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October 4, 2005

Alexander McCall Smith & me.

Here I am with the author after his reading at Barnes & Noble Union Square the other night. He looks angry which he wasn't, I promise. My craned neck makes it look like I was struggling which I was...trying to perfect the 'taking pictures on my own with my arm outstretched' thing with my new, bigger camera.


In response to a question from an audience member (male) as to how it is that as a male writer he is able to write women characters (his main characters are all women), McCall Smith replied, "it's actually not difficult for me to write from the perspective of women...as you can see, I am wearing a skirt."

It's official: I have a crush on this old Scottish writer, philosopher, charmer.


IHere are a few of his books that I adore.




Buy 'em, read 'em and let's have ourselves a little online book club, shall we?!

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