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November 1, 2006

Country House Hunt!

Last Saturday, after a ferocious celebration on Friday night of a certain event which I am not yet at liberty to tell, we headed to the country in search of a fun time checking out country houses - this is a New Yorker's idea of window shopping.

But of course we first had to suffer through the rental car experience...so much apathy behind the counter, so much frustration in front of the counter. Remember, we were also "reduced" that day thanks to secret celebration the night before (stay tuned, the reason will be told!).


My head hurt which made it harder for me to be the charming 'backseat driver in the passenger seat' person that I am but I managed.


Even though it was a sporadically rainy day the drive up was beautiful:


Duncan our happy navigator was also in on the celebration hence the red eyes and hanging-on-for-dear-life expression:


We were an hour and a half from the city and there were trees. Trees! TREES!! We talked a lot about trees that day:


We met with the broker to see the place that looked good to me online - what they call a log home - there's the old nestler!


Except it wasn't that much of a nestler you see - notice the road - this was a major dissapointment as my whole point of a country house is to leave the city noises such as cars, behind. Also, the cabin albeit cute on the outside would have needed work on the inside - not a perfect fit:


Canadian flag:


It had a cute shed:


And better yet, just behind the house, atop the hill was a treehouse! Well, a treehouse platform.

Treehouse shenanigans:


There would never have been enough goading to get me up there:




The view from the bottom of treehouse if you're too scared to climb up :




View from the treehouse:


Zoomed in:


When the broker realized I wanted to be as far away from the street as possible she showed us a plot of land for sale, further in from the raod and adjacent to the log home land - they are for sale together if anyone's interested! - I work on commission.

The only problem with this land was that there was a McMansion (ok, almost a McMansion but not quite - still offensive though) bordering one side of the land. We realized it would be possible for the devoted to buy both plots and carve out a different entrance to avoid ever seeing the McMansion - it would still keep me up at night though - but otherwise the land was ideal:

The path in:


Cute mushrooms grow wildly in the country!


The beautiful view from within plot of land:


Assessing the situation - so if we went in on this together, how much would it cost to buy both plots of land, have the cabin be for guests and build a dream cabin here?!


More awesome tall trees!


Needless to say we left the country empty-handed but exploring the country and country houses sure is fun - highly recommended activity for city mice!

The End:


* Red Hook, NY in Dutchess County.


Oooh! Where did you look?

A trip such as this is how we wound up in the country ourselves!

Posted by: Kersten at November 1, 2006 3:40 PM

Thank you for that glimpse of fall!

Posted by: meredith at November 3, 2006 12:08 AM
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