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November 19, 2004

Bush & Condi Rice in Love Part II

I can't wait for the third pic of this series...eeew!


President Bush has given female nominees such as Condoleezza Rice, above, and Margaret Spellings congratulatory kisses, but has given male nominees such as Alberto Gonzales a handshake and a pat on the back.


Oh! Oh! Theme Song: "Fooled Around and Fell In Love" by Elvin Bishop!

Posted by: daniel at November 19, 2004 11:38 AM

Misogynistic pig. Then again, wouldn't it be great if there was a Clinton-esque scandal with Condi and Bush. Oh I would revel and leap for joy. She's such a battle-ax.

Posted by: kiri at November 19, 2004 3:26 PM

Not to be pathetic, but ET had a nicer neck. To take that neck thing a bit further. She does look like she has had all her blood sucked out, and those teeth look like she getting ready to vamp on George.

Posted by: Bob at November 19, 2004 3:41 PM

I hate to be mean, and she happens to be from my hometown, but Condoleezi looks like she eats children...

Posted by: Kristin at November 19, 2004 3:47 PM

Long story short, my fiance and I were talking to each other about Bush-knows-what, and somehow got on the topic of those man-horse beasts. I couldn't think of the name, so I Googled it and stumbled upon...this:


Posted by: Kristin at November 19, 2004 7:59 PM

Someone needs to give HIM constant pats on the back --to keep monitoring him for a wire.

Posted by: pat on back at November 19, 2004 11:06 PM

Enjoy the site...but enough already, you folks are the biggest bunch of cry babies...just be grateful Andrea's man Dean didn't get the nomination as the outcome would have most likely been 49 Red to 1 Blue.


Posted by: Craig at November 20, 2004 5:11 PM


Posted by: angelo at November 21, 2004 12:29 PM

Check out the Kissin' Commander clip on MSNBC.com if you wanna be even more grossed out....

Posted by: Binnie at November 22, 2004 12:25 AM
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