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January 27, 2006

Jonah loves Horsies!!

It began as it always does now doesn't it? With sweet sweet intentions - Lily was treating us to a horseback riding outing! It went terribly wrong.

Little did Jonah know he was catching one last serene moment, taking in the horizon before his horse was to have his way with him:


I suppose we could have picked up on these clues - The horse's 'tude - it wouldn't listen - plus Jonah's body language:


I've had great rides before but something about this horse and the whole miserable looking lot of them me very very anxious. "No Sandy, I won't look at the camera...something bad might happen if I move":


When asked to turn around and smile! before we embark on this fun time, I said "No" and "No".


The only person who was riding along like Jackie O. was Lily, the one person who's been riding since she was a fetus:


Unfortunately for posterity, there are no photos of what happened because it happened in runaway horse time. Are you familiar with that time?? Jonah now is. The horse bolted and Jonah was taken off the beach, his head barely missed a huge tree branch and onto a dirt road parallel to the beach and the horse just kept running and running until it took a 45 degree turn into someone's driveway, the force of which threw Jonah off the devil and into a fence. It was horrifying to watch this happen especially because Sandy and I couldn't see anything once they left the beach. The only cool things about this were that 1) Jonah is ok and seems not to have suffered any *real* brain damage and 2) watching Lily, half a second after the horse made Jonah his bitch, take off like the wind after them - man, do I wish there were photos of that - it was the coolest, most heroic thing I've seen.

Here's the external damage - let's not even get into the internal damage:




Nurse Lily was fantastic as Wife Andrea documented:


Don't worry, she sterilized her breath before this:


And then she used an old family remedy - pouring the wife's blood into the husband's wound - she insisted:


And Jonah was ready to party the next day - New Year's Eve - and the following day - his birthday:


Oh poor sweet boy - I felt he at least deserved a special birthday cake:


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