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October 26, 2004


This Saturday, Jonah and I will join a group organized by ACT (America Coming Together) and go to Fort Lauderdale where we'll remind folks that Kerry makes the sun shine in FLA and that Kerry is a friend of the All You Can Eat establishments. On Election Day we'll bus Blacks, Jews and Other Liberals to polling places and then we'll party our pants off at the victory party! We're certain there will be some FLA sponsored voting hanky-panky, so we've gotta go down there to do some illegal interventions of our own (You vote Kerry, this buffet coupon's yours, Grandma). For the record: I'm JOKING.

Check out this hilarious video for some FLA flavor:


What'll YOU be doing???

That's not supposed to make you feel guilty. It's supposed to make you hate me and then motivate you to help Kerry in this pivotal election!

If I can do it, you can too:
John Kerry for President-Volunteer Center,
America Votes &
MoveOn-Leave No Voter Behind.

The very least you could do is PARTY, right?!

Hot off the press from EYEBEAM R & D is the FundRace Block Party! which identifies Democrats and Republicans in your (or any) neighborhood so if you want to party with people you like or with people you hate, or to organize a trip to a swingstate with your neighbors, click below on Mr. Heinz (way to go, Johnny!) or Mr. InternetS:


Wouldn't hurt if in between keg stands you made a phone call or two to PA, FLA, OH, NV..., ..., ..., ... Fill in with states Howard Dean screamed.

Go Kerry!!!


I LOVE the block party idea - good thinking.

Posted by: momma at October 27, 2004 1:42 AM

it's a rockstar conspiracy....

Me vote? .. yes without a question. Oh..the new gta game...oh ...now it's become effort. I may have to file absentee as I will join the legions in razing and pillaging the poor defenseless city of los santos. Rockstar has already sold enough games to support a nominee for president. (4.5M copies @ 50usd each = a pre 04/ pre mcain/fingold election) OR .. Iíll possibly feel motivated by this, and the horde of friends going off to Wisconsin and Iíll go to Hawaii and campaign for kerry. (who knew? ..so many surprises dating back to Iowa.)

Posted by: Me of me Inc. (a subsidiary of AOL/TWC) at October 27, 2004 2:59 PM

Can't get out and stomp so donated money on all our behalf today - hope it helps!! Have a great time down there and help us win!!

(Cam's mom)

Posted by: Carole Forest at October 27, 2004 5:53 PM

I'm a college student in Japan but,I'm very interested in the ellection. In Japan, the ellection is broadcasted largely as in U.S. If I'm an American people, I would vote for Kelly. Because Bush started the War without any certain evidence and killed many many innocent people both of Iraq and U.S. ,including women and children.I think that the election is the declaration of the will of all of the American for all of the world. And the result of this big choice of you will decide destiny of whole world.

Posted by: ryutaro at November 2, 2004 1:45 AM
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