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November 27, 2006

Best espresso machine: Nespresso D90!!

And you must say it in Italiano!! Nesprrrrreeeessssso!

The Nespresso D90 in coral red is so dreamy it's a pleasure getting up every morning to make my espresso. AUTHENTIC CREMA. I kid you not. The capsules you have to buy (nothing else will work in it) are pricier than if you made espresso the traditional way but it is so worth it (traditional is not always best!). You don't have to deal with espresso grounds all over the place, cleaning the beautiful machine or spending more than 1 minute with it before you have a delicious, piping hot espresso con crema! You might however feel like a lab rat that drinks your pod every morning but there are a lot worse things. What more could you ask for? Niente!!!


Thanks to my mother in law Della for this fantastic 30th birthday gift! Grazie mille!!

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