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November 30, 2006

The couple look is not ok.

Unsuspecting European tourists engage in what's called the "couple look" in Japan and it's not pretty, folks.


* Union Square

Thanksgiving 06!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was as fun (endless stories of Thanksgiving past) and loving (lots of public making out) as ours was!

Our delicious dead bird:


Our dead bird fister:


Sally's butternut squash inspired me to become a soup maker in my future - high hopes abound!


Nixon's Red Snapper was a delightful albeit untraditional addition to the table:


Our feast - more food than these skinny New Yorkers knew what to do with!


Duncan's eating style - it's a lot for us to endure but we do it:


Duncan, Leila, Nixon, Sally, Jeff and Jonah:




Thanks to Duncan for hosting (for the second year in a row!) and for Sally and Nixon for cooking!!

Luckiest dog on the planet

Don't stop. Don't you ever stop. Do it to me.

Thanks to Sally & Peggy for knowing that this would be right up my alley!

November 29, 2006

Don't accidentally wear a maid's costume in Akihabara

My maid costume's all packed and ready to be worn!

Pesky perverts pry on otaku's dolled-up maids.

Thanks to BuzzFeed for the heads up!

'Yours Truly,' the E-Variations by Lola Ogunnaike

More email etiquette. Not that you need it.

"While on the one hand e-mail encourages people to write," she said, "on the other hand it discourages people to write thoughtfully." SO TRUE.

Robert Verdi, a fashion stylist and a host of "Surprise by Design," a makeover reality show on the Discovery Channel, is a self-described "xoxo offender." "Never in the first or second communication," he clarified. But after a few friendly phone conversations or e-mail exchanges, he feels comfortable with the affectionate and casual sign-off, though he generally waits for the other party to make the first move. "The other person gives you the cues," he said. "They send a 'You're the best! Love, Alison,' and you send a 'Hugs and kisses' and all of a sudden you're over that awkward hump and you're best friends." I LOVE THIS GUY ALREADY.

Many e-mail users don't bother with a sign-off, and Letitia Baldridge, the manners expert, finds that annoying. "It's so abrupt," she said, "and it's very unfriendly. We need grace in our lives, and I'm not talking about heavenly grace. I'm talking about human grace. We should try and be warm and friendly." I WANT HEAVENLY GRACE.

Couple Gets Pasta Sauce Instead Of Camcorder

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

FYI, when I'm really hungry (and my friends know how pleasant I am in these moments) I might pay $1600 for a can of Classico.


November 28, 2006

How to write an email

Next time someone writes you a rambling, repetitive, waste of time email, respond with just this link.

Etsy, your place to buy and sell all things handmade

Other than the confusion caused by me thinking it's a site selling all small things (wait, I should do that) this online marketplace for all things handmade is awesome. It's designed well too which is a huge relief because you know how these craftsy things can be!

You will spend hours perusing but here are some highlights.

I want these guys - badly. I don't care if they're "reserved for Jenn!!


Pure awesomeness. Do they only sell stuffed animals and toys, you ask? No, it's just what I'm interested in.


Doorway Puppet Theater Set - fits into a little satchel to bring to every friend and acquaintance's apt - please share your talent!


Thanks to BuzzFeed for the Etsy Buzz!

I hate being discriminated against because I'm skinny

What often happens is that I'm standing in a pizza line next to a big guy and two pizza slices come fresh out of the oven for us. The server takes a look at me and then at him and gives me the smaller piece and him the bigger piece.


November 27, 2006

Panda pup sneezes and it's too much for his mom (and me) to handle

Woah. Easy there tiger panda!

Watch mom's defensive hunchback and check out her "talk to the hand" that she does with her right hind paw.

Recommended viewing style: Over and over and over again. It's the only way to ensure "getting it".

Thanks to Sally/Sal Pal/Petal Pop for the link!

Please welcome Animated Hard Gay to this site.

He will live here for a long time.


Japanese video #3621: Girl that looks like me when I was 15 battles her pet baby racoons

As per usual, an awesome video from Japan. Makes me miss Japan even more but I'll be there soon enough - just one month to go!!

Best espresso machine: Nespresso D90!!

And you must say it in Italiano!! Nesprrrrreeeessssso!

The Nespresso D90 in coral red is so dreamy it's a pleasure getting up every morning to make my espresso. AUTHENTIC CREMA. I kid you not. The capsules you have to buy (nothing else will work in it) are pricier than if you made espresso the traditional way but it is so worth it (traditional is not always best!). You don't have to deal with espresso grounds all over the place, cleaning the beautiful machine or spending more than 1 minute with it before you have a delicious, piping hot espresso con crema! You might however feel like a lab rat that drinks your pod every morning but there are a lot worse things. What more could you ask for? Niente!!!


Thanks to my mother in law Della for this fantastic 30th birthday gift! Grazie mille!!

November 24, 2006

Happy Black Friday. Let's all get along.


November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving! Let's all get along.


* Angus (showing tongue) and Ruby courtesy of Julie.

November 22, 2006

BuzzFeed Office Warming Party!

Mr. & Mrs. BuzzFeed who will be your hosts for the evening!


Introducing Peggy's pooch Lambert!


And here's Peggy (left) and her band The Ethnic Strokes. JK! That's a joke band and not her real band but they look like rockers and that's what counts!


People and Jay-Z:


The preppies:


They always stick together:


Hanging out:




Not sweet:


Jonah talks to Bill while Lead Designer Chris and his very pregnant wife leave us early to give birth:


Two cute things:


Two even cuter things!!!


I think someone's not allergic to Lambert! And someone loves Lambert!


Look at how blue Meg's eyes are!


Doublemint twins:


Having Lambert/Lammy/Lambchop around was too much fun:


The End:


November 21, 2006

Masterful Director Robert Altman Dies at 81, RIP


Robert Altman, one of the most adventurous and influential American directors of the late 20th century, a filmmaker whose iconoclastic career spanned more than half a century but whose stamp was felt most forcefully in one decade, the 1970s, died Monday in Los Angeles. He was 81. His death, at a hospital, was confirmed today by a friend, the singer Annie Ross. The cause was not announced. Mr. Altman had a heart transplant in the mid-1990s, a fact he publicly revealed for the first time last March while accepting an honorary Oscar at the Academy Awards ceremony.

Continue reading "Masterful Director Robert Altman Dies at 81, RIP" »

Anatomical to Stylish!

Watch this awesome animation

of this:


to this:


Thanks to KO for the link!

New York Times Mental Health & Behavior a great section!

Check out some examples:

Just Thinking About Money Can Turn the Mind Stingy.

Born to be Good.

A Neuroscientific Look at Speaking in Tongues.

You Are Cleared for Takeoff

Famous Patients and the Lessons They Teach.

Feel free to use this account I set up for you guys!

User: ahblog
Password: smallestpancake

Cartoonist Matthew Diffee interviews Bob Mankoff, New Yorker cartoon editor

I could read about cartoons and the analysis of them all day long. I just love the brilliant simplicity and humor of the cartoon medium. If you agree, you'll enjoy these links!

Interview - part 1

Interview - part 2 and more.

Also, here's Matthew Diffee's new book, The Rejection Collection which chronicles the cartoons that didn't make it into the New Yorker - so interesting to see what didn't make the cut and why.


November 20, 2006

Jay-Z concert, free!!

New York City is so awesome sometimes it's hard to believe I get to live here. This Saturday while finishing up a lovely, leisurely brunch Jonah got an email saying Jay-Z was about to give a concert on the pier at 13th Street. We walked over there and because Jay-Z's on tour promoting his new album Kingdom Come, people got in for free (your price of admission was being bombarded by aggressive and ubiquitous brand marketing). The next thing you knew we were waiting for Jay-Z to come on stage. I love Jay-Z (not as much as the girl 10 feet behind us standing on a platform screaming and crying that she loved Jay-Z) and I love outdoor concerts (even if it wasn't the warmest day) so I was very happy. After the concert, still unable to wipe the grin off my face nor quell the excited squeals, "I can't believe we just got to see Jay-Z!!", we poured out with the concert crowd into the meatpacking district where we discovered we were in the middle of a movie set. Judging by the crashed bus and blown up cabs, it was either that Will Smith movie or Speed 5.

Only in New York City. I love you New York City! I love you Jay-Z!

Diamonds in the sky!


There's my boy! He was wearing a dope white jacket with safety pin emblems all over it.


30 is the new 20! Sally's eyeballs are very shy.


Thanks to Evan for the email!

Shiba-tastic video!

Top 3 cutest frames because you know, we have to rate and list everything.

The splayed out 'tude:


The coy paw!


The huddle - the one eye open - the other guy passed out:


Thanks to our fine furry friends at ModernPooch for letting me steal this post!

November 17, 2006

Ray-Ban Wayfarers


I wish sunglasses looked good on me because then I would have bought these white.

Sometimes you'll be fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time and get a deep glimpse into the soul of a blogger. Like with this post.

OJ Simpson: Great role model for his kids

What a father! What an asshole.

China says, "fiiiiiine" to Wikipedia

...after a year of being threatened by it. LAME.

November 16, 2006

BuzzFeed is live!


Jonah's new site BuzzFeed just launched and it's a super fun site if you like good things and the internet!

Currently I'm most excited about Casino Royale, Unboxing and Oxfords. Ooooh, Eating endangered species really hits the spot too tough to choose my favorite!

How bout you?

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun screening party!

You know it's a good sign when the only photos you have from your big night that you promised yourself you'd document the crap out of, are these.

This is how to drink a car bomb - watch closely, it's complex:




Let's get in an awkward line!


The carbombed happy filmmakers - Smile, Sally! You're having fun!


Post-party involved a scenic walk through Chinatown in my Prince heels. Thanks for pointing out the giant crab, Duncan and Anne!


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun will be posted soon! We're just waiting on Cyndi Lauper's approval.

November 15, 2006

Stationary in time for the holidays!

Save these for your BFFs.




Thanks to Chris and Pool Party for the link!

Syncing iCal with Sidekick

I used to use Missing Sync which worked until it didn't. Any other ways to do this seemingly easy thing which isn't at all?

Hugs and kisses,

It takes a poor duped village to make Borat

I haven't seen Borat yet and of course everyone is telling me how great it is. It's definitely reached the over hyped threshold for me which makes me less interested in seeing it especially knowing that it takes a poor, duped village to create Borat. It makes me sad. However I know that social forces will prevail and I'll see it - sometimes you have to resign yourself to the inevitable.

November 14, 2006

Aries Spears hits the mark!

His impersonations are truly awe-inspiring, especially of Snoop and Jay-Z. Mark my words, this video/Aries Spears is gonna blow up!

* via Kottke and a new undisclosed, secret site which will be launching soon!!

[Could you be] the most beautiful girl in the world?

Yes, Kate Moss, you are.

I think Kate Moss is the most beautiful woman in the world and I think it's weird that so many women feel this way about her too, yet she seems pretty personality-less (except if a fondness of coke equals personality). So I ask you, my dear readers who are equally ready to support and respect me as you are to burn me at the stake...Do you agree that Kate Moss is the most beautiful woman in the world?...and...Isn't is disturbing that the woman so many of us think easily holds this title seems to have much more personal style than personality? The obvious retort is that she's private and good at being private however I don't buy that. I'm not so sure I'd enjoy hanging out with her. So what do you have to say to that?!


* This post is dedicated to Anil Dash, Stuart Michie and everyone else who recognized the title of this post as a Prince song and to Peggy Wang for the great link after a discussion where we agreed on Kate Moss' superior style status and to Lily Whitall for loving Kate Moss as unreasonably as I do.

November 13, 2006

5 comedies for your desert island vacation

Updated update! I'd take 7 and my seventh would shirley be Airplane.

Update: I'd take 6 and my sixth would be Monty Python and the Holy Grail...I can't believe I almost left behind we are the knights who say ni! ni! ni ni!!!

22 comedians tell New York Times which comedies they would bring.

Mine (took me about .2 seconds to compile this list):

Annie Hall
When Harry Met Sally
Curb Your Enthusiasm (any season but 5)
There's Something About Mary

Thanks to Nicole for the link!

Get therapy. Not a puppy.

We saw this sign on display in front of a gaggle of puppies for sale in a pet store on 6th Avenue.


I walked over to Bellevue.

Become a millionaire by using your brain! Imagine that.

A cognitive neuroscientist shares secrets from his success on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show.

Research tends to support this idea: a first impulse is more often correct than a second, revised decision. But what if $250,000 is at stake?

* via Kottke.

Daily Lit is your last hope

You've been boring your friends for ages with your broken record-like vows to read War & Peace, Crime & Punishment, etc. But when you start boring yourself with empty promises you know it's time to subscribe to Daily Lit. You can sign up to receive emails of great literature in bite-sized chunks! Or in this case, ADD-sized chunks.

What's your first daily lit going to be? Mine's The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.

JK Rowling!!

Thank to my friend Amy in Shanghai for this link!

November 10, 2006

Mind your faux pas!

A nice list of what to watch out for by country.

I'd love to hear faux pas in contention - spot any?

* via Kottke.

Why can't all toilet seats be Japanese??

I miss a good rear cleaning:


* Taken by Megu (Meg in Japanese) at Megu .

You know what I get a lot now that I'm in school again?


November 9, 2006

Murder confession on national radio

This is for real - the woman doesn't have a clue.

Thanks to my brother for this link from the Tom Leykis Show!

Prophetic dreams? - Cheating husband & Heroin problem

Last night I dreamed that my friend's husband was a philanderer. I was over at their house and my friend was asleep because she was pregnant and tired. I soon discovered that her husband was also expecting a child with the woman he was cheating on his wife with. This woman was also there and starting to get crabby - might have had something to do with being pregnant and in the house of her 'boyfriend's' wife. I remember thinking I have to tell my friend about this! But isn't there some conventional wisdom about how you'll never be appreciated as a friend for exposing that sort of thing and that it's better to let her figure it out because it's just a matter of time before she does anyway? Anyway I woke up stressed about this wondering what I should do...

...which reminded me of a dream I had a few weeks ago. I discovered that a friend I haven't seen in a long time was a heroin addict. I remember thinking it's not that suprising that she's a heroin addict but it's still horrific of course and I was trying to figure out the best way to help her. When I woke up I told Jonah about it and was really getting into various ways of addressing the situation and he said, "you know, _____ isn't a heroin addict." And I was like, "oh right."

Yet I continued to imagine how I would break the news. I'd handwrite a letter with a quill pen beginning with the line, "all my dreams come true" and then "I dreamed your husband is having a child with another woman" or "I dreamed you love heroin."

But then I think better of it of course as I'm reminded that although they seem as real as my waking life my dreams are just dreams. I just hope that one day I won't slip up and say,"hope you kicked that cheating bastard to the curb!" or "are you on methodone yet?"

* Names have been withheld to protect the poor, innocent, unsuspecting souls who have their reputations tarnished by my subconscious.

Alas, the House AND the Senate are ours!!!


November 8, 2006

WOAH - Rummy's gone!


All ads should be like this

As they say, "Our adverts are light-hearted and have a distinct South African flavour – enjoy!"


Fingers still tightly crossed but...Senate & House Gain/Loss

Update: Check out Michael's comment below - it's great and worth your time. Thanks Michael!

What a pleasure to see!


November 7, 2006


Do you know the best site that's keeping track of the polls and presenting the candidates and the issues? Do share! Let's get into this!!

Puppies Behind Bars


At dinner the other night my friend Jaime mentioned that I might be interested in a program her friend participates in called Puppies Behind Bars. Interested?! It is now my current obsession. A very cool woman Gloria Gilbert Stoga approached prisons asking if they'd be interested in helping their inmates train guide dogs for the blind. The program has taken off and now you and I can help by volunteering to be a foster parent of sorts. Once a month, you can pick up your pooch in training and live with him/her to help socialize them since they spend most of their time in the prison environment. If this is something you are willing and able to do responsibly, I encourage you! Just make sure to bring the puppy by Chez Andrea.




Anyone know the allergy inducing level of labrador puppies?? I should probably know that for Jonah's sake before signing up.

November 6, 2006

A Cold Case by Philip Gourevitch

A Cold Case is a quick and interesting read about a reopened homicide case from 1970 and the nationwide hunt for the murderer. The facts of the case aren't too complex nor perplexing. It's the painting of mob run, Irish gangster ridden, New York in the 60s that is tantalizing. I was nearly transported and could almost hear the music, the accents, see the clothes and sense the times.

Janet Maslin says: "Gripping, first rate...beyond the outright suspense a meditation on the every essence of crime."

Sebastian Junger says: "Gourevitch is one of the finest journalists working today; his portrait of gangland in New York in the 60s is brilliant."


The works of art that matter most?

It's almost laughable when anyone compiles a list of what they deem are the most important works of art because it's so highly subjective of course but it's certainly a worthwhile discussion topic!

* via Kottke.

November 3, 2006

Scottish Fold - Kitten Video #4330

What are the top three cutest frames you ask? Ranked in order of cuteness:

1) The old foot-drag:


2) Soft-focused paw:


3) Close-up of intensely sleeping face:


November 2, 2006

I Like You by Amy Sedaris & Making Comics by Scott McCloud

My favorite purchases in a long time just arrived at my door and I can't tear myself away from them. I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris is extremely, extremely addictive. And very addictive. In fact I'm going to carry it around with me all day. Be warned, people who will come into contact with me today, I shall read you a passage and many more after that! Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels by Scott McCloud contains the sweet promise of my cartooning future which I've put on hold while I do everything else but it's always in my thoughts - childrens books authors, beware of your impending competition!!



November 1, 2006

My Rapist by Maureen Gibbon for New York Times

This article will certainly make you stop what you're doing and think.

Via Kottke.

Article begins:

One day several years ago, I opened up my hometown newspaper and found a picture of my rapist on the Engagements page.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. I knew he stayed in the area. But it still shocked me to see his photo. He was marrying a younger woman, one with a child, according to the article.

Continue reading "My Rapist by Maureen Gibbon for New York Times" »

Country House Hunt!

Last Saturday, after a ferocious celebration on Friday night of a certain event which I am not yet at liberty to tell, we headed to the country in search of a fun time checking out country houses - this is a New Yorker's idea of window shopping.

But of course we first had to suffer through the rental car much apathy behind the counter, so much frustration in front of the counter. Remember, we were also "reduced" that day thanks to secret celebration the night before (stay tuned, the reason will be told!).


My head hurt which made it harder for me to be the charming 'backseat driver in the passenger seat' person that I am but I managed.


Even though it was a sporadically rainy day the drive up was beautiful:


Duncan our happy navigator was also in on the celebration hence the red eyes and hanging-on-for-dear-life expression:


We were an hour and a half from the city and there were trees. Trees! TREES!! We talked a lot about trees that day:


We met with the broker to see the place that looked good to me online - what they call a log home - there's the old nestler!


Except it wasn't that much of a nestler you see - notice the road - this was a major dissapointment as my whole point of a country house is to leave the city noises such as cars, behind. Also, the cabin albeit cute on the outside would have needed work on the inside - not a perfect fit:


Canadian flag:


It had a cute shed:


And better yet, just behind the house, atop the hill was a treehouse! Well, a treehouse platform.

Treehouse shenanigans:


There would never have been enough goading to get me up there:




The view from the bottom of treehouse if you're too scared to climb up :




View from the treehouse:


Zoomed in:


When the broker realized I wanted to be as far away from the street as possible she showed us a plot of land for sale, further in from the raod and adjacent to the log home land - they are for sale together if anyone's interested! - I work on commission.

The only problem with this land was that there was a McMansion (ok, almost a McMansion but not quite - still offensive though) bordering one side of the land. We realized it would be possible for the devoted to buy both plots and carve out a different entrance to avoid ever seeing the McMansion - it would still keep me up at night though - but otherwise the land was ideal:

The path in:


Cute mushrooms grow wildly in the country!


The beautiful view from within plot of land:


Assessing the situation - so if we went in on this together, how much would it cost to buy both plots of land, have the cabin be for guests and build a dream cabin here?!


More awesome tall trees!


Needless to say we left the country empty-handed but exploring the country and country houses sure is fun - highly recommended activity for city mice!

The End:


* Red Hook, NY in Dutchess County.

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