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March 24, 2006

ATL Airport Fiasco remembered..

Two years ago I was held up in the security line at ATL airport as my bag got swabbed and swabbed and swabbed because every time the swab was scanned in the machine, the alarm kept going off.

Finally, a big burly guy came over and took over the job from the woman swabber. He asked me for my shoes and ID and after writing down a bunch of things, he returned my flip-flops and ID and told me that he'd written a report on my purse and that I could go.

So then I asked, "Did you find anything?"

He reponded, "Yes, maam, TNT"

I thought, "Wait, I've heard of that. What is that again?"

And he replied in his polite Southern accent, "Dynamite, maam."

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