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August 2, 2004


Hi! My name is willa & i`m andrea`s guest blogger. I`m 10. over the next couple of days i`m going to be writing about a couple of things... some things may be funny, OR it will not be as great as andrea does it. My hobbies are: playing sports, reading, writing, typing, playing around on the computer, playing with my friends, & checking my email.


My favorite series is harry potter... i like magical related stuff. DON`T ASK WHY. My favorite movies are: harry potter and the prizoner of azkaban, & Spaceballs. Why Spaceballs--I think it's hilarious.

Why do i like to write? It`s my way of getting stuff off my chest. It`s a good way of expressing yourself, in my opinion.

That was all about me! Well, that was enough about me. Tommorrow, the good stuff starts...

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