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April 5, 2005

Rico Puhlmann Exhibit @ FIT

Meg & I went to see the Rico Puhlmann Exhibit at FIT the other day....here are highlights and thoughts:

I love, love, love, everything about this photo and all it suggests.


This is fantastic. I was the woman in green in my most recent past life.


I really really hate this color palette.


This is an aspirational image for me.


Bring back this design aesthetic! But never again Mel Gibson!



|mr|darcy is all amazement! "But never again Mel Gibson"!?! But... but... Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson is a native New Yorker! Surely, that means... something?!?

Obviously, this is an earlier image of Mel - perhaps immediately post "Mad Max" - a must on the rental list but recommend highly the original Australian cut of the movie on DVD... As such, let us celebrate the younger Mel before he... polarized (?) his fan base.

As a dutiful "right-winger" (forever in search of a conspiracy to latch onto), I'm forced to adore (and possibly revere - waiting for the canonization process to start) Him. However, I can sympathize with others, if they have fallen from the Way and become Heathens and most likely Infidels in their own right... *sniff*

|mr|Darcy thinks we all need to "pay it forward" with respect to Mel's proven corpus... I mean... c'mon... four (count 'em) four "Lethal Weapons"!?!

There's nothing like a solid rattling of the cages to wake the monkeys! Capital, indeed!

However, I must, must agree totally on the comment associated with the color palette problem. I can but only wonder if the designer (or photographer perchance) was fixated on the essence of a "campfire" when the daringly-parted blouse and barely transparent skirt combination were enjoined! Thankfully, the bracelet pulls the image together with its arching prominence! Yeah... right! (For reference, two positive CAN make a negative.)

Now... "The Lady in Blue"... Far too much blue for my liking. Such a photographer could never be sensible. The image (for some reason) makes me think of Marc Chagall... Why... why... why? Oh, yes! Too much blue! While the pose is (without question) striking, paint the poor girl tan, and she'd be a piece of cardboard.

Tomorrow with |mr|Darcy... "Was Mr. Green Jeans' Jeans Really Green?"

Posted by: |mr|Darcy at April 7, 2005 11:39 AM
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