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August 1, 2005

Vatican Visions

This was a rare moment for us - walking in the Vatican. Most of the time we were speeding around in a golf cart with a giant American flag soaring from it.


The Vatican is kind of amazing:


Be careful - If you don't wear sunglasses you'll look like Jonah. If you wear sunglasses (that look like welding glasses) you'll look like me (a welder):


Clouds really add a lot, don't they? I'm into clouds!


Shiny (me), happy people outside St. Peter's Basilica:


And we're in!! Although I don't always make it into my signature 'take it myself' shots.


Oh, there we both are! My armpit area is feeling a bit overexposed and shy though!

We're under the Oculus in St. Peter's which our tour guide Jason described as being large enough to fit the Statue of Liberty in! When a rogue tour participant asked Jason if that included the base of the Statue of Liberty, he quietly replied, "well, no".


Poor Jonah really gets roped into me paparazzing us, doesn't he?!

The woman on the left with an umbrella open must be a Chinese relative of mine.


Look at our tour guide go! Can you guess what he's explaining? The big kahuna...the Sistine Chapel!


Jonah is the pious-est. He's having a moment of worship for the gold plated ceiling:


Who does this statue resemble??? Look more closely...Bill Clinton!!


This was our tour guide's favorite thing in all of the Vatican. This reddish, purplish bowl was used as a huge eating bowl, filled with tons of food that debaucharous Romans (love 'em) climbed into and feasted in. Then they went to the vomitorium to create more room to eat and drink and be merry! Yay!!...but that's not what he loved. He loved the reddish, purplish marble that the bowl is made of because according to him, it's incredibly rare, the Vatican owns 80% of the world's supply and therefore it's worth millions or billions.


This one's for the parents!


The End:


BTW, guided tours are great and so is the Vatican...having been there twice now...I'd go back for more!

Stay tuned for a Swiss Guard post...it'll be hot!


White balance is wayyyy off; some pics look like they were taken with a Leica (good resolution) with film that expired! (Orangy overexposed look to everything.) I know, because my Dad used to take pictures just like this with his proudly totally-manual-analog 50 year old Leica!

Or do the lighting conditions at the Vatican alter everything to look like this? Well, glad you had fun anyhoo.

Posted by: Agulator at August 1, 2005 1:49 PM


You are right, right, right!!

I messed around with that feature in the camera...

Posted by: Andrea at August 1, 2005 4:04 PM
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