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November 15, 2006

It takes a poor duped village to make Borat

I haven't seen Borat yet and of course everyone is telling me how great it is. It's definitely reached the over hyped threshold for me which makes me less interested in seeing it especially knowing that it takes a poor, duped village to create Borat. It makes me sad. However I know that social forces will prevail and I'll see it - sometimes you have to resign yourself to the inevitable.


poor, duped village... you mean the US of A?

I honestly can't see how they can feel exploited or 'made fun of'

People make jokes. People make jokes at the expense of the poor, the rich, the cultured, the uncultured. I guess I'm desensitized do to my polish ethnicity and all. I wonder if the Kazakhs would have minded if it were at the expense of an Uzbekistan village.

It's jokes. If you don't watch it in support of the kazakh villagers, watch it for the awesome awesome man on man action.


Posted by: matt pie at November 15, 2006 4:30 PM
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