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April 8, 2005

Utah Spring Ski Trip 2005!

I had no idea how fun skiing was! Especially spring skiing closer to the west coast than to the east coast!

It didn't all begin so well though...If you don't count the few hours I skiied in Japan when I was 11 (I had another chance to ski when I was 16 but I chose the Prince concert instead - smartest decision of my life to date) then this was my first time skiing and I'm a scaredy cat.

The lengthy process of standing in line, getting fitted and renting skiis only increased my anxiety (Why is this such a big production?! Why is everything so serious and precise?! Why are they talking about skiis needing to buckle off if you crash?! SOS!!) but luckily I saw this guy's outfit which was aspirational for me.


On the first lift ride up, this scene helped calmed my nerves.


This parent and child connection made me want my mommy.


This little guy next to me made me feel small.


But then I met my inspiration. Size = Small. Attitude = Big.


And what do you know?! After crying atop the mountain, "How am I supposed to get down this mountain??!!" I got down it and it was fun!

Note: This form may be priceless for the camera but not recommended down the slopes.


I had to give it up to Jonah's teaching and his ski skills which I did not know about!

It made me wonder, "what other surprises does he have in store for me?"


New and improved attitude.


It was Ski Love:


Ski Love Part Deux:


Back at the house...

I enjoyed staring at the beautiful ceiling.


Hot tubbing:


Getting backgammoned by Jonah:


And then for nighttime snowmobiling!

Gross kissing through helmets:


My tough guy:


There we were, asses on Polarises! Let's do this!


Snowmobiling is for the tough minded and thick skinned...I barely made it out alive.


Apparently Al Roker and I have more in common than meets the eye.


And then it was time to say goodbye...

To the awesome weekend and the Aspens I fell in love with:


*Park City, Utah


Cool Shots! Was this taken at Bear Mountain by LA or Lake Tahoe by SF?

Posted by: Jill at April 8, 2005 1:02 PM

In a word... "jealous". Our last day of (New Hampshire) family skiing was in late February... Now, we can only dream about next season.

The backgrounds and sceneic shot are excellent! The gross kissing through helmets, though, could give new meaning to "plastic makes it possible" safe... ah... transfers of ah... Well, you get the point!

Posted by: |mr|Darcy at April 14, 2005 12:56 PM
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