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August 2, 2005

RIZE up to see it!!!

This is a movie worth seeing...check out the trailers!

Picture 6.png

After this movie and key lime pie and espresso, we went home and I krumped for Jonah. No really. It's best not to imagine it.

After you see it, let me know if you're more into clowning or krumping...this choice speaks volumes.


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Posted by: Agulator at August 2, 2005 3:02 PM

Also, again, I've never seen anyone look so hard for a quarter in all my life. :)

Posted by: Agulator at August 2, 2005 9:18 PM

hi andrea, Allegra (legsy), former intern here! i just saw jonah today (i was caught awkwardly standing/reading in a highly trafficked Dean & Deluca entranceway) and was reminded of everyone at the Beam. how is everyone? anyway, i feel the need to respond to the krumping/clowning question. the favorite is clearly KRUMPING. Need we debate? this may read like heresy (he is a possitive community leader and all), but Tommy the Clown seems like real deviant, in an underground dictator sort of way. I don't have reservations with the drugdealer/children's entertainer crossover, but there is something unsettling in Tommy's competitiveness. Krumping will set you free little clownlings! maybe it's my longtime bias against clowns talking, but i have a feeling i would have liked him better as a crack salesman. this man is enterprising in a way i feel uncomfortable with. and i'll stop before a children's activist burns me. hope all is well!

Posted by: Legsy at August 16, 2005 2:09 PM

Very nice site!

Posted by: Donny at September 16, 2005 6:59 AM
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