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March 9, 2006

The Best Yoga Experience in Santa Monica

People who know my hyperactive, neurotic self may be surprised when I do yoga but what's more suprising is my little brother doing yoga. That's why I couldn't believe when this past Tuesday in LA my brother said, "wanna take a Power Yoga class tonight?" Uuuummm, brother? You're still my brother right? Has a yogi invaded your body?

He assured me that I would love the teacher of this particular class and he couldn't have been more right. She was no-nonsense, funny, instructive, inspirational and philosophical but not in a new agey, gross way at all *and* she played hip hop. I finally really liked yoga.

Ally Hamilton is that fantastic yoga teacher who teaches classes at Santa Monica Power Yoga, a donation only place - how truly yogic is that?!

She taught the class in this pose, the whooooole time:

Ally Titivasana_TN.jpg

P.S. I'd love to go to this yoga retreat in Maui. It's not donation only but I'm accepting your donations. You can expect really nice thank you notes.

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i really like your pictures

Posted by: kim at March 9, 2006 7:50 PM
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