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I am so suprised no one commented on this post. It is one of Andrea's more therapuetically brilliant posts for her breed of gentle reader. After perusing it, I had a breakthrough, and realized that all of my exes who have left me broken-hearted because of my so called increasingly intolerantly sarcastic take on life were actually frontal lobularly challenged. Including the most recent ex who has joined the NY based MJ Cult due to lack of self control, possibly due to an undetected defect in his frontal lobe. And I'm not talking about MJ as in Marc Jacobs ladies, I'm talking about the Maroushka Djurasevic Cult of Personality Performance, a spinoff of the now legally incorporated Burning Man Cult. Now, thanks to Andreas talents in the realm of web based e-pyschology and this catharsis- precipitating post, I can rest assured that I am the one with an active frontal lobe and the ex is the slow ones. Although it took me longer than a single sarcastic comment to realize, the one who has recently joined a cult had a hole the size of an 8 ball in his frontal lobe. Phew. I will make sure the next suitor gets a cat scan before I proceed sarcastically.

Posted by: friendofphineus at June 5, 2005 1:40 PM
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