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March 29, 2006

Harmony Hotel, Costa Rica


The Harmony Hotel website begins like this: Nestled into the sleepy town of Nosara, Costa Rica, 40 miles from the nearest paved road, high standards of sustainable living meet the creature comforts of low key beach life at the Harmony Hotel.


True but it's all that and so much more.

Imagine waking up in a comfortable and understatedly elegant room, walking on a little path through tropical plants while catching glimpses of fluorescent colored crabs and birds, on your way to the dining area by the pool, and eating a delicious breakfast with as much fresh fruit as your heart desires. Then you're surfing, swimming and playing in a beach so warm, soft and beautifully blue you might think you're in your bathtub but then you realize it's a lot better than that. After beach time, you're sitting by the pool doodling in your journal, writing your screenplay, or blogging! via wifi. In the evenings you drink cervezas and meet other creatively minded people like you.




This is truly what the Harmony Hotel provides and I know because I've experienced it. It's tough when your good friends open up this hotel and invite you down to "test" it. We felt obliged. You may recall the tropical fun we had there in these posts: Jonah's Over Horses, Tropical Surprise! and New Years Fun at the Harmony.

Environmentalists will rightfully delight in the hotel's commitment to sustainable living, mellow surfers will discover their scene here and creative folks will rejoice in the perfect opportunity to unwind, have fun and recharge.



Please say that AndreaHarner.com sent you if you go!! :-)*

*Can someone rotate that smiley face 90 degrees. It's not right on its side.


As soon as I can round up the sixty skillion billion dollars I need to bribe my boss into letting me have time off and the two grand to bribe a chorus dancer from Vegas into going with me, I'm there. :)

Posted by: Agulator at April 3, 2006 9:44 AM
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