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September 29, 2004

Girls for Kerry

Here's me and my BFF, Willa Rubin. You may recall her awesome guest blogging such as her post on The Beatles.

We are fighting night and day for Kerry to be elected.


Willa often gazes into the future, thinking hard for Kerry. Note her Kerry 2004 pin over her Harry Potter T-shirt.

You may also notice the little seaweed hanging off her glass - She's a good saver, a real left-overs person.


I walk through these mean New York streets touting my own Kerry badge of honor.


And I make sure that wrist starers get their eye full too so here's a Kerry dogtag turned bracelet.


As for the really short undecided voters, Willa's got it covered. She represents on her personalized, politically charged Converse:


To support Kerry, click here!

September 28, 2004

When I'm an Old Lady...

When I'm an old lady I hope to still wear aubergine heels (bunions become a real problem at that age)...


If I don't have long flowing hair, then I want this hair-do:


I also wish to be a lady relentlessly on the run even if it's to nowhere and always dashingly dressed in my favorite of colors, purple:


September 27, 2004

Very Sexy Event Tonight!

Oh people, you always fall for the sexy stuff...

Well I guarantee that this discussion tonight, featuring several sexy panelists (you know who you are!) and our very own Jonah Peretti as moderator, will make you feel very sexy.

See you tonight!


For more info click here.

*thanks to Flavorpill for the endorsement!

Whitney Houston was right about the children

Teach them well and Let them lead the way


Never lose hope:


*San Gennaro Festival 09.04.

September 24, 2004

The Yes Men Movie

Highly recommended movie if you like movies that make you laugh, think and have fun. They are cool guys and great pranksters.


Pina Colada Lessons

Before really settling into your pina colada...


You should check which way the wind's blowing...


And when posing with a pina, try not to let your hands look so spindly.

*taken by Jonah in the Dominican Republic, 08.04.

September 23, 2004

Freddy Paws

I challenge you to show me cuter legs than Freddy's...animal or human...I'm sorry you lost:


Paws down, uncontested Cute Champion:


Pink suits Freddy:


September 21, 2004

World's Smallest Woman

I didn't post yesterday because of a little known condition called 'Posting Paralysis.' It's the blogger equivalent to 'Writer's Block.' How do I thoughtfully, sensitively, comically post about the world's smallest woman on display in a box at the San Gennaro Fair in Little Italy?

A day later and after much head scratching, my commentary will still suck. Just know for the record that I don't condone this however I have fulfilled my duties as your investigative blogger.

The World's Smallest Woman sign is on the left. The woman on the right is in no way related to her.


This is Educational.


Are all cultural exhibits supposed to make us feel sad and uncomfortable? You may recall my friend Cameron who has found himself in poopier situations.


There's her master, husband, supervisor, soulmate, pimp, I have no idea...collecting $1 from adults and .50 cents from children for the educational, cultural exhibit.


Doesn't she look happy with her little amenities...chair, TV, picture frames, and a smiling Dan on her right?


Oh, there we go! Thumbs up! That's what I was thinking...Thumps Up! Way Up and Up and Up!!


September 17, 2004

C-Walk for Dummies

Click on Start to begin!


via EYEBEAM's ReBlog.

September 16, 2004

Gremlin spotted on F train, in Priority Seating.




September 15, 2004

100 Photos that Changed the World

100 Photos that Changed the World by LIFE Magazine


September 14, 2004

Super Sized Alcohol

Finally, an establishment that knows what "I'd like a large cocktail" means.

Roll over please:

September 13, 2004

Paws On, Paws Off

Andrea: Hey sweet Greta, how's it going?

Greta: Paws off my Bag o' Barbituates, lady.


If that wasn't an invitation I didn't know what was, so I gratiously accepted and then...


September 10, 2004

Don King & the Ladies

Hey look! It's the greedy guy with good hair who now supports our like-minded president and hangs with young NBC interns.

2 out of the 4 of them have crushes on Don so they were psyched.

My dearest cousin Harmony is on the lower right and a frat guy with a madman streak is karate chopping on the left.


* taken during the RNC.

September 9, 2004

Hannah's 'Pure Happiness' Wedding

On Sunday September 5th my good friend Hannah Cloud Sharpless got married to John Graff (my nickname for him = G-raff, like giraffe) in Cambridge, MA.

Here's the bride flanked by her parents and shocked at the betrayal. They told her she was getting dressed up to go to the theater:


Look at how cute this couple is.


They're about to eat dinner. We all hope that John opens his eyes one day.


Here's Hannah's mom sharing with the kids table, memories of her own wedding that involved drunkeness, acid trips, etc, etc. We were hooked.


Here's my friend Koh who's clearly become Jonah's friend too! You only make funny faces with best buddies. We hung out with him in Tokyo 3 weeks ago but we were all caught up in the moment and didn't mention the wedding. Next thing I knew, Jonah emerged from the men's room at this wedding and said, "I just ran into Koh at the urinals."


Wedding planners, take note: White sangria with freshly cut pears is delicious and should be a wedding necessity.


Koh's a respected sangria thief.


Awesome wedding cake:




Hannah dancing with her father-in-law...they got close, we were worried for a second.


A long, luscious veil and a hint of a tattoo: Hannah as a metaphor.


Here's one of Hannah's bridesmaids and my friend from college, Lindsey Shaw. Hannah and I like to Asianize her name into Rintsi Xia. It's better that way.


Here's my friend Yume (Koh's older sister) who I went to high school with in Tokyo and I was so happy to be reunited with this sassy lassie. Here's us looking like Japanese school girls with flash...


And here we are without flash...which is better? You decide. Jonah much prefers without flash. I'm leaning more towards with flash but I'm undecided.


Here we are having a good time but as Jonah points out, when I use the camera's night mode, it looks as if we could be true!


OR, do you like the night mode? I think it's my fave.

A big thanks to the cast and crew that made this wedding a heart warming, wicked* fun time!

* My friendly shout out to Boston, MA.

September 8, 2004

Shirt of Yore

Isn't it amazing that we were once just a little pea, a little blip, a little heartbeat...I'm pro-life*.

While at Jonah's house in Oakland, his mother Della shared with me his first shirt:


Isn't it TWFW**?!


* Just kidding. How hilarious!

** Too Wierd For Words?!

September 7, 2004

Sparky & Speechless Me

Even a chatterbox becomes speechless in the presence of such sweetness...


such cuteness...


* taken by Jonah on 8.29.04 in Newport Beach, CA.

September 2, 2004

China, please return my friend.

I miss my friend Amy.

She was a neighbor as well as a friend (a winning combination which greatly facilitates a friendship and co-dependency) but she's gone to China for lip reduction surgery. It's much cheaper there and the results should be fine, really.


September 1, 2004

Kerry Rocks!

I present to you, another!

Click on Kerry to see a kick ass video you'll want to pass along.

Kerry plays guitar, Bush was a cheerleader...You Decide!


* A stellar Cory Arcangel and Jonah Peretti collaboration.

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