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January 31, 2006

Christopher Walken for Microsoft

Who knew??!!


* The inclusion of the Thrillist email was not paid for by the Thrillist guys - I just gave that to them for free!

** Yes, I get a lot of spam so when you search for cum for example, endless emails show up - hard to find the exact one I'm looking for.

Leo DiCaprio @ JFK

When you travel as much as Jonah and I do (don't hate the players, hate the glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle) you're bound to run into one of the world's most famous actors waiting at baggage claim.


Along Came Funny

Along Came Polly is actually funny!!


The Onion interviews Stephen Colbert


January 30, 2006

The Story of a Boy and a Dog

Can you believe this love affair began like this??!!

So much apprehension on the part of human and dog - So close~ Yet so far away~:


Extended arm and cupped, immobile hand - Stay away...Stay far, far away:


Furrowed brow and joyless expression - This could maybe one day become fun:


Stiff body language and robotic dog playing - Its jaw looks pretty strong:


Militant expression and the return of the exented arm - Here, play with this stuffed dog. You'll have more fun with it. Believe you and me.


But remember! This is the current state of their relationship so the moral of the story is that even seemingly hopeless relationships can blossom into undying love:


January 27, 2006

Jonah loves Horsies!!

It began as it always does now doesn't it? With sweet sweet intentions - Lily was treating us to a horseback riding outing! It went terribly wrong.

Little did Jonah know he was catching one last serene moment, taking in the horizon before his horse was to have his way with him:


I suppose we could have picked up on these clues - The horse's 'tude - it wouldn't listen - plus Jonah's body language:


I've had great rides before but something about this horse and the whole miserable looking lot of them me very very anxious. "No Sandy, I won't look at the camera...something bad might happen if I move":


When asked to turn around and smile! before we embark on this fun time, I said "No" and "No".


The only person who was riding along like Jackie O. was Lily, the one person who's been riding since she was a fetus:


Unfortunately for posterity, there are no photos of what happened because it happened in runaway horse time. Are you familiar with that time?? Jonah now is. The horse bolted and Jonah was taken off the beach, his head barely missed a huge tree branch and onto a dirt road parallel to the beach and the horse just kept running and running until it took a 45 degree turn into someone's driveway, the force of which threw Jonah off the devil and into a fence. It was horrifying to watch this happen especially because Sandy and I couldn't see anything once they left the beach. The only cool things about this were that 1) Jonah is ok and seems not to have suffered any *real* brain damage and 2) watching Lily, half a second after the horse made Jonah his bitch, take off like the wind after them - man, do I wish there were photos of that - it was the coolest, most heroic thing I've seen.

Here's the external damage - let's not even get into the internal damage:




Nurse Lily was fantastic as Wife Andrea documented:


Don't worry, she sterilized her breath before this:


And then she used an old family remedy - pouring the wife's blood into the husband's wound - she insisted:


And Jonah was ready to party the next day - New Year's Eve - and the following day - his birthday:


Oh poor sweet boy - I felt he at least deserved a special birthday cake:


* Nosara Costa Rica


This is a great movie illustrating how ultimately and sometimes tragically we are at war with ourselves.


More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones. There is truthiness to that!!

January 26, 2006

Want love from John Cusack?? Now's your chance!!

I know you're one of those people who sees something hilarious and contagious on the Internets and thinks or even says, "I could have made that!" Well, now's the time to make it.

Write that funny little script, pick up the videocamera and make the video that will surely be the next big thing!

Check out the details and the hot judges:

Picture 5.png

If you do end up the winner that you've insisted all along you are, don't forget who urged you to create!! That would be me.

Baby Name Wizard: Valuable Baby Naming Resource & Historical Reference

This is a cool piece of software that allows you to see a name's popularity by decade. For example, Edna was really popular at the turn of the century but not so much anymore and Olivia has been rising in popularity.

It looks like this and it is should be renamed the Addictive Baby Name Wizard:

Picture 8.png

Graffiti Goes Electric at EYEBEAM

Nice mention in the Gothamist of a cool project from the EYEBEAM OpenLab:


January 25, 2006

Brokeback Mountain...

broke me - I'm still picking up the pieces - see it.


January 24, 2006

Best bathrobe found: Barefoot Dreams Robe

Listen up's time to throw off that ratty robe you're sitting around in and lounge for real! Two christmases ago I got one for my brother and Jonah and Chelsea got one for their grandmother. This holiday season (take that, Bush!) Jonah got me one and it really is a miracle in a robe - soft, plush, extremely soft - I never leave home without it on underneath whatever sexy outfit I have on.


January 23, 2006

My favorite quote of the moment.

I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult.
-Rita Rudner

A Great Absolutely Brand New TV Show called 24

You might want to rent seasons 1 through 4 on netflix and check it out*.


* Aka, "Hey best friend! You should try crystal meth some time!"

Monday Morning (Afternoon) Cartoon: Party Girl Metamorphosis


January 20, 2006

Why Is President Bush So Awesome??

This video by RocketBoom is totally awesome...what a perfectly inciting question!

Picture 2.png

January 19, 2006

O2 in '08!!

Obama for President, Oprah for Vice!

O2 in '08!!

Oxygen in 2008!! (Read: We can finally breathe again!)

Do you think I'm onto something here? Both in terms of potential candidates and winning slogans??

Thank you!

Fashion Nerd: Diana Eng

I love this fashion nerd (and she's not identifying as a nerd to be cute) who unfortunately got booted from Project Runway a couple weeks ago:

Check out her blog - the mention of her grandmother/mentor at the top is priceless.


China's up to no good again!!

Don't be fooled:


Tropical Surprise!

Sometimes in the tropics it pours out of the blue and what began as a respectable white collared shirt becomes winner of a wet t-shirt contest:






We were not going to get blindsided by tropical weather again! Jonah took action and suited up:


And for the rest of the trip we looked like this...just in case:


* Nosara, Costa Rica

January 18, 2006

Does this look like someone's who's allergic to dogs??



Hey Jonah! I still owe you a birthday present...can you guess what it is?? It's a dead dog except not the dead part.


January 17, 2006

Surprise! From your Body.

It's official. I have dandruff.

It look like this:

.. ... ..
. ... . ..
... . .

New Years Eve '05 in Nosara, Costa Rica!!

It all began with a little brown(ie) gift from a friend with the initials JSJ- look at those eyes - he knew I'd end up freaking a little kid - oh he knew.


And this resulted - hey there's DJ Spooky! - he was fantastic and provided the perfect soundtrack to this mess:


Lucky kid huh? - he's doing the "yay!" thing with his arms - it only looks like I'm forcing them up:


Alright kid, if you wanna get a little freaky I can - it's not my usual MO but I'm flex!


A little to the right, we've got a good thing going!!


Heeeeeyyy! Where did he go? Why am I dancing alone??!


* Thanks to Jonah for capturing this.


You should go see this really good movie but be warned that you won't look like this while watching it:


Listen, I'm as comfortable with ambiguity and confusion as the next person but what exactly did I miss in the last scene?

Pot of Tea Contains Multitudes

The nice thing about making an entire pot of tea for yourself is that you're able to enjoy the full spectrum of tea beginning with a nice cozy cup of hot a refreshing iced tea!




* This post was deserving of the all-cap status.

January 16, 2006

Remember these??!!

I do miss the simple Cabbage Patch Kid days...



I said, "Family, give me your best shot."

And this is what I got.




The Red Drawer

My clothing at my parents house is very glamorous...nothing but red, red, red! and penguins.


Happy MLK Day!


* Yes, I really did post this the day after MLK Day, and pre-date it for posterity.

January 13, 2006

Fame vs. Brain

I'm crying.

January 12, 2006

A Great Projector...please.

My parents were kind enough (Thank you, Thank you!) to give me and Jonah the gift of a projector for Christmas. I haven't bought one yet and am wondering if you all have any recommendations? Thanks.

Savion Glover at the Joyce Theater

Thanks to Annie Maxwell for the wonderful Christmas gift of a Savion Glover performance at the fantastically intimate Joyce Theater.

It was truly delightful to watch this guy in action - on until the 15th - catch it if you can!


January 11, 2006

OPERATION INFILTRATION: We've got NYC Real Estate by the balls.


Garlic Haters

One of the hardest things for me to believe, to wrap my head around, to even begin to comprehend someone can not like like garlic.

I've never met such a person but I know one lurks.

Anyone out there that doesn't like garlic? Please please explain. I am desperate to understand you.



January 10, 2006

Is it true that catching a cold has nothing to do with being out in the cold?

We can finally put this to rest!!


Continue reading "Is it true that catching a cold has nothing to do with being out in the cold?" »

Munich, Match Point & The Family Stone

Munich was very good:


Match Point was pretty good:


I enjoyed The Family Stone a lot so go ahead and fault me for it.


January 9, 2006

Monday Comic Strip - Introducing Clueless Guy


January 7, 2006

F the Suburbs.

I am pretty sure I would feel the same way as these Manhattanites if I ever made the mistake of moving out of the city.

We city folks need people and culture!!...and to feel like we don't understand anything outside of Manhattan.

Good quotes by kindred spirits:

It's like death out there...They seem like normal people but they spend, like, hours working on their lawn...

Even the playgrounds were desolate....And on the rare occasions there was somebody there and you struck up a conversation they would literally move away...

You go to these little towns and they are very charming and sweet and have all these cute little shops...But I think when you live in these areas full time, those neighborhood shops aren't so cute. And those neighborhood restaurants that look so great, you know how bad they really are.

[On selling their suburban house at a loss and moving back] We lost a little bit of money...For a lot of people that would be kind of torturous. For us, I didn't care about the money. I wanted my life back.

It's definitely someone's dream; it's just not our dream.

January 5, 2006


Jon Stewart to host the Oscars!!!

The Survivor

This is a fantastic book. I'm loving it and having a hard time putting it down. It's impressively balanced and clearly written. I highly recommend it.


Wise Quote. Thanks GMAIL!

We have, I fear, confused power with greatness. - Stewart L. Udall

Gross post - I'm obsessed with zits.

I don't think this post has anything on this oldie but goodie though.

Picture 3.jpg

Picture 1.jpg


Picture 2.jpg

Compliments of Flickr.

BTW, the second from the last photo was taken on my sweet.

The Cute Factor

I can't believe I almost missed this but thanks to friend Annie Maxwell I didn't.

January 4, 2006

And Yet Another Drawing For You: Teenage Pregnancy


Another Drawing For You: A Neurotic in Love


Happy New Year! Here's a drawing for you: HAIR STUDY


January 1, 2006

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