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April 29, 2005

You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes

Please discuss.


These are Duncan's shoes, in case you were wondering.

April 27, 2005

Contagious Media Show opening tomorrow night!

What began with Jonah's Nike email asking Nike to stitch sweatshop on his pair of Nikes has launched the term Contagious Media and we're all better off for it!

He then went on to create projects such as Black People Love Us and Rejection Line with his funny sister Chelsea Peretti and Fundrace with super hacker Mike Frumin.

Check out how these projects transform an otherwise stiff museum setting, tomorrow night at The New Museum!


April 26, 2005

Mystery in Chelsea

What's happening here?

Please discuss, my readers...this is a safe space and my goal is to community build.







April 25, 2005 coming real soon!!

I've been waiting, waiting, waiting, for Jonah to be quoted alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal, Warren Beaty, Gwyneth Paltrow, Walter Cronkite, I can rest easy...

I think this is going to be a consistently interesting, fun and addictive site!



April 22, 2005

Stop Global Warming - Join the Virtual March!

If there's ONE thing you must do today on EARTH DAY, it's sign up for this virtual march to stop global warming. This campaign has great potential to be huge and your participation will be invaluable. Join me on this march!


People who are suckers for big names (maybe I'm one of these people, maybe I'm not) read on.

Laurie David is the Founder of this campaign:


...and is also the fortunate wife of Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld creator). I had to include this even though it's only marginally relevant:

[Q asked to Laurie David] Your husband made a hilarious speech at an NRDC event in which he described his early impressions of you as "a materialistic, narcissistic, superficial, bosomy woman from Long Island ... But then after a few short months I began to sense that something had changed. She started peppering her conversation with words like ozone layer, sustainable forestry, and toxic runoff ... what was now all too painfully obvious was that I, Larry David, the shallowest man in the world, had married an environmentalist." - Grist Magazine interview

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a long-time inspirational environmental leader and a leader on this march:


John McCain, the Senator everyone loves! is also signed up and leading the march!


And finally, the biggest name in my hardworking heartthrob Jonah Peretti. I went to bed at 3 am as Jonah and Laurie were on the phone putting finishing touches on the site and I awoke at 7 am to Jonah's "it's launched!!"

The earth thanks you!

April 21, 2005

Kintana, an Aye-Aye

Just imagine walking around your house/apt, maybe even humming and then hearing a little something, looking down and seeing this little guy...I know what I'd do...what would you do?


It's no wonder this is the most widely circulated image on Yahoo...

via reBlog.

April 20, 2005

Andrea's Photo Blog takes first (Google) place!!

There's this great site called google that's sort of the know-it-all of the Internet...

Go to and enter photo blog and what's the #1 search result??



I've always hovered between 1 and 3 but now it feels official since Google has come up with their own description of me!

...but the description is not really accurate. Although I once was a young finance industry worker, I am no longer working in finance or as young! Also, my interests extend beyond politics and travel...but hey, I'm not going to bite the hand that feeds me...just a little gnaw.

April 19, 2005

Sleeping with Cats is good for you...unless you're allergic.

The silly sleeping pose olympics post inspired Joi to post this photo so I'm proud and loving this image:


Ruts are the worrrrst.

How to get out of a life rut.

What does it take to escape a rut? A combination of self-awareness, strategic planning, and perseverance. "There's an old coaching mantra that says, 'Nothing changes until something changes,'" Cohen says. "Talking about change isn't enough, and thinking differently isn't enough, either."


April 18, 2005

Music & Money

Wear your passions on your sleeve or head!

Just try not to get the musical note backwards...


*Mott & Houston

April 15, 2005

Spring is here!!

Spring drama...

Is that blue sky peaking out behind the naked trees?? I wasn't going to be fooled by a little 'blue sky' so I waited...


Sure enough it's been beautiful for a straight week so it's now safe to say spring is here!




:-) :-)


:-) :-) :-)


*Chelsea, NYC

April 14, 2005

The World's First Contagious Media Showdown!

Do you have what it takes to corral enough traffic to win the cash prizes? Can you make the next Dancing Baby, All Your Base, or Star Wars Kid and ride into the sunset with the bounty? This is your chance to prove you are the best in the West.


If you think you have the smarts, the wits, the drive to enter the contest, be sure to sign up before April 30th and anxiously await for the winners of the most contagious sites to be revealed at the Red Carpet Awards Ceremony!!

Come to the launch party & panel and learn how to make your projects and ideas spread by attending these great workshops!

Contest rules, the concurrent exhibition and all other info can be found here!

April 13, 2005



We need a new word to describe this kind of over the top CUTENESS.

The Silly Sleeping Pose Olympus - Duets:





The Silly Sleeping Pose Olympics - Solo:





April 12, 2005

Jason Kottke's New Blog Studio!

Jason Kottke has a new blog studio at EYEBEAM!

His only request was that we allow him to install his disco ball...


April 8, 2005

Utah Spring Ski Trip 2005!

I had no idea how fun skiing was! Especially spring skiing closer to the west coast than to the east coast!

It didn't all begin so well though...If you don't count the few hours I skiied in Japan when I was 11 (I had another chance to ski when I was 16 but I chose the Prince concert instead - smartest decision of my life to date) then this was my first time skiing and I'm a scaredy cat.

The lengthy process of standing in line, getting fitted and renting skiis only increased my anxiety (Why is this such a big production?! Why is everything so serious and precise?! Why are they talking about skiis needing to buckle off if you crash?! SOS!!) but luckily I saw this guy's outfit which was aspirational for me.


On the first lift ride up, this scene helped calmed my nerves.


This parent and child connection made me want my mommy.


This little guy next to me made me feel small.


But then I met my inspiration. Size = Small. Attitude = Big.


And what do you know?! After crying atop the mountain, "How am I supposed to get down this mountain??!!" I got down it and it was fun!

Note: This form may be priceless for the camera but not recommended down the slopes.


I had to give it up to Jonah's teaching and his ski skills which I did not know about!

It made me wonder, "what other surprises does he have in store for me?"


New and improved attitude.


It was Ski Love:


Ski Love Part Deux:


Back at the house...

I enjoyed staring at the beautiful ceiling.


Hot tubbing:


Getting backgammoned by Jonah:


And then for nighttime snowmobiling!

Gross kissing through helmets:


My tough guy:


There we were, asses on Polarises! Let's do this!


Snowmobiling is for the tough minded and thick skinned...I barely made it out alive.


Apparently Al Roker and I have more in common than meets the eye.


And then it was time to say goodbye...

To the awesome weekend and the Aspens I fell in love with:


*Park City, Utah

April 6, 2005


The New York Observer: Bloggorhea by Joe Hagan

April 5, 2005

Rico Puhlmann Exhibit @ FIT

Meg & I went to see the Rico Puhlmann Exhibit at FIT the other are highlights and thoughts:

I love, love, love, everything about this photo and all it suggests.


This is fantastic. I was the woman in green in my most recent past life.


I really really hate this color palette.


This is an aspirational image for me.


Bring back this design aesthetic! But never again Mel Gibson!


April 4, 2005

Freedom is bought for $40.

Now this is my kind of blog post...straight up documentary photos arranged in comic book style and feuled by commentary born out of a love of the funny, incongruous details that make up our lives.

Jake rescues one of those big fish in the tanks in Chinatown and frees him in the river!


I mean, look at the sadness.
“I’d take you all with me if I could boys…”


Getting him to hold still for the weigh-in was no simple matter. My happiness was building though…


I was running low on funds, but I figure it you come to New York and don’t ride in a single cab you’re missing out on the experience. Ideally he would’ve been able to look out his clear bag at the city as we drove… we could’ve even taken a victory lap or two around the neighbor hood. Oh well.


"It’s alright little guy. It’s not just about us anymore. This is for everyone who’s ever felt like a fish out of water… everyone who’s ever felt helpless… like life is out of control…"


“Go boy, go!”


The End!


April 1, 2005

Snakes "having relations".

"I walked out onto the porch and there were snakes having relations!" Perry's mom recently exclaimed from Texas...

Fortunately she had a camera nearby and we now know what snake intimacy looks like.


Looks kinda fun, doesn't it??


So is this the comfortable but not so risky snake equivalent of "missionary position?" or are they constantly jockeying for position: "I'm on top and you're on the bottom!" "Not now! I'm the top and you're the bottom" and the winding goes on and on...

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