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September 29, 2004

Girls for Kerry

Here's me and my BFF, Willa Rubin. You may recall her awesome guest blogging such as her post on The Beatles.

We are fighting night and day for Kerry to be elected.


Willa often gazes into the future, thinking hard for Kerry. Note her Kerry 2004 pin over her Harry Potter T-shirt.

You may also notice the little seaweed hanging off her glass - She's a good saver, a real left-overs person.


I walk through these mean New York streets touting my own Kerry badge of honor.


And I make sure that wrist starers get their eye full too so here's a Kerry dogtag turned bracelet.


As for the really short undecided voters, Willa's got it covered. She represents on her personalized, politically charged Converse:


To support Kerry, click here!


OK, where is the link to give $ to Kerry's campaign.

I feel incredibly jazzed about fighting the power and just scribbled "KERRY ROCKS" on the toes of my new Miu Miu boots with a Sharpie. GO KERRY!!!

Posted by: Heather at October 3, 2004 5:27 PM

HEy Kerry you are da man you should write me and tell me about you.
were voting 4 u

Posted by: Mary Eckler at October 19, 2004 12:43 PM
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