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"Homeboy (Amigo) Jewelry?"
"I have this platinum, engagement ring with a 1.25 carat VSI diamond in a transverse setting with smaller 0.5 carat sapphires to the sides that needs its center stone re-pronged. Can you do that?"
"¿Señora, la muestra dice la reparación, no?"
"Yes it does say repair, but I had some difficulty seeing it beneath the graffiti. I just wanted to make sure."
"La pintura es parte de la imagen que mantenemos aquí en Homeboy (Amigo) Jewelry."
"I knew from the bright yellow, red, and black sign - with a splash of black marker or paint - that you were a class-act jeweler! I'll be in immediately!"
"Agradezca a le, a Señora, y recuerde por favor que es nuestro lema, "¡No se deja ninguna piedra sola!". Areciamos su negocia."
*smiles and focuses on the happy thoughts at how fortunate she was to find Homeboy (Amigo) Jewelry*


Posted by: |mr|Darcy at August 9, 2006 1:54 PM

Awesome in any language.

Posted by: Ashley at August 9, 2006 5:58 PM
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