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July 21, 2004

The girl's found her drink!

I was always one of those people who lingered at the bar long after friends ordered their drinks in a quick Q & A format:

Q: What can I get for you?

A: A Gin & Tonic (solid example I think).

My answer was always:

A: I don't know, what beers do you have on tap? Hhmm. Maybe red wine sounds good...or a Mojito? Naaah. I think I liked a vodka gimlet once but I don't know if I feel so up for that. You can't really go wrong with a margarita can you? Yeah, you can. Maybe I'll get a beer then...I know I like light beers like Stella, Heineken, so which one? This is so interactive and fun, isn't it, bartender?

The only thing I knew for certain was that I don't take shots. Philosophically and physically I reject shots. Too much poision, too fast.

Well friends, thank you all for bearing with me while I was a girl...very lost...without her drink. I've finally been found...in the arms of Alize* & Cranberry!

So my problems are solved...well, no, people, never.

I have yet to go to a bar that carries the classy and elusive Alize of the 'refrigerate after opening' variety...so I can either sit at home while JP mixes up a beautiful Alize & Cranberry as he did last night for my birthday! -see below- or I can get my fix at Jay Z's club or Puffy's restaurant.


*Alize comes with an accent over the e. Alize is especially good to drink while listening to the smooth tunes of Sade who also has an accent over the e. No, she doesn't but she should.

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