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May 31, 2006

X Men: The Last Stand


X Men 3 was quite good!! The first three quarters of the movie were the psychological part which had me riveted but then when the last quarter turned into all the action I fell asleep. But that's my issue.

If you liked the previous X Men movies, like to fantasize about being a boarding school kid with special powers, and enjoy drawing analogies between the X Men story and real life, see it!!

May 30, 2006

Toothpaste shouldn't be limp

I walked into the bathroom, saw this and felt too discouraged to brush my teeth:


It's astounding how similar my mom and I look!


* The Asian courtyard in the Asian section of the Met, May 06.

The cutest thing to my eyeballs: Jonah walking a pooch.


Thanks to Lily's puppy Maggie for posing for this shot - it took 12 takes!

For more Maggie click here.

May 26, 2006

I knew it was going to be a great day when...

I awoke and upon seeing that Jonah had a rip in his boxers, I exclaimed and sang, "you look like a pauper! would you like me to darn your boxers?" I was pretty pleased with my choice of words and my vocal style.

And Jonah said in reaction, "just because you've started doing crossword puzzles doesn't mean you should casually drop words like pauper and darn..."


Psst - the piglets feel slutty in tiger print onesies

From the dog, tiger and pig website that is we have this amazing story.



In a zoo in California, a mother tiger gave birth to a rare set of
triplet tiger cubs. Unfortunately, due to complications in the pregnancy,
the cubs were born prematurely and due to their tiny size, they died shortly
after birth.
The mother tiger after recovering from the delivery, suddenly started to
decline in health, although physically she was fine. The veterinarians felt
that the loss of her litter had caused the tigress to fall into a
depression. The doctors decided that if the
tigress could surrogate another mother's cubs, perhaps she would improve.

After checking with many other zoos across the country, the depressing news
was that there were no tiger cubs of the right age to introduce to the
mourning mother. The veterinarians decided to try something that had never
been tried in a zoo environment. Sometimes a mother of one species will take
on the care of a different species. The only "orphans" that could be found
quickly, were a litter of weaner pigs.
The zoo keepers and vets wrapped the piglets in tiger skin and placed the
babies around the mother tiger.

Thanks to Jodi for this!

Reminder: I really love her.


Girl names for baby

I can't believe I'm just a few months away* from giving birth and Jonah and I still haven't come up with a girl name!!

Can you help??

* Just kidding! I'm 9 plus months away from giving birth but thought it's never too early to plan right?!

Congratulations Top Chef Harold!!!


NYC loves you!!! and so does a cute single friend of mine...

When you open your restaurant with your winnings in the fall of 2006, don't forget your fans! Me! I'll review it for free.

Top Chef was a great show. Thanks Bravo, I owe you.

May 25, 2006

Buy your Stewart/Colbert '08 T-Shirt!

Finally, candidates I can get behind!!


An Inconvenient Truth

You must see this movie: An Inconvenient Truth and quick! The sooner you see it the sooner you can kill any blissful ignorance you enjoy.


May 24, 2006

Dog tease


For Your Emotional Support - I care for you.

Emotional Support Goat:


Emotional Support Duck:


Polite Lies: On Being a Woman Caught Between Cultures

This book is interesting to me as most things Japanese are but it's also pitiful and offensive how much she 'takes out on' Japan, Japanese culture and people because of her miserable childhood and terrible memories of Japan.

If you feel like reading something that is annoying but sometimes also offers analysis and truths worth gleaning, here's the book for you!


May 23, 2006

What I am currently

Rhymes with Fizz + shortest nickname for drug that temporarily makes one ecstatic = _____

You got it!


May 19, 2006


My parents are in town this week which means that we got to see a play!

Defiance, written by John Patrick Shanley who also wrote the Pulitzer award winning Doubt, was quite good. It's clear that the playwrights main interest is authority which is the central theme in both these plays. Doubt deals with the Catholic church and Defiance takes on the military. Time flew right by and afterwards I was left to ponder authority, morality and existentialism.

If you're expecting your parents, better buy those theater tix now!


May 18, 2006

YMCA stands for FLAIR!!

I just joined my neighborhood Y which is brand new, right across the street and fantastic. I started swimming with a regular bathing cap but something wasn't right. The imprint it left on my forehead and the lack of style chilled me to the bone.

Finally, I found some flair to make swimming those laps glamorous!


Don't worry, I would never get this in rainbow colors...I chose the all blue so it's classy and sexy.

May 17, 2006

Princess Talia

A few days after I heard that Talia was the new hip name that Jewish New Yorkers are naming their daughters, I got proof when introduced to Princess Talia, the newest addition to the Rubin-Rosenberg household. Congrats to Beth, Richard, Willa and Jackson!!

The kitten was born little but healthy, came into this world whiskers first and Beth said that other than a tickle and a giggle she birthed Princess Talia painlessly and silently.




* From an email forward.

Best Eyelash Comb FOUND!


It's made of some serious claws which does the job well, it folds up to protect you and for ease of travel and it only costs $6.50.

Every Tweezerman product is high quality, comes with a lifetime quarantee and they're big believers in social responisibility and progressive politics, so Tweezerman is a company worth supporting!

P.S. They're tweezers are the best too. I figured everyone already knows that. If you didn't, now you know that they also provide free sharpening for their tweezers therefore your one pair of tweezers could truly last you your lifetime!

May 16, 2006

She looks American to me!

This is intended as a departure point for a discussion about obesity in America.


* The Immigrant March 05.06.

Worst Misnomer: Molotov Cocktails

May 15, 2006

Drugs, Alcohol, Kate Moss and Rehab.

Hey readers!!

You know how I'm only supposed to suggest you click on ads that you genuinely have an interest in and are relevant to you otherwise I could be engaging in click fraud?

Well, today's keyword cartoon involves drugs, alcohol, Kate Moss and rehab.

Who doesn't have a genuine interest in those things??!!

Best Game FOUND: SET

This is a highly addictive game that I force on guests to determine their intelligence.


If you become as obsessed could you tell me if you think you get better with repeated play? I'm not sure I am. Also, any secrets would be appreciated!

Building a Brand (The Huffington Post) With a Blog by David Carr

Apparently my sweet pea Jonah is a "hotdog".

New York Times
May 15, 2006
David Carr
Building a Brand With a Blog

When it began a year ago, The Huffington Post seemed like a remarkably bad idea. The brainchild of Arianna Huffington, the blog was intended to be a liberal counterpoint to The Drudge Report, featuring an elite list of Hollywood bloggers — Gwyneth Paltrow, Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton, among others — who would share their innermost leanings.

A year later, The Huffington Post has succeeded by failing. The promised missives from stars never much materialized, but the site is booming, fueled by rapid-fire news postings and more than 700 bloggers, most of whom you have never heard of.

The Huffington Post had more than 1.3 million unique visitors last month, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, and more than 2 million in February.

The site now has deals with Yahoo and AOL, is close to a deal with a video company, and has been approached by Barry Diller to help build a separate satiric news and entertainment site.

After investing about $2 million, a fraction of the $50 million it would take to create a magazine, The Huffington Post has become a well-known, oft-cited news media brand in the blink of an eye.

It seems that Ms. Huffington, who has taken to social climbing with the finesse of a ballerina and the ferocity of a fullback, has found finally found her métier. Nick Denton, founder and publisher of Gawker Media, calls her "the only establishment figure to make the transition to the Web."

After a zigzag career that included tours as an author, socialite, political wife, conservative maven, gubernatorial candidate and television commentator, the glamorous Greek ex-pat known for inspired political fan-dancing has found traction in a media space better known for rants from people who rarely leave their basements.

"I am an obsessive, and the Internet rewards obsession," she said, adding in passing that there is still no Greek word for blog. "We should come up with a better name for it, but I guess that ship has sailed."

And so it has, taking Ms. Huffington right along with it. Last Monday night, she was honored by Time magazine — along with Matt Drudge, still the unchallenged king of the blogosphere — as one of America's 100 most influential people.

AT the party at the Time Warner Center, Ms. Huffington, who has railed against the war in Iraq, finally had the chance to face off against Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

When she finally had her moment, she asked the secretary of state, "Who designed your dress?"

Rena Lange, was the secretary's reply. "And who designed yours?"

"Kira Craft. She's a young designer in Los Angeles."

Ms. Huffington's readers, who have grown accustomed to a steady diet of red-meat attacks on the administration, were livid.

"I tend to agree with your positions, but this is important. You give up your power as a journalist when you're 'afraid' to ask questions just because you're at a social function," wrote one poster on the site. "Why, as a journalist, would you want to socialize with those in power?"

Her readers fail to understand that her air-kissed mastery of social conventions is how she arrived in the first place. Ms. Huffington, whom I have watched work the room effortlessly at both political conventions and Oscar parties, is a celebrity who occasionally functions as a journalist, someone who throws rocks from deep inside the glass house.

"I don't think she is giving voice to people who didn't have one," said Mr. Drudge, her foil on the right. "She is crashing the gates of her own home in Brentwood as far as I can tell. It's not like she is disenfranchised."

But a Brentwood address alone does not push a Web site above the clutter. Ms. Huffington smartly partnered with Ken Lerer, a former AOL executive who was convinced that the site could blend straight news and blogging. The duo hired Jonah Peretti, a viral marketing hotdog who has helped the site's visibility.

Beyond the bag of Web tricks, Ms. Huffington has introduced the sparkle of celebrity to the frat-house world of blogging.

In at least one case, she overdelivered, manufacturing a post by George Clooney (which he quickly disavowed) out of public comments he'd previously made.

"I tried too hard to speed up his journey to blogging," she blithely explained.

She may have stumbled with Mr. Clooney, but she has sped a lot of other journeys. The Huffington Post came along at a time when the liberal penchant for polite discourse was being buried by the unalloyed opinions of conservatives, who used talk radio and the Web to tilt the playing field in their favor.

Ms. Huffington put the same kind of megaphone on the left at a time when the old hallmarks of civility and fairness were no longer prized, and in this new world, a bit passé.

After just a year, The Huffington Post has worked one end of the political spectrum to put itself right in the middle of things.

JWT, the advertising agency, has placed ads for several clients on the site and has invited Ms. Huffington to speak at a huge ad summit in Cannes, France.

"Clients have begun to realize that you can't just play it safe," said Bob Jeffrey, the chief executive and chairman of JWT Worldwide. "They have to be willing to look at things that have a point of view."

And part of the reason that her site is doing so well may be simply that the current administration is not.

"There are a lot of things that are doing well because of the failing of the Bush administration, and while our country might not be one of them, The Huffington Post certainly is," said Al Franken, the Air America radio host and occasional Huffington Post contributor. "Arianna has always tried a lot of stuff and some of it didn't stick to the wall. This just happened to come along at a very good time."

May 12, 2006

Mother's Day Card for my Mom

Dear Mommy,

Thank you for everything you have taught me. As I've gotten older I hear your wisdom ring in my ears whenever I stray. When I was younger it seemed annoying but now I agree with your often blunt, but profoundly true outlook and advice.

You taught me first and foremost that I should take care of my body and mind. I take a multi-vitamin everyday although that doesn't seem to stop you from asking me on our weekly phone calls if I'm taking my multi-vitamins :-) I eat well though I know I should eat more fruit! I exercise, not as much as I should, but I do! I don't drink too much, certainly less than I did when I was a naive youngster, because as you always said, it's not hard to understand that alcohol beyond moderation becomes a poison.

You've taught me to love myself even with my flaws. Physical "flaws" can be tough for a girl but you always told me uncomplicatedly that the most important thing was that I was fortunate to be in good health and that I was beautiful no matter when anyone or any "beauty authority" said. When I cried about my pimply teenage skin you said that I was blessed with oily skin which meant I would have less wrinkles as I aged. When I was a teenager mortified by my bunion you said, "hey, you may have ugly feet but you have a pretty face!" I look at how you hold yourself and how you've aged gracefully and I'm in awe at your strength and beauty.

You always stressed that education and being smart was the most important thing. I thank you for always expecting me to get the highest grades and for all the times you said, "you're smart and you speak and write well so you should be a lawyer!" :-) Although I haven't become a lawyer and instead have recently taken up cartooning I know you're proud of me because you now think I'm as good an artist as Picasso :-) Thank you for always valuing brains, a healthy, holistic lifestyle and imperfect, natural and true beauty. You are a living inspiration to me and I'm grateful with all my heart that you are my mother.

Your daughter

My new career

Estate Jeweler.

The Yes Men have done it again: Hoax on Halliburton!

It's like a gated community for one!

"It's basically a giant inflatable orb," said a Yes Man posing as "Fred Wolf of Halliburton" during a phone interview yesterday. "If catastrophe threatens a large population, the business manager simply enters the orb, puts it on, and it protects him or her in any climate condition, whether it involved tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, ice conditions or heat conditions."


"We were targeting Halliburton because they're the most iconic example of companies profiting from global warming, climate changes and even natural disasters like in New Orleans," said a Yes Man who called himself Andy Bichlbaum.


Via HuffingtonPost.

You know where to find me tonight at 9 and on May 29thth!!


Disturbing article on beauty treatments, sheep and Oprah.

Read this article.

In case you needed more proof, you'll discover that people are sheep. It's truly sad that so many women have lost their minds and souls.

Is it such a crazy idea that what makes for the most beautiful woman is one who has learned to embrace her so called flaws and aging and through that process has become truly confident and attractive??!!

Thanks to Celeste for the article!

May 11, 2006

My alter ego...

is GGirl.

I have to tell you, I'm pretty excited about my Private Jet Aircraft cartoon: PrivateJetAircraft_thumb.gif

I only wish! it were socially acceptable for a nearly 30 year old woman to wear heart-shaped sunglasses.

The greatest dog fight caught on camera!

It's horrific.

Cokehead Clues

We always suspected cocaine use in this apt but the nerve to put it on flagrant display like this!!



We knew this was a cry for help so we swept it up and left him alone.

My new favorite drink: Kir Royal

The color which this photo doesn't do justice and the taste which this photo also doesn't do justice are heavenly:


May 10, 2006

Have you ever...

rubbed some essential oil on your wrist that initially smelled good and then immediately regretted it? And then, every time you catch a whiff you feel like puking?

Try it sometime!

It's memorable.

Underground : The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche

I am obsessed with this book right now. It's comprised of Murakami's interviews with the Sarin Gas Attack victims and the perpetrators. Can't put it down and have started taking baths every night so the book is 50% wet at any given time.


May 9, 2006

Best office chair for person with back problems??

I'd love to know.

Are Aerons really the only answer?


My back hurts.

Diagnosis Allergies or Cold?

Update: I had a fever and a sore throat so I had a cold. Happy to report I'm feeling better now. Thanks for everyone's input except the person that scared the shit out of me with the viral meningitas talk.

My symptoms:

Severely congested. Snot Factory. Runny nose. Headache. Sore throat. Not painfully sore but persistently uncomfortable and slightly swollen glands. Some sneezing but not a crazy amount.


Allergies or Cold?


No itchy or irritated eyes.

May 8, 2006

Animated GIFs 101

Don't know how to spot an animated gif? Well you're in luck today, class. Click on the cartoon thumbnail below or here and it'll take you to a real live animated gif!

You'll see one image for 4 seconds and then another for 10 seconds. And that's an animated gif!!

It's like magic but better...Geek magic!

Stay vigilantly tuned for JPEGs 101: The Other Image File Format

Manhattan to Brooklyn: Are we there yet??

For a Manhattanite, the journey from Manhattan to Brooklyn can be and often is a traumatic experience. What adds to the trauma is that it's not as if Manhattanites like to be ridiculously difficult and Manhattan centric so it is unpleasant for Manhattanites to see themselves in such unfavorable light (ultimately it's most important to understand things from the Manhattanite's perspective). But it is nonetheless a stressful experience especially when on the weekends it's not uncommon that two of the four subway lines you would take are not operating and then you discover once on one of the two subway lines that are supposedly operating that the only other supposedly working subway you planned to take is under construction and thus non existant. After three transfers and many more unhappy comments we emerged in Brooklyn.

And look at what that far away land holds! Nature! Beauty! Pollen!













May 5, 2006

Best Hawaii Souvenir: Ear Cleaner

Look at this beauty:


Complete with an offensive female character hanging from it:


And here's the scooper, a real worker bee!!


I'm enrolling people in my 'ear cleaner rotation program' so if you want to give it a go, send me your contact info!

May 4, 2006


Since Google isn't allowing drug advertisements anymore I couldn't use this cartoon for KeywordCartoons so here it is. Enjoy!


GGirl wanted to know what all the Viagra hype was about so she popped ten of them bad boys and soon she understood.

May 3, 2006

Let's play it by text!

Did I just invent the greatest saying or what?! No google search returns so consider it an original.

The energy it requires to be an inventor such as myself is exhausting.

The Bridge


Apparently there are people in couples who are more drawn to movies about suicide then others. I realized this when Jason and I ended up seeing The Bridge together and I thought, "where's Meg and Jonah?" "Oh right, less drawn to this subject matter". I have to admit I was obsessed ever since I read the New Yorker article a few years ago, that inspired this documentary.

The film was simply and successfully structured. What it did especially well was interspersing interviews with the loved ones of the jumpers with images of the actual jumpers pacing, contemplating and jumping. Visually, it was incredibly strong. Also, the tremendous struggle that loved ones had over what to do to help, to what extent to help, etc was clear and an enormously interesting and worthwhile question.

What surprised me was that I found myself not as interested in the personal stories as I thought I would be. I'm the most emotional person always interested in the human stories so I wondered why I was hoping instead to get less personal, more statistical and clinical analysis. I think it's because depression is not foreign to me and I can't help but want analysis that makes me feel like we're getting closer to understanding and perhaps lessening the problem. I wanted to know about the studies that have been done about jumpers, what percentage of jumpers are on medication when do jump?, for most people is this the first suicide attempt or the culmination of several unsuccessful attempts?, what percentage of people travel to get there? Of course these questions would only be questions to start off the more difficult questions we should ask ourselves about the state of mental health in our society.

Check out Jason's review from which you can also check out a graph detailing jump spots and an interview with a guy who survived his jump.

Just STOP at 2 cats.

This article contains so many depressing aspects and is also gross.

Thanks to Annie Maxwell for the link!

And Annie, don't worry, you won't end up a cat lady. Just think - if you do, I'll sell them on ebay for you so don't worry!

Shin Sang-Ok, Film Director and Abductee 1927 - 2006

Economist subscribers can read about this man's completely horrifying and fascinating life here. Others, see below.

Shin Sang-Ok

Apr 27th 2006
From The Economist print edition
Shin Sang-Ok, film director and abductee, died on April 11th, aged 79


VIEWERS of the movie �Team America: World Police� will have gathered that North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Il, is a mixed-up fellow. He may be brutal�he is depicted feeding Hans Blix, the former UN weapons inspector, to a shark�but he is also a sensitive, artistic soul. After murdering Mr Blix, he sings a sad song about how lonely it is being a psychotic despot. This was supposed to be outrageous satire. But, as Shin Sang-Ok could have told the directors, no fictionalised �Dear Leader� could be weirder, or nastier, than the real one.

Mr Shin was a South Korean movie director. In 1978, Mr Kim, a movie buff, had him kidnapped and whisked to the hermit kingdom to make its revolutionary film industry less awful.

Before then, Mr Shin was best known for giving South Korean audiences their first on-screen kiss. During the 1950s and 1960s he made dozens of films, several of which depicted Korean women's struggles against patriarchal convention. His favourite leading lady was his wife, the dazzling Choi Eun-Hee. In the 1970s Mr Shin's career waned, and it came to an abrupt halt when he upset South Korea's military government by complaining about censorship. His movie company was swiftly shut down.

Mr Kim, then the unacknowledged heir apparent to the world's first hereditary communist monarchy, saw his opportunity. First, he had Ms Choi lured to Hong Kong, kidnapped and shipped to a North Korean port. Ever the gentleman, he turned up at the dock to greet her. �Thank you for coming, Madame Choi,� he said, as if she were stepping off a cruise ship.

Although they had recently divorced, Mr Shin was naturally alarmed at his ex-wife's disappearance. He followed her trail to Hong Kong, where he too was abducted. In North Korea, he was put up in a comfortable guest house, but insisted on trying to escape. One day he borrowed a car, drove to a railway station, hid among crates of explosives and crept aboard a freight train. He was caught the next day, and soon found himself in a hellish prison camp.

Even there, however, he was protected from afar. When he tried to starve himself to death, officials force-fed him through a funnel. A guard told Mr Shin that he was the first attempted suicide he'd ever seen saved�so he must be very important.

After four years, Mr Shin won his release through a series of abjectly apologetic letters to Kim Jong Il and his father, President Kim Il Sung. He was brought to a dinner party in Pyongyang, the capital, and face-to-face with his ex-wife, who had not known until that moment that he was in North Korea. �Well, go ahead and hug each other. Why are you just standing there?� said the Dear Leader, who then suggested that they re-marry. They did as they were told.

At last, Mr Shin's talents could be put to good use. Mr Kim was worried that films produced in decadent, capitalist South Korea were better than those produced in the North. Perceptively, he explained to Mr Shin that this was because North Korean film workers knew the state would feed them regardless of the quality of their output. In the South, by contrast, actors and directors had to sweat to make films the public would pay to see. Mr Kim wasn't saying that there was anything wrong with socialism, of course, but he gave Mr Shin millions of dollars, a fancy marble-lined office and more artistic freedom than any North Korean director had ever enjoyed before.

Films fit for Cannes

Mr Kim did not want Mr Shin to make crude propaganda. Oh no. He wanted films that would win awards at international festivals. And although the tubby tyrant had previously argued, in his book �On the Art of Cinema�, that good movies should glorify the party, the system, his father and himself, he realised that this was not a fail-safe formula for wowing the judges at Cannes.

So he let Mr Shin shoot some watchable films, including �Pulgasari�, a Godzilla-inspired affair about a metal-eating monster who helped 14th-century peasants overthrow their feudal lords. The director and his wife were obliged to give a press conference explaining that they had willingly defected to North Korea, but otherwise they were treated far better than most of the Kim dynasty's hapless subjects. Mr Kim must have thought that was good enough to keep them loyal, for he allowed them to travel. As soon as they saw a chance to dodge their bodyguards, during a promotional trip to Vienna in 1986, they fled to the American embassy and sought asylum.

Mr Shin was at first reluctant to go home, for fear that South Korea's security police might disbelieve his fantastic tale and suspect him of communist sympathies. Fortunately, he and his wife had made, at mortal risk, clandestine tape recordings of conversations with Mr Kim. These, and the couple's memoirs, are among the most useful accounts we have of the secretive (and now probably nuclear-armed) Dear Leader's personality: charming, shrewd, quirky, malevolent.

Mr Shin continued to make films until shortly before he died. His last years were frail; he had a liver transplant in 2004. Ms Choi survived him, and his last film, about an old man with Alzheimer's, is yet to be released.

May 2, 2006

Memento Mori by David Sedaris

I love David Sedaris' writing and here's his latest.

He's almost as good as Dan Brown.

United 93


I thought I'd be the last person to see United 93 given that when I saw the preview I recoiled in horror and thought it was much too soon and would invariably be a horrifically tasteless representation of a tragedy.

But I heard that critics were giving it rave reviews across the board so my interest was piqued. Jonah and I went to see it on opening night which we hardly ever do because it's a madhouse but I knew that there would be perhaps as many people who would boycott it as go to see it so sure enough we got good seats and enjoyed (as much as you can enjoy this sort of movie) this surpisingly good movie.

The main highlights were that they didn't emotionally manipulate you in that way that Hollywood is excellent at and it was apolitical and didn't hit you over the head with a political message. It mostly, in my opinion, demonstrated how inefficient bureacracies can be at such great expense.

As NYTimes' Manohla Dargis reviewed, "a persuasively narrated, scrupulously tasteful re-creation" of the downing of the fourth and final plane hijacked by Islamist terrorists on Sept. 11..."

The One Percent


Thanks to John and Susan, we (plus Duncan of course) joined them for the premiere of Jamie Johnson's new documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival called The One Percent. As you may be able to guess, this doc is about the richest one percent of Americans.

Jamie's courage and critique is commendable and I encourage him to continue in his search (because I'm sure he cares what I think) but the movie was all over the place without any semblance of structure. There were certainly entertaining parts from interviews that his wealth afforded him access to (Steve Forbes, Milton Friedman, Bill Gates Senior, the arms dealer guy from Iran Contra, etc) but it felt mostly like I was watching a young man go through therapy. And I'm pretty sure I was. I'm all for therapy so I think it's great that he's doing therapy *and* making documentaries. What I really look forward to is his becoming a better filmmaker (which I have confidence he will) while he works through tough questions about wealth in America.

May 1, 2006

KeywordCartoons Launched!

Hellllloooo sophisticated, sexy readers!!

I'm very excited to announce my new project KeywordCartoons featuring the adventures of a cute, weird and monstruous little purple-haired girl named GGirl!

While my obsession with cartooning was developing, so was my sense that I'm like a border collie!, desperate for fun! and challenging tasks! so voila! I've been tasked with drawing a daily cartoon inspired by the most valuable words and concepts on the Internet. Thanks to Jonah for transforming me into a border collie.

You can visit KeywordCartoons for brand new daily cartoons or follow a link to the latest installment where they will appear daily right here on I hope you enjoy the trials, tribulations and twisted thoughts of GGirl!

Concept: Jonah Peretti
Cartoons: Andrea Harner
Code: Andy Yaco-Mink

I really hope Google supports me on this project - we'll have to wait and see!

Ziboy Photo Exhibition in Beijing!

Ziboy, longtime Beijing photoblogger has successfully opened a photo exhibition comprised of photos from bloggers around the world.

The exhibition site and its Flickr accompaniment leave a little something to be desired but the concept is nonetheless very cool.


Just think, this global collaboration enabled by blogs, didn't exist before! And it's happening in Red China! Radical. That's why I happily participated. If only I had been able to attend the exhibition!

Video projects

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