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December 14, 2004

Princeton, the real Old School

My friend Celeste who is working on her PHD at Princeton told me tonight that condoms are not nearly as accessible as you would think in this day of safe sex promotion. A student can obtain a condom or ten (really depends on the evening's plans) by knocking on their RA's door and asking. Then Princeton's "condom policy" dictates that the RA must accompany the condom giving with a talk on abstinence. Isn't this odd? I remind you that Princeton is a university, undergrad and grad...and we are quickly approaching 2005.

Are there any other colleges out there like this? Do tell.

BTW, my friend Celeste is not in the habit of surveying condom availability in universities however the topic of condoms came up one day and as any over educated, inquisitive friend of mine would do, she researched and researched (exaggeration) and found a stiff, old, conservative Princeton.


even China is ahead of the US now, VENDING machines on campus...

Posted by: amyinchina at December 14, 2004 8:39 PM

Well... at my school we have vending machines that have condoms. I like to call them the "Health and Beauty" machines cause you can also get deodorant, toothbrushes, sewing kits, mouth wash, tums.. you name it. RA's also give out condoms at our school, but they usually put them in a container that is mounted on the wall next to their door. They are also available at health services and strangely enough, psych services... interesting no? Librarians are known to keep a stash in the stacks and I think they even give them away with every purchase over $10 at the bookstore. But then again, it's not like I know anything about condoms.

Posted by: hmmmm at December 14, 2004 9:40 PM

Actually I went to a college and University that was not like that at all. As a matter of fact they would not give out condoms, any talk of sex was forbidden, men and women lived in separate dorms. They could not go to each other's rooms, only meet in the lobby. I was the SA Prez and there was a big scandal cause ppl they had seen me with different women on campus in secret spots. Tried to change minds and got squashed.

Posted by: Mr.Incredible at January 3, 2005 11:21 PM

Said they had seen me, alleged, all lies.

Posted by: Mr.Incredible at January 3, 2005 11:22 PM
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