well, no, people, never.

I have yet to go to a bar that carries the classy and elusive Alize of the 'refrigerate after opening' I can either sit at home while JP mixes up a beautiful Alize & Cranberry as he did last night for my birthday! -see below- or I can get my fix at Jay Z's club or Puffy's restaurant.


*Alize comes with an accent over the e. Alize is especially good to drink while listening to the smooth tunes of Sade who also has an accent over the e. No, she doesn't but she should.

July 20, 2004

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday tooo meeeeeee,
Happy Birthday toooooooo meeeeeeeeee.

Thank you. Thank you sooo much!

I've taken the opportunity to reinvent myself. I'm no longer the sweet hearted blogger in the upper left hand corner pic there...I'm now this bicycle chain sporting bad ass motherblogger:


July 19, 2004

Zsa Zsa, Tampon Head

"The nerves in Zsa Zsa's right ear are nearly dead. We're going to have to awaken and train the nerves by wrapping her ear with something strongly resembling a tampon" is roughly what I imagine the vet saying to Zsa Zsa's owner.

The neighborhood dogs in Chelsea will tease her until her dying day but she'll have a right ear much less prone to infection.

Way to hit Zsa Zsa over the head with that 'life isn't fair' lesson, Dr. Doolittle.


July 16, 2004

All The Critics Love You In New York

For my birthday (7/20), the wonderful JP (like JT but a little different and better) took me to a concert...

Can you guess where the Purple Dorks were headed?


In keeping with the dork spirit, we arrived 7 minutes after the supposed start time which is way early in New York time and concert time so we waited.

Fortunately for me there's nothing I like more than waiting for a 5'2'' midget in heels, wearing one hoop earring and ribbons in his hair:


While waiting, we discovered that many colors go well with purple, like 'champagne':


He finally emerged out of a helicopter and heaps of dry ice:


Here's the best Singer, Dancer, Musician, Songwriter, Performer of our time:


Here's another shot of the best Singer, Dancer, Musician, Songwriter, Performer of our time:


Half way through the concert this bonding exchange took place:

A: This is easily one of the top three experiences of my life.

J: Concert experiences?

A: No, LIFE experiences.

There's really no other way for me to describe how happy I was.

Prince is Hot:


Red Hot:


I felt so lucky to catch his one yawn of the evening. Look closer.

The paparazzi are hounding me for this shot:


I joke, but my non-ironic, extremely earnest and sincere feelings were that I was completely overwhelmed and awed by the wonder that is Prince. He embodies so much talent, it's no wonder he's a freak of nature. Also inspiring is that his art brings such a wide array of people, young and old, black, white and everything in between, gay, straight, dorks, thugs, music geeks together to just enjoy...

Important endnote: You'll notice that Prince's wardrobe, set design and props were very purple and red and you'll also notice that my dress was purple and my earrings and purse were red.

The Andrea + Prince connection is undeniable.

July 14, 2004

Update on Assault Weapon Ban Petition

Update: I am now sitting pretty at 2nd place with 98 sign ups!! My readers are ass-kickers! Thank you, ass-kickers! Keep it coming, people!

Thanks to my great readers, I'm comfortably at 5th place with 40 sign ups!!

Here's the Top 10 as of July 14 @ 7:49 pm:


Again, NOT that this is a competition among bloggers, but who are we kidding, this is a great competition and I like kicking ass!! LOL.

Labradoodle in Chinatown

The irony here was that the owner put these booties on her dog to protect him from the dirty Chinatown streets only to have to wrestle him for the nasty piece of bone he chomped on for what seemed to be 20 minutes...

Notice the similiar pattern on his bootie and his tongue...hhmmm...means nothing, absolutely nothing.


July 13, 2004

A Good NYTimes Op-Ed by Bob Herbert


July 12, 2004

Other than to gruesomely destroy lives, what are assault weapons good for?

Hello faithful readers!

There is a new interface that helps bloggers take political action. The first test for the software is an effort to extend the assault weapons ban.

Please sign up here on the page so I can kick the asses of all the other bloggers who are participating. J/K, J/K! However please note that I am currently in 3rd place and would love to take you all with me on the glorious ride to the top!

If you're a blogger who'd like to compete, you can sign up here...NOT that this is a competition...LOL, LOL.

If you want more information about this important cause and project, you can find that here.

Dental Spam

People say spammers are heartless. Well that's not fair to the dentally fixated freaks.

Waiting in my inbox upon my return from a fun-packed weekend in the Catskills involving tubing, ski-lift riding, hiking, wine-tasting, playing 'monkey in the middle' in a pond and almost horse-back riding, was this email:


For the record, my dental record: 7 fillings (silver), 9 crowns (gold), 1 cap (platinum and 1 ct diamond) and 11 root canals (not very painful-people just like to exaggerate).

July 7, 2004

Corn Presentation

Sometimes presentation can really affect the look and feel of something.

Would you rather have a cute bird headed corn on the cob...


or a chopstick stabbed corn on the cob?


July 5, 2004

Macy in Chelsea

Allow me to introduce to you, an Italian Greyhound puppy by the name of Macy.

Truth be told she gave me the money shot right here in this first photo snapped and I could have refrained from taking the subsequent 250 shots...

Oh, she would have been a much happier puppy but it's my duty to push people and dogs to the point of discomfort and the name of Street Photography:


10 minutes later in the blistering sun...look at the naive little princess, thinking that by looking away I'd take the hint...what hint? thought the photographer:


20 minutes later and for a full 10 minutes she stared up at the sun (which in dog speak is "fuck you"). Note the eyeballs melting:


30 minutes later, to the tune of my incessant high energy encouragements such as "Come on, show us one more good shot, huh? We've almost got it, cutie! Let's see that smile and winning attitude! Isn't this fun?!" she tried leaping in front of a taxi in the midst of a high speed chase:


With the sun nearly set, she finally resigned to the power and calling of the aforementioned Street Photography and slumped her ears and body downwards (which in dog speak is "I once was alive. Now I am dead.")


July 2, 2004

Badd Freddy

Freddy the bad ass roams carefreely in the grand piano with no regard for his fur and dander droppings:


If he were human this would be his car:


July 1, 2004

The Corporation, Fahrenheit 911 & Wheely Willy

The Corporation & Fahrenheit 911 are extremely important movies to see.
I caution you strongly however that upon walking out of the theater, you may find yourself maniacally searching for that old drug dealer from high school's number in seach for cyanide tablets. My spirit crushed and my soul depressed, I thought, I can take those tablets and call it a long, tragic day or I can try and make a difference in this world by living and working in a way I'm proud of and also drinking a lot in the meantime. I've signed on for the latter...AA, save me a seat.

Thank God for one thing in this sad, depraved world and that's Wheely Willy:


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