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December 28, 2006

I was really busy in Shanghai...working hard...

or rather...working it !!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA!







* Photos by Jonah from my visit to my mom's well-frequented hair salon in Shanghai.

** Am currently tired and tipsy after a day at Kamakura and after a feast at Steakhouse Hama in Roppongi...good night!!

Delighted to be in Tokyo!

My parents made a great decision by buying an apt here. After delicious food and drink tonight, going to bed...on (real Japanese) futons.

December 26, 2006

Cats want you to put stuff on them.

We didn't think Bodie* would like it...


But we were wrong:


Dead wrong!!


Look at that joie de vivre!


And the talent !


* Thanks to Meg and Jason's cat for modelling!

December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas from Shanghai!

A few seconds before this happened:


December 22, 2006

Don't be shy with your holiday spirit

Just arrived in Shanghai. Going to bed and am almost guaranteed to dream about the $5, hour-long massage my mom suggested me getting the meantime, here's a little New York City for you!


* Mott between Prince & Houston.

December 21, 2006

Jonah's tomatos

are delicious!


I'll be dreaming of them while eating coach plane food - yay!

Holiday gift giving. Don't do it.

While we are on a plane for about 16 today (14 to Tokyo then two to Shanghai) you can enjoy my fellow Choate alumnus Surowiecki's discussion of how wasteful and often unrequited gift giving during the holidays is. So true. But then again so many things in the New Yorker always are.

Insights: Guessing the Killer Is a Confidence Boost by Eric Nagourney

"A new study finds that people with low self-esteem don't seem to like it much when a story ends with a twist. In a whodunit, they like the "who" to be the person they suspected all along."

A cool new study as reported in the New York Times.


I won't keep you in suspense - this is how I feel about it. I don't like the "who" to be the person suspected all along at all which suggests I have a healthy self-esteem - cool. However I really don't like it if the "who" is a twist just to be a twist in which case I find it highly insulting.

via Kottke.

December 20, 2006

Question regarding holiday bonus

I have a Q and I'm hoping you'll have an A.

We have three "building guys". One is the super and the other two are like handy men who also give you your packages. Our super was recently fired and a new super started about a month and a half ago. So far he seems better than the last super. Last year I gave $60 to each guy. This year two things have changed: 1) I've been told that it's customary to give the higher up guy, in this case the super, more than the other guys and 2) the new super just started which changes the equation if holiday bonuses are for work done in the previous year. What do you guys think? How much should I give to 1) super and 2) building guy and 3) building guy?

Thank you, my generous readers!

World's smallest salad

People have been sending me their photos of very small things and I am loving this phenomenon. I feel like I'm a cult leader with disciples. Finally. Here's a great little salad by Kottke. Can you top it??


10 most bizarre people on earth

From the bizarro world in which we live.

via Kottke.

December 19, 2006

Matt + Brangelina

Just for the sake of showing you that I am not above the Brangelina's the wholly irrelevant, somewhat interesting drama on what it was like for Matt Damon to make out with good friend Brad's lady Angie.


Thanks HuffPost!

Wanna come over for tiny tea at 3??

As a 'very small things' enthusiast, you can imagine my joy upon receiving this tiny tea telegram in my email!!

Heather K. and her hubby hijacked this set from their daughter long enough to take a photo...


pour some imaginary tea...


and drink-pose for size.


Thank you to Heather K and her hubby for this tiny, yet huge contribution to this site!!!

52 new species discovered in Borneo!


So cool. I want to be Borneo bound!

Check out our new friend in existence - look deep into his eyes even if you have to run from side to side because they're wide-set - he holds the secrets of the world:


Sean Penn blogs on HuffPost!


I have always liked Sean Penn and I think it's sad that he was mocked while helping out in New Orleans during the Katrina aftermath. There. I said it. Can't people be earnest and caring anymore? Here he goes for it again and I commend him for it!

Try not to be distracted by Spicoli on the right hand side of the page :-)


December 18, 2006

Do I buy an exercise machine or continue my membership at the YMCA?

Update: I don't know enough to be able to compare these suckers. Anyone know more? I am looking at under $1000 and I don't need bells and whistles but I don't want it to fall apart anytime soon.

I really feel like I will use an elliptical machine in my house more often than I will run across the street to the Y. Should I do it? Apparently I am now unable to make decisions without consulting my fine readers.

Socially conscious Bon Jovi holiday card for you


Thanks to my dear friend Celeste for this warm and fuzzy jpeg gift!

December 15, 2006 an awesome site!!

Do you notice something amiss???

my pimped pic!

You may have a statistics final to study for, a homework problem set to complete and a 10 page paper to start and finish all by Wednesday but you'll play in this site for a long time. I have one data point (my behavior) to prove this.

* Jonah, Arianna and me, summer 2006

December 14, 2006

Do you also have MacBook static noise problems??

Updated update: This problem can't be fixed because I'm on my second new laptop with the same problem and other people have the same issue. I think it's clearly a manufacturing defect.

Update: Jason heard the noise - I'm not crazy in case you thought I was!


I recently purchased a cute little black MacBook. It was great except for one thing: the static noise that invariably sounded every time I opened the laptop and woke it from sleep. A second or two after opening it I could hear a static sound and then another static sound and that's it. It wasn't the most annoying thing in the world but considering how much laptops cost it was worth trying to fix the problem. But first, I had to make sure someone other than me and Jonah heard it (you never know, he could just be humoring his high-strung wife) so I had my IT friend Jorge listen for the noise and thank god he heard it. Being the no-nonsense guy that he is (that's why we're friends - that and our love of Bette Davis movies) he suggested I take the laptop to the "Genius" Bar and since I had just gotten it it was likely they'd give me a new one. The next day I showed up for my appointment at the "Genius" Bar and the guy took the laptop away from the crowd assuring me he would go to a very quiet room to listen for the problem. Of course he heard nothing. After a few more unsuccessful auditory tries and a checking of the hard drive which turned out to be ok, I left with my tail and MacBook between my legs.

Ok but that couldn't be the ending. A few days went by and I was pissed. I have to get the "geniuses" on my side! I made another appointment and trekked back there determined to make this work. I insisted that I accompany the guy to the quietest room available and we entered a top-secret back room with two guys working hard (on a new purple MacBook which comes with an operating system called Mac Paisley Park and it's main feature is that all your operations and commands are narrated by Prince's voice - sorry, I digress and fantasize). We all became intently quiet as I opened my laptop and thank god they all heard it. My genius led me back to the bar and ran the disk to check the hard drive (again) to make sure everything was working properly and of course it was. The genius/guy with working ears who was a little stand-offish in the beginning was now interested in the freshmen chicks he was simultaneously helping so he flexed his authority muscle (yay! flex! flex!) and got me a new laptop. After a few hours of transferring all my files onto this new laptop, I was good to go! Thank you Apple, thank you! And I don't mean you, Apple Martin.

I came home, opened my brand brand new laptop and...static, static. SAME STATIC NOISES.

Geniuses! I give up!!! I can't take it anymore! I'm tired from oscillating between hating Apple, loving Apple, hating Apple....I've been taken for a ride. I'm just tired. I want a laptop without defects. Is that possible? Genius? Genius?? Genius???

Best hand lotion: Glysomed. Hands down.

It's not so surprising that it's Canadian as lots of healthy, good things seems to be but thankfully has it available for purchase. As does Duane Reade and probably CVS too.

It truly is the best hand lotion on the market and I've tried almost all. It coats your skin but not even in the slightest greasy way. It's as if you have nothing on your hands and they just happen not to be dry, crackly, gross-feeling. They're hydrated, happy hands (not to be confused with very cute movie Happy Feet)! Let me know how much you agree.



Be sure to get the unscented. The scented is too strong and the lotion is so effective you won't need the extra umph of a smell.

December 13, 2006

Nerdcore: It's revenge of the nerds for realz

I am so into Nerdcore. Anything that promotes nerds is great by me. Nerds do deserve more respect!! Check out this hilarious and at times uncomfortable doc trailer:

A special glimpse into my life desktop wallpaper:


Premiere's 20 most overrated movies of all time

Do you agree? I definitely agree with American Beauty (I enjoyed it but not as much as it was hyped) and the ones I could never be bothered to see such as Field of Dreams (Kevin Costner + baseball are repellents) and I forget the other but it's in there! Check it out!


via Kottke.

December 12, 2006

Forensic Psychology at John Jay?

Thank you everyone for all your great feedback! I have an appointment to speak with the director of graduate admissions tomorrow at John Jay. Some of you know that I recently visited John Jay but that time I, for what's still an unknown reason, visited the Criminal Justice department. Then, I was horrified to discover it was Police Academy. Not sure what I didn't understand about criminal + justice in the program description. Anyway let's hope this works out - this blog could get very gory very quickly - yay!

Amy in China, I look forward to discussing creative projects with you in Shanghai on the 23rd - soon!

P.S. Sitting in the passport agency waiting for my number to be called is not as much fun as you'd imagine. Really looking forward to the wait at the Chinese Consulate tomorrow!

We're on #620 and I'm #682 so just 62 people to go!! So so so close I can taste it!

You really need to buy socks when...

you reach for that Japan Airlines in-flight kit for the socks contained within because it's the only clean pair of socks within sight.

Must buy socks today. Must buy socks today Feel free to chant along. Must buy socks today.

They're just so boring to buy. Any ideas for how to jazz up sock-shopping?

Waterproof laptop

...would be great appreciated!! Then I can finally showerblog!


Thanks to BuzzFeed for introducing me to this great site for all things Japanese!

Finally, skinny fights back, biatch!

I love when I'm understood:


December 11, 2006

Forensic Psychology

I'm considering going back to school in Forensic Psychology. Ya or nay?

I make all my important life decisions based on blog reader feedback. Be a part of this twisted process!

Here's more reading to help you help me. I look forward to your thoughtful thoughts!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

December 8, 2006

Turtle relations

In keeping with the Animal Porn trend, I submit a turtle sex video that looks and sounds disturbingly like rape but then again what do I know about turtle sex? Unfortunately and surprisingly very little.

Today. Cold.


You know how you can tell just by peering out your window that today's an especially cold day? Not only are people dressed like eskimos, you can see that their lips are moving as they mutter to themselves, "holy f8&^)ng sh-t, it is cold today."

December 7, 2006

Update: James Kim's Path

via Google Earth. It's so painful to see the lodge so close to their car and his path away from it.

The short-fingered vulgarian fingers back!


Back in the '80's Vanity Fair EIC Graydon Carter and gal-pal Kurt Andersen started a satirical magazine called Spy. As publications of this nature are wont to do, Spy had a bunch [OF] targets whose skin it liked to get under, as it were, but none more than the man himself, Donald Trump (who the mag affectionately referred to as a "the short-fingered vulgarian"). One of Spy's more famous pranks (which we *won't* be shamelessly ripping off at some point in the near future) was sending 64-cent checks to a bunch of millionaires (see: today's billionaires) to see who would cash their respective pots of gold. Whoever did so was subsequently sent a 32-cent check, then a 16-cent check and so on and so forth. According to Carter, Trump and one other cheapskate Saving Susan were the only ones to cash in all the way down to 16. The other day, Trumpskie denied having done so, shared TMI, and offered a scathing and hirsute observation:

You'll have to click here for his humble refutation!

P.S. [OF] was inserted by yours truly. Dealbreaker, you have a great site but man, proofread! Edit!! It's not just this post but all over!


Can't wait until I convert. Then I can create cool menorah's like this one. I'm currently brainstorming ideas for a very cute and extremely small menorah.


CNET Editor James Kim, RIP


Update: Missing father of family stuck in the wilderness for 10 days found dead.

I think because their family is also half Asian, half Caucasian, I related to this case more than I could have expected. This is horribly sad news.

Here's CNET's In Memoriam. To leave the family a message or to make a donation check out this site.

December 6, 2006

Procrastination is rational

As I sit on my couch cramming the writing of my essay due in a few hours (that I started a few hours ago even though I had the assignment a week ago)...I come across this brilliance and know that I as a procrastinator should self-hate no longer as I am in fact rational and brilliant:

It's twelve hours before your presentation to the credit committee. The work isn't done yet. The model isn't working. The team is starting to look burned out. You're looking back over the week and remembering those hours you killed chatting with friends on the phone, shopping for Christmas presents, reading websites and looking for a new apartment. If only you could have skipped the procrastination you could get your work done smoothly, and skip these late nights.

Wrong. It turns out the reason procrastination might be so ubiquitous is that it might be rational. An article by Isaac Sorkin and Henry Swift gives us plenty of good reasons why procrastination makes sense.

Fixed costs to starting work. Just getting started involves some costs—filling up on coffee, making a couple of calls to clear your schedule, making sure your Adderall prescription is filled. Putting off work for one long killer session means you don't have do do these things over and over again.
Decreasing marginal costs of working. It's possible that the second hour of work is easier than the first, and the third easier than that. Analysts see this all the time in modeling. Things start clicking. You start to see through the spreadsheets, seeing seven moves ahead, the way chess champions know where things are going after the opening. Meetings often work this way too, getting easier as everyone gets a feel for the other side.
Thick-market externalities. You probably goof off at the same time as your friends and co-workers, and buckle-down at the same time too. It's fun to send links to your buddies, laugh about that Swedish girl from the bar last night, skip out together to head over to Starbucks. Skipping these things to work smoothly over the day involves an opportunity cost of missing out. So it makes sense to clump work like the rest of the team.

For more: An economic study of procrastination.

Thanks to KO for this great and very timely link!

I now have to get back to working and procrastinating!!!

Thanks to BuzzFeed

I now know to look forward to Britain's Next Top Model and that food is disgusting these days!

I need a letter opener in my life

Bark worse than bite on this cat?

Woah. Poor harassed, disturbed cat:

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Anyone else watch the angels on the runway and JT bring back sexy last night??

It's simply riveting to listen to models talk. Cool behind-the-scenes production POV though!

December 5, 2006

Merry Christmas from Andrea, Jonah & Santa!


I realize this greeting is early but it's better to be safe than sorry! Remember that when you're messing up in 2007.

* Taken at the College Humor Christmas party over the weekend.

December 4, 2006

Family missing for over one week

What is happening??? This is so sad. And mysterious.


Via Huffington Post.

Casino Royale was awesome.

And so was the new James Bond - I'm a convert!

All that needs to be said about this film has been said - it's a darker, more flawed Bond who makes for a more interesting Bond! This new guy (name still unknown) did a great job and the story albeit on the long side had me riveted the whole time. Also, the nice bonus you get from James Bond movies is that you feel like you just traveled to beautiful places all over the world.


It's possible to be cute & cool: Cheetah cubs

It's Get To Know Cheetahs Day!


Thanks to Chris for the great pic!

Crochet Kitten


Here's my favorite artwork from the BuzzFeed office. No doubt it will now be yours too.


Thanks Mark for taking this glam shot!

Dominick the Donkey

When two people tell me I must let Dominick the Donkey shine on my site, I know not to question it. Here it is folks! Turn up your volumes for D the D to get stuck in your head for days.


Thanks to Jorge for his incessant pleas and genuine love for Dominick and to Mike for being the tipping point.

December 1, 2006

Is BuzzFeed the new Digg?

It's even better, I say! We need less, not more these days and BuzzFeed filters and it filters well and entertainingly.

If you haven't yet checked out BuzzFeed consider today your lucky day!

It's December 1! Christmas Music Appreciation Day!!

Go out and buy this album right now and play it on repeat. Just so you never have to miss a beat. Christmas music everywhere you go and then the Chipmunks when you're in your office or home.

I love Christmas music!!!!!!


It's weird - Christmas time is the only time I have fantasies of living uptown. It must be the 80s movies I watched as a kid that imprinted the Christmas music, snow and uptown New York City connection in my little brain.

~Ding, dong, ding, dong, Christmas bells are ringing!~

P.S. Only if you're a true hipster do you admit to the truth - you love Christmas music.

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