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November 7, 2006

Puppies Behind Bars


At dinner the other night my friend Jaime mentioned that I might be interested in a program her friend participates in called Puppies Behind Bars. Interested?! It is now my current obsession. A very cool woman Gloria Gilbert Stoga approached prisons asking if they'd be interested in helping their inmates train guide dogs for the blind. The program has taken off and now you and I can help by volunteering to be a foster parent of sorts. Once a month, you can pick up your pooch in training and live with him/her to help socialize them since they spend most of their time in the prison environment. If this is something you are willing and able to do responsibly, I encourage you! Just make sure to bring the puppy by Chez Andrea.




Anyone know the allergy inducing level of labrador puppies?? I should probably know that for Jonah's sake before signing up.

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