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August 15, 2005

Mariah is on fire!

Update: Is Mariah Carey becoming a Norma Desmond? According to an anonymous source (who heard from a friend of a friend of a friend), it appears so! While it's not (yet) her butler feeding her delusions by writing her fan mail, it's her entourage replacing her size 10 or 12 tags with size 6 tags! Is it wrong to be bigger than a size 6? Of course not! Is it wrong to live or facilitate a delusional life? Never! It's just really creepy.

I've always loved Mariah so I'm profoundly relieved to see that my new sister in law has come around to appreciating her...finally...

It's nothing but Mariah, Mariah, Mariah from here on out, Chels!!!

BTW, half of the rest of the album is good too...For my first venture back into cd purchasing since 1999 I feel that a CD that yields 50% solid results is pretty satisfactory. Truth is that I was (am) so obsessed with Track 2: We Belong Together that I listened to that over and over and over and occassionally got around to Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5 (Snoop's voice is like a warm blankie during an anxiety attack), 6 and 7 (Jermaine Dupri gets an A+ for enthusiasm!) and they're also good! But don't worry! Will brave exposure to the second half of the album soon...exhaustive updates to follow

As for her transition, we can all be happy for it!






I tried to post a comment at that entry below, with the two cars (accompanied by two people).

Nice cars.

(And nice people too. ;-)

Posted by: Aakash at August 16, 2005 1:21 AM

I mean, have you seen her on Cribs?!
Here's another funny story for you: A friend was at one of the stores in Soho as it was closing [Intermix? Atrium? whatever] and as she went to leave, some girl rushed in, frantic, asking for jeans she had called in and "anything with butterflies! More butterflies! Mariah loves butterflies!". Outside the store she saw a huge SUV, with {what she thinks were} Mariah's watchful eyes, looking out of a crack in the window, probably urging her assistant through a headset for more butterflies, damnit!!

Posted by: anonymous at August 16, 2005 3:40 PM

Mariah allegedly still has never paid her uncle back for dental bills she needed to fix her teeth before she shacked up with Tommy Mottola and hit it big.

Posted by: Agulator at August 17, 2005 10:40 AM

Sorry, no way Mariah is a size 12. 10, max, but probably 8.

Posted by: facty at August 18, 2005 8:19 PM

Mariah is definitely a 10 or 12. To put it in perspective, Charlize Theron is 5'9 and a size 8. Mariah has a broad frame, and she's by no means skinny. Aside from her tacky-ass outfits, I think she looks good, but she's not an 8. Unless she's shorter than I thought.

Posted by: Katie at August 19, 2005 1:14 AM

I've seen mariah in person MANY times - she is about a size 10-12 without a doubt. I'm not saying she looks bad -but ANY photo coming from her camp is totally photoshopped.

And what happened to the her airbrushed abs? They disappeared as quick as they came.

Posted by: Snarkalupagus at August 19, 2005 9:20 AM

I saw Mariah (with her then boyfriend miguel ?, a famous south american singer) at the W in nyc about 4 years ago before her breakdown and i couldn't believe how "big" she looked - it's not that she is so big, she is probably a size 12, but it's just that they make her look soooo much smaller in the photos. plus, i always loved her music - i grew up with it (i am 32 yrs old) and was so excited to see her but she was such a bitch that it really soured me. i happened to be with other people at her table and she was just not nice.

Posted by: misty at August 19, 2005 9:36 AM

People! Isn't she Puerta Rican AND black? Curves like that don't come in size six. We shouldn't 'dis her and she shouldn't be ashamed! Let the girl have her groove!

Posted by: Mamamia at August 19, 2005 9:44 AM


Posted by: Mamamia at August 19, 2005 9:45 AM

I know the previous comments are about Mariah but I am struck by the comment, ..."her boyfriend Miguel, a South American singer." I have to laugh, Miguel is the Luis Miguel of MEXICO, Mexico AND Latin America's biggest most prolific singers. I remember at some awards show televised on TV showing Mariah walking up with him in tow several years ago and the commentators didn't even know how he was?!?!?!

Posted by: Roman at August 19, 2005 10:12 AM

as my friend has always said, "Mariah is 20 pounds of crap shoved into a 10 pound bag." she needs to learn that skin-tight and too small is not sexy.... or even remotely flattering

Posted by: anon at August 19, 2005 10:50 AM

I seem to recall reading somewhere that she has a Venezuelan opera singer mother and a black jazz musician father. If she doesn't, she should!

Posted by: Svahnna at August 19, 2005 1:20 PM

Mariah has an Irish mother and a Black Father. She is not below 10, I'd bet. But, what's wrong with being bigger than an 8? Nothing.

Posted by: badgirlgonegood at August 19, 2005 1:47 PM

All of you are so wrong about her ethnicity,(not that it matters because we are all part of the human race) but the ethinc background of Mz.Carey is as follows... Her mother is Irish and her dad was (god rest his soul) Half black and half Venezuelan which definetly makes her a mutt for all of the black people claiming her as black, she has the 3 main races mixed up into one beautiful package of (not shit as many haters have posted) but of raw talent,she is a singer which alot of people put in comparison to Whitney Houston or Celine Dion but She put's alot more to the table. Whitney and Celine sing other people's songs and emotions and Mariah sings what she feel's and all of the music that she put's out come's from her mind ,which definetly set's her apart from them and many other artists.

Posted by: diva at August 19, 2005 4:47 PM

Okay, here is a question for the "diva" who said, "...but the ethnic background of Ms. Carey is as follows... Her mother is Irish and her dad was (god rest his soul) Half black and half Venezuelan which definitely makes her a mutt for all of the black people claiming her as black". Did you look at a photo of her dad? He's about as black as the ace of spades. So what does that make him?
You stupid statement is about as wrong as saying, Oh, Lenny Kravitz's ethnicity is half Jewish from his father and since his mother is native American, black and white this makes him a mutt of 3 main races-- according to your logic. But, then you look at him and he too is obviously African.
Mariah Carey has flipped on the racial thing because in the early 90's when she first came out, the racial climate in the United States was extremely polarized. You forget, that hip-hop was not even considered a category and there were still sections in the record stores that were called BLACK music-- as if a whole genres of music from a people that ranged from Ella Fitzgerald, Scott Joplin and Earth Wind and Fire could all be lumped under the same musical genre. In essence Mariah Carey did what mixed race people have done in this country for centuries, she conveniently "passed". She masked her blackness by not saying that she was black, but that she was mixed and died her hair blonder EVEN THOUGH she used black singing idioms to gain currency in her singing. If this was not enough, she never answered any questions forthright about her ethnicity through the genius of her publicity agent-- because they knew once she said that she was "black" she would be lumped into the black music category and only played on R&B stations which at the time before Clear Channel bought up all of radio, black artists were always left to R&B stations.
Mariah Carey only became black after things with Mattola went precipitously downhill. I mean plummeted off a cliff-- and to her favor there was a confluence of events that smiled upon her emergence. Hip hop became a mega seller and black music left the constraints of that label to become multiple categories-- hip hop, R&B, trip hop, soul, neo soul, ragga, etc. All the sudden it was "COOL" for Mariah to claim her blackness. Suddenly, we have an interveiw in Ebony, Essence, publications which white people do not read by the way, which talked about her black ancestry. Go figure...
So, let's get back to your fugged up logic of yours work? Especially given that it is soooo a-historical and ignorant of the history of slavery in Venezuela which left a huge legacy of Africans all over that country and people who are of mixed African ancestry but too afraid to say that they are black because of the political repercussions of claiming black as a race. Black people are considered the lowest social group in most of South America, so NO one wants to be called black and even if they look black they will tell you, "I'm mestisio". Mestisio people move to America and really get slapped with that reality even though somehow they seem to miss the fact that economically people who look like them are completely disenfranchised from everything in South America.
Mariah Carey is unfortunately a product of a culture that still triumphs in racializing everything. She is conveniently what ever the pop charts are to make her as much money as possible. Right now, since hip hop is making billions of dollars, Mariah Carey is a black white girl—she is palatable to your white tastes where she has a light tan blond extensions but full lips and curves. And if you don’t believe she is black, ask yourself, how come she surrounds herself with black people not only in her personal life, but also her business life as well? White people do NOT do this and it doen’t matter if they work with black people—they just don’t have them all over their homes. If you don’t believe me, think about how many times you have actually gone out with black people and had them over your house for dinner-- frequently. I bet you can count the times-- and don't given me that crap about oh my best friend is black, so I know black people. Until you have actually gone to church with, eaten at some black person's house on multiple occasions, and dated a black person who brought you home to their parents, that dog won't hunt. And if a white person has done all of this, they are in the category of Eminem where they get called a wigga behind their back.
Your comments are simply ignorant and woefully ill-informed. I suggest you read a few history books and get your sociology straight before you start claming mutt status for others and not pay attention to how white supremacy has totally perverted the issue of race to where people like you feel comfortable saying silly shit like this.

Posted by: whatthe*&#*(&@! at August 20, 2005 9:05 PM

ok moron...u wanna know y blacks in latin american dont acknoledge no afro centric ima brother shit like here in the usa....cuz we latinos dont seperate ourselfs like that.they dont admit there black cuz they wanna stay with there countrymen along side them. if u dont believe me go 2 washington hieghts u can walk down the street and see the blackest domican just chillin and talkin to the whitest domincan...they wont even acknoledge there skin color....and i dare u 2 tell them hey ur not domnican ur a white boy and your a black guy...they will say that there latino and beat u to the ground......so get yo facts right homie we latinos dont segregate ourselves cuz of our skin color... we dont say black brown or white...we say latinos.. and wat mariah carey need 2 do is 2 stop pandering 2 black people with that whole in half black shit....she not she half latina.....her father spoke spanish and he was proud 2 call himself venezuelano.....im not denyeing he didnt have african roots but 2 me she's dissing hispanics and pandering 2 blacks...and wat u say about mestizo's come here and realize black look like them u got ur facts wrong im mestizo u jackass that means mixed indian and spain.....not black.......and even when black latinos come here who they gruop up with other latinos.....thas right....

Posted by: wtfis wrong at August 25, 2005 9:23 AM

get ur mind right about mestizos 2. i know alot of black dominicans who hate american blacks for aleinateing themselve the way they do..go 2 any "ghetto" in south american they same people u see living there u will see the same kind of people in rich places....both black and mestizo......and dont think blacks open up 2 us hispanics with "minority love" research on how mexicans in d.c are mistreated and beaten by the moslty black police force...and how the all black city council called its 1st hispanic board of ed superintentind a spic and white mexican....i aint racist 2 black but blacks aint exactly 2 nice 2 us either....cuz i know alot of black domincans who have been robed by black americans and have had been yelled racial slus white bein robed...

Posted by: wtfis wrong at August 25, 2005 9:34 AM

while being robed<<spelling error

Posted by: wtfis wrong at August 25, 2005 9:35 AM

That is enough!!!! This is the problem with the world today.
First of all black is a color and not a race. I was always annoyed with this country for using the term black as race. I see it like this a person's skin color can be black but they can come from South America, Africa, Europe. You can be from Brazil and your skin color black. Your Race would be from Brazil and Your color black. If someone says I am not black I am Brazilian, but their skin color is black or brown. I would take it as them being ashamed of their color. No one is saying you are not from Brazil but indeed your skin color is black. No one is saying your not latino but indeed your skin color is black. I hope that makes sense I am just trying to give an example of my way of thinking. I look at the world like this. There are asses and idiots in every Race it has nothing to do with color. To think a group or person is bound to do something just because their skin is a few hues lighter or darker is just plain stupid. The issues lie in up bringing and education. There is nothing wrong with the black or latino race. One is not keeping down the other. The issues are much bigger than this. Its the outside forces like media and society using scare tactics and demonizing minorities thats the problem. But most of all its lack of education. If anyone of any race feels anger towards the other groups. I would suggest you to stop and think to yourself. Why do I feel this way? Where am I getting my facts from? Is this the truth? If you feel confused I would seek the truth and read up on the history of different groups to understand them more, because hate and shamefull feelings come from a lack of knowing. This comment is not aimed at anyone specific. I just think we should come to one another and try to solve issues through peaceful communication instead of being at odds all the time. We all come from the human race. My heart beats just like yours.


Much Love to all :0)

Posted by: Enough already at August 25, 2005 11:38 PM
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