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July 27, 2004

be beep...make way for student bloggers please...

Aaaah, the pride I feel in my big, thumping heart...to pass the torch of blog love onto newbie bloggers...

I taught a blog workshop at EYEBEAM on the 21st (big shout out to Kenyatta Cheese for co-teaching and co-having fun) and here is a small but sweet sampling of the emergent blogs:



Digital Spagetti-phoblog

I'm sure all Blog Professors out there will agree that there is nothing more satisfying than teaching the "a href equals" thing...


yo, teach!
you rocked my world with that blog schoolin'!
nobody, but nobody, teaches the a href equals thing like you!
i give you an A href+!
only problem is, i need more code. i need more education. and i need more readers.
especially anyone who knows about MICHAEL BESCHLOSS'S HAIR - anyone?

Posted by: attnshoppers! at July 28, 2004 1:47 AM

Hi Andrea, we have two things in common Pugs and blogs, LOL! I really enjoy the pug pics here and the posts. You seem like a cool city gal. Stop by and visit me and Pugsley's blog sometime, we're in the country hills of CT but love to Metro North on into the city for people and dog watching, and shopping of course!

Posted by: Lori at July 29, 2004 10:03 AM
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