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November 4, 2004

Optimistic Critical Thought Begets Stronger DEM Party

I am back and psyched!

A day of mourning, 8 hours of sleep and cups of espresso have something to do with it.

Mostly, I am profoundly excited by the fact that people are talking about what went wrong, how could we have done better, how do we change to win in '08??

And this is exactly what we should be concentrating on now.

We are a smart party, people.

Let's start now to regroup, rethink and restrategize the Dem Party.

Some good thoughts to get you revved up:

Simple but Effective: Why you keep losing to this idiot.

Democratic Values: How to start winning the red states.

And yes, all future post titles will follow the ______ Begets ________ format.

Photos to make Republicans quiver at my new strength and determination:




Hooray Andrea!

Had to reblog all three of your last posts.

Thanks to you & Jonah for fighting the good fight in Florida.

Posted by: Tim at November 4, 2004 12:15 PM

Hi Dre,

I am slowly meandering through sadness, anger and acceptance. I am tired and spent. Devoid of creativity. I will rise again, though. I will rise. Just not today. Maybe tomorrow.

I was in Cleveland, Ohio for the last days of the election, working for ACT. It was a glorious battle that ended poorly. I will rise again, just not today.

Now, to sleep.

Posted by: Joshua Shimkin at November 4, 2004 11:48 PM

Yeah babe, we need some hardcore positivity, or else there's nowhere else to go but the way of the weathermen, and I'm not feeling that. Ohio was an eye-opening experience; I learned more there in a day than I did throughout the entire campaign cycle. Jesusland is funny, but it's also the key to the future: we need to find candidates who can explain why faith doesn't contradict liberal views. Or even better, who can show that their own faith has led them to those views. So sayeth I, the non-believer, as the reality of my country sinks in....

Thanks for fighting the good fight! And Josh, all is not lost. Time to digest, reflect, and recoup.


Posted by: Binnie at November 5, 2004 3:13 PM

How do you do so much stuff? I need to get out more. Great blog.

Posted by: Mac Bore at November 7, 2004 5:14 PM

Right on the nose Binnie. Kerry's mistake was he pandered to the middle right. He should have supported gay marriage and then led the electorate on the path towards understanding why that is the RIGHT decision. I have no recollection of Jesus ever excluding anyone. All were welcome at his table. Thats what Christianity preaches, not some absurd concept of the sanctity of Marriage requiring the exclusion of people based on their sexual preference. Someone should ask the next republican candidate if Marriage is so sacred, why don't we make divorce illegal again? That is the logical conclusion of the "Sanctity of Marriage" concept. Lets put that on the ballots for the next election. Not a bad idea if you think about it. It will get the 20 somethings out to vote, as I think they are the number one class of divorcees.

Posted by: Bob at November 12, 2004 1:51 PM
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