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October 29, 2004


Since my post about going to FLA, I've been overloaded with emails asking me how I'm going to vote and the answer is...the easiest way I've voted in my life so far!

A big enveloped arrived in the mail in which I found instructions that I studied closely:


And caaaarefully...No one was going to pull a fast one on me.


Oh, I got it! However...Thomas Edison was chosen over Amelia Earhart and I'm more of a plane person than a lightbulb person but I can live with the example for instruction sake:


I was ready to put on my shades, suck on a popsicle and V-O-T-E!!


This picture proves that I voted for Kerry and for about 15 people I know close to nothing about...also, that I love ramen enough to make a ramen collage for my wall.


I had an envelope moistener right next to me but I preferred to lick, vomit, lick, vomit.


A kiss sealed the deal...


and then my ballot humped Jonah's all the way to the post office.


Nothing's sexier than exercising civic duty.

You know the deli scene in one of my favorite movies, When Harry Met Sally??

That was post-voting.


don't forget the stamp!

Posted by: KSG at October 29, 2004 7:45 AM

are you really in FL??? I swear I saw a big painting of sparkalopagus on the wall. I love that you still hold true to the harner I know and love with your ramen collage. It brings me back to the days when it was victria secret models with their heads mysteriously replaced with yours and skunks on their backs. I will say no more. love flip flat

Posted by: flipster at November 2, 2004 12:43 PM

We got our asses handed to us again folks. This sux. Another 4 years with Mr. Strategery. Crapola. Oh well, I am moving to Canada. It's not so bad cause Celine Dion moved here.


Mr. Incredible
Near Far Wherever You ARe

Posted by: Mr. Incredible at November 3, 2004 3:07 AM

I'm sick to my stomach. We got beat up in the house and senate too, which is even worse. I'm a confirmed Catholic, but these bible thumping idealogues fucking disgust me and they are ruining our country.

Posted by: The Purple One at November 3, 2004 2:53 PM

It's hard to believe that this has happened. I went to bed last night fully expecting a blue Ohio in the morning. Well, C2 in 08'.

Posted by: Jennifer Peach-Guzman at November 3, 2004 3:32 PM

elect bush once. shame on us.
elect him twice. even more shame on us.

Posted by: yay dogs! at November 3, 2004 7:15 PM

Face it ppl. This country is getting more conservative by the day. Every new proposition is being heading by congregationalist Christians. Scary. And I used to be a youth pastor, even went to divinity school. Learned exegetical studies, hermeneutical interpretation. In all of my reading, true Bible scholars will tell you, that God never intended to impose himself on anyone.

In the Torah, he went alone with the ppl wanted to their own damming. So ppl claiming God wants this or that for the nation from a Biblical foundation are full of excrement, cause the first biblical theocracy was opposed by God himself. He just acquiesced and everything went to shit for them.

Biblical God doesn't use coersion, force, or imposition.

I really think I may move to Canada. Cause this is going to turn into one huge inquisition with people going alone with the conservative think in order to avoid the heat.

Posted by: Mr. Incredible at November 3, 2004 11:26 PM
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