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December 12, 2006

Forensic Psychology at John Jay?

Thank you everyone for all your great feedback! I have an appointment to speak with the director of graduate admissions tomorrow at John Jay. Some of you know that I recently visited John Jay but that time I, for what's still an unknown reason, visited the Criminal Justice department. Then, I was horrified to discover it was Police Academy. Not sure what I didn't understand about criminal + justice in the program description. Anyway let's hope this works out - this blog could get very gory very quickly - yay!

Amy in China, I look forward to discussing creative projects with you in Shanghai on the 23rd - soon!

P.S. Sitting in the passport agency waiting for my number to be called is not as much fun as you'd imagine. Really looking forward to the wait at the Chinese Consulate tomorrow!

We're on #620 and I'm #682 so just 62 people to go!! So so so close I can taste it!



In response to your solicitation of advice-

I've been a bartender for 10 years in San Diego and I've witnessed the gradual changes in people over the years as they embark on careers.

One thing that you should consider very carefully is that your job will become part of you. I enjoy your blog and you seem very upbeat. This why I feel inclined to offer this bit.

You will be dealing with and getting into some of the minds of some of the worst/ very sick human beings. You will look closely at what they did and why they did. Often the crimes will be heinous and sometimes involve children.

I've seen a few people become city cops and social workers. They went in it to help and make things better for the rest of it. No doubt they did in some small way. But their occupations come at a personal price in terms of work for lack of a better term "weighing on them."

A sweet girl I worked with at the restaurant became a socail worker. I'll never forget what she said to me upon seing my then 1 year old son who was very chubby. "Its nice seeing a baby with some fat on his bones for a change."

You can tell yourself that you will not bring work home with you but unless you are one of the very few how you spend 40+ hours a week will have some effect on your personality and outlook on life in general.

That said I enjoy your blog and if you and your husband ever come to San Diego I make great Margaritas.

Much respect


Posted by: keith at December 12, 2006 11:54 PM
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