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August 5, 2004

The Beatles

The beatles are made up of john lennon, paul mcartney, george harrison, & ringo starr, from liverpool england.

Ringo is the oldest one of the beatles, born on October 7, 1940, Liverpool england. His real name is richard starkey. He had many diseases that kept him in the Hospital until he was 15. he learned how to play the drums in the hospital.
The reason he changed his name was because he thought that Ringo Starr
sounded cooler... & he also wore many rings on his fingers.

Born on October 9, 1940, john lennon was the creator of the beatles.
In school, he was a trouble-maker. after high school, he created the
Quarrymen. All of the beatles went to the same high school, and it
was really john lennon who got everyone together. john lennon
was one of the people in the beatles who wrote most of the songs,
and had a bunch of solo songs.

Paul McCartney was born sometime in early 1941. He and john were always friends. He also helped write most of the songs, and also had a lot of solo songs. paul used to look like my dad when he was about 16. but that was only in the early days of the beatles.

George harrison was the youngest person in the beatles. He was born sometime in 1943 and he played the guitar. That`s all i know about him.

My favorite songs from the beatles are: eleanor rigby, hey bulldog, lucy in the sky with diamonds, and those are the only ones that i can think of at the moment.

BYE FOR NOW!!!!!!!

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