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July 27, 2005

Heartache at American Kennels


I heard a story from a distraught friend that would break your heart. It involves puppies bought at American Kennels on Lexington between 61st & 62nd. The details are grim and the amount of emotional (nightly hospital visits to the puppies for weeks) and financial suffering are great. The saddest thing is that I know he's not the first and only person to experience problems with this store . Do you know of other similar stories concerning this pet store? Or other stores or breeders? Please let me know.



Anyone shallow enough to buy from a teacup breeder deserves to suffer the consequences, she should have done her homework. Personally, I wouldn't trust any breeder who is cruel enough to breed a dog down to unhealthy sizes. I only feel sorry for the dogs.

Posted by: Doglover at July 27, 2005 5:21 PM

NEVER EVER buy a dog from a pet store. NO reputable breeder would allow their pups to be sold in a pet store. 99% of these dogs come from puppy mills which should be outlawed. I thought everyone knew this in this day and age. Its so sad.

Posted by: Holly at July 27, 2005 6:59 PM

Puppy mills sound so evil...

Personally I think any one in the market for a pet should go down to their local no-kill animal shelter. (There is one in Flushing that states if it can not find a home, it will send the pooch off to a old farm in Pennsylvania to live out the rest of it's days.)

Umm scratch that...

Delaware county NY (where?)

They also make sure you have a vet/the home is safe to accept a pet.

Posted by: me of me inc. at July 27, 2005 10:28 PM

When I purchased my puppy from a pet store, I thought I had done my research and was a well educated consumer. I researched which breed would best fit with my lifestyle, what kind of activity level the dog would need, and health problems that I could expect with different breeds. I decided on the Chihuahua because it was a small breed that could accompany me when I traveled. I knew enough not to purchase a "tea cup" chi as this would increase health problems but I did not know about puppy mills. It was only when I read the AKC paperwork and did a Internet search of the breeder that I learned of puppy mills. There name appeared on this website as a puppy mill http://www.thevoicefordogs.org/ . My dog also came from the pet store with kennel cough and a skin infection. I just didn't know about puppy mills before I purchased my puppy and had I known I would have made my purchase from a local breeder who specialized in Chihuahuas.

My heart goes out to your friends. It is horrible when your animal is ill and you are unable to help.

Posted by: Chell at July 28, 2005 1:16 AM

Unfortunately, the general public just isn't well educated about puppy mills. Puppy mills are places where people irresponsibly mass breed dogs for profit without regard to their health. Moreover, they are kept in squalid conditions, abused and neglected . Puppy mill dogs are sold in pet stores, over the internet, through newspaper ads. Please do some research before buying. If you are dead set on buying a specific breed, find a reputable breeder. A little research can take you a long way. Check with your vet. Find the local or national club for the breed and work from there. They can give you the names of reputable breeders. If you aren't so picky about the breed, visit your local animal shelter. They have dozens of dogs who are looking for a loving home. Some of them are even purebreed. Or check out a rescue group. Many specialize in a particular breed though they are up for saving any pet!


And if somebody you know is thinking about purchasing a puppy, pass on this information. Educate them. Education and information can make a difference. As Chell said, though she did research about the breeds, she still didn't know about puppy mills. Had she known she would have bought from reputable breeder. PLEASE let's let everyone know!


Thank you for reading this [steps down from soapbox]

Posted by: kalnich at July 28, 2005 8:32 AM

Sorry to sound like an echo, but it's true - there really is just no excuse for BUYING a dog over adopting one these days. No excuse! I think it's pretty awful to support breeding of dogs when so many are put to sleep every damn day.

Posted by: stacey at July 28, 2005 9:48 AM

It's soo sad that people pay thousands of dollars for dogs from these money-hungry people when they're are dogs at shelters for cheap waiting for a family to go home to. I always adopt my pets from shelters and they are always healthy and loving. Do your research because unfortunately they're are people out there who don't care for animals like we do.

Posted by: Janaile at July 28, 2005 11:36 AM

My husband and I purchased 2 Jack Russell Terriers from a “reputable local breeder” – and boy, was that ever wrong! We were the dummies that were so excited to have puppies, we skipped the research – and just went by what this lady told us! (Which was a bunch of malarkey – as far as these dogs were concerned!) Fortunately, the dogs (WAY hyper and crazy!!) fit into our lifestyle perfectly – thank goodness – as we later found out that SO MANY people do what we did – and found out that their new additions DON’T fit… The more research I did – the more I found out about these wonderful dogs – and just how many of them are out there waiting to be adopted. Thousands of little JRT’s – that didn’t do anything wrong – they just landed in an un- or under-informed family.

PLEASE, if you are interested in any dog – even pure-bred – CONSIDER ADOPTING!! There are TONS of organizations available to help you find that special pup – and they are always in search of their animals’ forever homes. Even if you have to be put on a waiting list – IT IS WORTH IT!!

Now that I realize what’s going on out there, we won’t buy another pup. Ever.

Posted by: Angela Meek at August 3, 2005 12:08 PM
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