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August 31, 2004

Updated Software + New Server = Working Comments!

Yay!! Comment like crazy, folks! An enormous thanks to the Fruminator!!

Finger Food For Painful Thought

It's sooo wierd!

I've only been wearing my engagement ring for a month but something peculiar has happened!


Click on my finger for the full story.

* via EYEBEAM's reBlog

August 30, 2004

Apologies for comment trouble.

I'm now back in NYC and know that I have to reinstall Movable Type.

I'm going to get a Republican or a protestor to help me do this.

In the meantime, please stay tuned but on high alert for comment trouble.

You can never take your dog too seriously

This is not even that serious:


Neither is this:


* Photo studio window display in Tokyo.

August 27, 2004

Dog Deer Afternoon

~I watch you when you are belong with me~


* Thanks to Margaret's Internet connections for this precious pic.


Help again.

As you may have noticed, comments can be entered but then they don't appear. They don't even appear anymore in my MT admin page. If someone is holding them hostage, please release them. They are nice comments and I miss them.

I am told my database has been corrupted and that this has been known to happen with the combination of MT and low disk space (damn you!). If there are any database corruption reversers out there, please reach out and touch me.

The Comment Team

August 26, 2004

Sexy Costume can be yours too!

Japanese school must be fun! Oh, so naughty...


*This item was snatched and purchased from one of my favorite stores in Japan called LOFT.

Hard lessons learned

When you're on vacation and you rebuild your website, don't, in your haste and in a hurry, shut your laptop because your index page/home page will not be rebuilt/will be a blank white page.

Not only have I lost all my readers (come back, come back now!) my Google AdSense revenue has suffered a real blow. Originally it looked like I would become one of those people whose revenue paid their rent. I am no longer as close to being able to do, what if I said I will give the entire $7 to charity each month, would that make you philanthropists click like crazy? I wonder...this ad thing is quite the exciting experiment!

Thanks for bearing with my experiments and disasters.

August 21, 2004

Sense Up!

When you're oily:


Use oil absorbing papers:


My personal fave = Kose's Sense Up:


Sensed Up!


*Of course I'm never oily - Oil was spritzed on my face for this demonstration. It's just my duty to test popular Japanese products for the oily faced readers out there.

August 17, 2004

Things I Love about Tokyo



Shaved Ice Trucks:


Osenbei (Rice Crackers):


The cutest Dachsund:


Jonah as Ultra Man:


Tipsy with Jonah:


More to come...sorry for the sparse blogging!

August 10, 2004

Bliss, Delirium, Luuuuv.

Just stepped off a 14 hour flight and feeling very woozy...not sure if it's sleep deprivation & dehydration or...the fact that I am swooning over my recent engagement!!! To Jonah!! :-)

It happened last week in the Dominican Republic...and here's the awe-inspiring, beautiful, 1950s vintage ring that Jonah picked out on his own and of course it's just perfectly me.


And this has been, blogging LIVE from the Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan...stay tuned for adventures from the rest of the a day or two!

August 6, 2004

Last Willa Day

This is my last entry on andrea`s blog site. oh well! Thanks andrea!

I think that you guys got to see my style of writing and some of the things that interest me.

Do you like it? bye andrea`s readers!

August 5, 2004

The Beatles

The beatles are made up of john lennon, paul mcartney, george harrison, & ringo starr, from liverpool england.

Ringo is the oldest one of the beatles, born on October 7, 1940, Liverpool england. His real name is richard starkey. He had many diseases that kept him in the Hospital until he was 15. he learned how to play the drums in the hospital.
The reason he changed his name was because he thought that Ringo Starr
sounded cooler... & he also wore many rings on his fingers.

Born on October 9, 1940, john lennon was the creator of the beatles.
In school, he was a trouble-maker. after high school, he created the
Quarrymen. All of the beatles went to the same high school, and it
was really john lennon who got everyone together. john lennon
was one of the people in the beatles who wrote most of the songs,
and had a bunch of solo songs.

Paul McCartney was born sometime in early 1941. He and john were always friends. He also helped write most of the songs, and also had a lot of solo songs. paul used to look like my dad when he was about 16. but that was only in the early days of the beatles.

George harrison was the youngest person in the beatles. He was born sometime in 1943 and he played the guitar. That`s all i know about him.

My favorite songs from the beatles are: eleanor rigby, hey bulldog, lucy in the sky with diamonds, and those are the only ones that i can think of at the moment.

BYE FOR NOW!!!!!!!

August 4, 2004

Star wars

I found out what the new star wars movie will be called.
The return of darth vader. It comes out on july 5, 2005. anakin will turn into darth vader. Padme will die, luke & leia wil be born, and all the jedi knights will be killed... exept for obi-wan (Ben ) Kanobi & Yoda.

Why do i like star wars? Because i`m interested in magical related stuff. The force is like magic. Whenever you need it, it`s ... there, i guess. It`s helping people find their purpose in life.

But i do like the charactors. Leia is not what you what expect of a princess. Chewbaca is like a tough walking cat.

August 3, 2004

It`s the harry potter MANIAC!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are crazy about harry potter facts, then this blog entry will be very... surprising.

In harry potter 3 (the book) , it states that lupin grabs harry`s shoulder and had a look on his face when harry tells him that he heard his mother screaming (before he learned how to fight off dementors. ) Lupin`s reaction was... odd after any kind of physical reaction. It also states that lupin NEVER stared at harry`s scar which leads to what i`m about to write.

Now, some people (as in some fans) believe that before harry`s parents were killed, james potter ( harry`s dad) and lupin performed a switching spell. So when harry`s parents were killed, harry`s mom was killed, and lupin died, but looking like james, so everyone thought it was james who had died, but it was all to protect james, who voldemort had been hunting for to kill.

Do you believe it? I do.

August 2, 2004


Hi! My name is willa & i`m andrea`s guest blogger. I`m 10. over the next couple of days i`m going to be writing about a couple of things... some things may be funny, OR it will not be as great as andrea does it. My hobbies are: playing sports, reading, writing, typing, playing around on the computer, playing with my friends, & checking my email.


My favorite series is harry potter... i like magical related stuff. DON`T ASK WHY. My favorite movies are: harry potter and the prizoner of azkaban, & Spaceballs. Why Spaceballs--I think it's hilarious.

Why do i like to write? It`s my way of getting stuff off my chest. It`s a good way of expressing yourself, in my opinion.

That was all about me! Well, that was enough about me. Tommorrow, the good stuff starts...

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