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August 16, 2005

Soba Koh is Soba Delicious.

Soba Koh is a delightful new soba restaurant on 5th St. btw 2nd & 1st Aves.

Rolling it:


Cutting it:


You can see the soba maker if you go for brunch:


Here's a cold soba dish for dinner:


And a warm one:


~slurp, slurp~


thems sure is some big fish eggs jonah.

Posted by: yay dogs! at August 16, 2005 3:56 PM

Sweet Georgia Brown! Thems is eats!

That tofu looks heavenly.

I'm an udon man myself (Beef with the requisite few hatchets of red ginger) but there comes a time to forsake the noble halls of Teriyaki Boy and the Mitsuwa cantina and sally forth in search of new nourishment.

Translation, maybe I'll check this place out.

Posted by: Agulator at August 17, 2005 10:37 AM

Food looks great. It made me hungry. We will have to check that place out next time we fly east.

Posted by: E & J at August 17, 2005 3:09 PM

the food looks tasty. oh my! you made me feel hungry.

Posted by: web designer at August 23, 2005 8:06 AM
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